Web Hosts

A web host company provides a space to store your website files. They can also provide other services, such as email accounts and website builders.

How to Select a Web Host

Pricing & Plans

Inexpensive or free web hosting can be a great option for small, simple websites. Consider paying for better quality hosting if you are creating something more complex like a web store or a site with many users. This may be called Dedicated hosting, rather than the less expensive Shared hosting.

Depending on your host, it may cost more to have multiple domains hosted. In general, you will pay more for more storage space and the ability to handle more traffic.


Some keywords to look for are cPanel (to manage your site), databases, FTP access, and 99.9% guaranteed uptime.

Check if upgrading is possible with your potential web host as your website grows in size and traffic.


Get to know the hosting company you’ll be in business with. Looking over their social media interactions and customer support can be a good indicator of how they will communicate with you. Ask friends and colleagues about who they recommend or look up online, independent reviews of the hosting company.

Recommended Web Hosts

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