2013 Posts

Big, big news, #GenXYZ! We’re happy to announce that .xyz Founder Daniel Negari and ICANN officially executed our Registry Agreement this week! This means we’re one huge step closer to […]

#GenXYZ, we have some awesome news to share. We have teamed up with the top domain auction company on the web,, to offer .xyz and .College domain names for […]

Happy belated Halloween, #GenXYZ! We are very excited to make two HUGE announcements. Hold on tight. First, .xyz Founder Daniel Negari has acquired a new 13,000 square-foot office building in Las […]

Guess what, #GenXYZ! We’ve got a juicy new video interview for you to check out on TheDomains starring ICANN’s poster boy, .xyz Founder Daniel Negari. As part of their new global […]

Greetings, #GenXYZ! With all the new side projects we’ve got in the works, we thought it was high-time for an update. First off, we’re pleased to announce the new, […]

Good morning, #GenXYZ. As you might have guessed, we have some exciting news to share. As you know, .xyz is an international domain extension. #GenXYZ itself encompasses all different countries […]

Happy hump day, #GenXYZ. We’re happy to announce that XYZ Founder Daniel Negari and leading domain auction company NameJet have just struck a deal to bring .xyz to the masses. […]

What is a Domain Extension? (You know, the letters after the dot) .xyz is an upcoming generic domain extension on the internet. You know the .com at the end of […]

Why .xyz? (Hint: it’s instinctive) It’s instinctive. It’s natural. It makes sense. XYZ is used daily, worldwide, as a short, easy to remember phrase. XYZ is also composed of three […]

Who is .xyz for? (Anyone and everyone) .xyz is for everyone. It is for users who prioritize affordability and recognition without sacrificing flexibility, and intended for a multitude of demographics, […]