2016 Posts

The XYZ Team partnered with Teens Exploring Technology (TXT) earlier this month to bring 300 inner-city youths together in South Los Angeles. Ranging from 12 to 17 years old, these […] – GoDaddy customer (Estonia & United Kingdom) was one of the first websites we wrote about in 2016 shortly after the company’s official launch. We promised that we […] – GoDaddy customer (United States) To get your brand message across, traditional marketing no longer serves companies the way it used to. Consumers have become overwhelmed by noise from […] – DreamHost customer (Brazil) Last month, we wrote about, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) startup accelerator that’s budgeted $175 million to fund new technologies that are making […] – Network Solutions customer (United States) One of the most valuable pieces of online real estate you can secure is your name. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday we take a […]

Welcome to XYZ’s China Blog Series, dedicated to our loyal supporters in China. Click here to read this post in English. .XYZ 已通过工信部资质批复 我们非常高兴地宣布一项大家期待已久的消息:.xyz已正式获得工信部资质审批,成为首批获得此资质的新顶级域名国外注册局!企业和个人从现在开始可以为 .xyz网站备案并使用国内主机托管。 相信大家知道,获得该资质许可一直是XYZ一年多以来的首要任务。建立了中国实体公司后,XYZ 与 ICANN密切合作研究出符合其政策要求的技术解决方案。XYZ是目前获得ICANN批准在中国执行此操作的唯一注册局。 获得批复仅仅是XYZ在中国最新拓展行动的一部分。今年11月,CEO丹尼尔(Daniel Negari)再次到访北京参加了世界云计算日。丹尼尔被邀请作为演讲嘉宾并参加域名圆桌会议,在大会结束后接受了newg.TV […] – Big Rock customer (Russia) Earlier this month, we wrote a profile on – a tool nominated for an Expatriate Management and Mobility Award (EMMA) for its innovative […]

November was a busy month for us here at XYZ. Team XYZ was out meeting with investors, resellers, and end users at 6 different events this month, including across the […]

Thanksgiving week is here, and as you can see from our annual Office Thanksgiving Feast, we couldn’t be more excited to load up on delicious food for Turkey Day. But […] – GoDaddy customer (United States) As a global domain extension, we get to see .xyz sites in many different languages created by members of #GenXYZ around the world. Thanks […]