Back in November, Team XYZ interviewed CEO Evi Meyer, the founder behind one of our favorite .xyz sites, To catch you up to speed, uMake is the future of 3D design software, providing artists, architects, engineers, and entrepreneurs of all skill levels, a tool to intuitively bring their 3D ideas to life.

With .xyz, we’re driven to connect people, ideas, technology, and innovation – regardless of language or geographical location – through the internet. That’s why we were beyond excited to accomplish just that by co-hosting a workshop with uMake, University of Southern California’s Blackstone LaunchPad, and 3D4E (that’s short for the student organization “3D For Everyone”)!

On February 17, the workshop gathered USC students and faculty to test drive the latest in 3D design software, directly with the uMake founder himself, Evi.

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, Evi kicked-off the event by giving us a little background on his hometown. And apparently, Tel Aviv and LA have a lot in common: amazing weather, beaches, and something all of us Angelenos know too well – car traffic!

After a quick and easy run-through, the students dove right in and started designing away. When asked how the workshop went, Evi answered:

“It was great to have students that study different majors – mechanical engineering, game design, architecture and product design.”


“[They] were curious and tried the app right away – that’s a good reaction. I liked the fact that they were asking questions and suggested improvements to the app.
Interacting with beta users in real-time is priceless.”

2015-02-17 19.21.24

Are you ready to sketch in 3D? There’s still a chance for you to test drive the beta version! Get ahead of the curve and sign-up now at:

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