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900 + new .xyz premium domains

What is a premium domain name

Not all domain names are created equal. Like prime real estate, premium domain names are rare, and the keywords are in high demand. Due to this demand, premium names are available to register at a price relative to their value. But what makes a domain name “premium?”

Premium domain names are domain names available for sale at non-standard or variable pricing established by the Registry Operator. One reason that premium names tend to be highly desirable is because they are typically shorter and more memorable. Premium domains are often commonly searched words or terms, and are universally relevant to common names, products, fields, or industries, such as or

Benefits of a premium domain

Though there are many, we will explain a few primary benefits to securing a premium domain name. First, a premium domain name tends to be easy to remember. If you choose a premium domain that is short, catchy, and direct, such as, then chances are greater that it will be easier to say, read, repeat, and remember. A short domain name also makes it simple, especially on mobile devices, for a potential customer to type your URL into their web browser and get to your website. A premium domain name that is memorable and universally pertains to your business or service in terms of search volume can help you gain more organic search traffic. A positive effect on your SEO can lead to more sales and help make your website the authority in your industry or region. While the initial expense of a premium domain may seem high, it can be considered a valuable investment that could reduce your marketing expenses, if you are getting website traffic you otherwise would have had to pay for in advertising expenses. Much like a centrally located store in a premier shopping district, a premium domain name that clearly identifies your services and helps boost website traffic can draw the attention you need.

XYZ is releasing over 900 previously unavailable .xyz premium domains

XYZ is excited about our latest effort to help you, the next generation of internet users, get online with memorable and valuable domains. Today, September 1, 2021, we are releasing over 900 previously reserved .xyz domains to premium tiers, and decreasing the price on some .xyz premium domains. The release includes many highly brandable and keyword-rich domain names ideal for any business or individual looking to build their online presence.

Newly released .xyz premium domains

Register these newly released domains before they’re gone.*

*List reflects availability as of September 1, 2021 14:00:00 UTC. Availability is subject to current registration and not guaranteed.

Find your premium domain

The September release includes 2-letter domains, 3-letter domains, 3-number domains, and many more high value domains. Check out the complete list and find your new domain today!

With our helpful Premium Search and CNOX Search tools, you can also search available 1 and 2-word premium domains and desired keywords to find your new domain name. CNOX stands for .com, .net, .org, and .xyz, to help easily identify popular domains that are still available in .xyz, but taken in legacy extensions .com, .net, and .org.

When you see some options that you’re interested in, head to your registrar of choice to secure your domains before someone else beats you to it.


As live events like theater, music festivals, and soccer matches make their triumphant return, XYZ is proud to present our latest effort to help you, the next generation of internet users, get online with memorable domain extensions. Put your hands together for our upcoming launch of .Tickets – the domain name that helps you fill your guest list.

Make your event a smashing success or give your innovative idea the standing ovation it deserves with a memorable .Tickets domain. Whether you choose to promote live music performances, sporting events, corporate conferences, or even innovative ticketing technology, there are endless possibilities to attract a crowd to your website with a powerful .Tickets domain. With .Tickets, you can create a clear and intuitive call to action for your attendees to purchase your event tickets with a sophisticated domain name that says it all.

Use .Tickets domains for:

  • Nightclubs and entertainment venues
  • Concert, festivals, and other live music performances
  • Games and sporting events
  • Ticketing technology startups and providers
  • Travel agencies and aggregators
  • Corporate event conferences and summits
  • Trade shows and expos
  • Fundraising and auction events
  • Museums and art shows 
  • Amusement parks, fairs, and carnivals
  • Pop-up shops and markets

We have taken steps to make this memorable domain extension completely unrestricted, just like all XYZ TLDs. That means it is even easier for you to get the domain name of your choice with no usage restrictions. Your perfect .Tickets domain is ready to help you attract a crowd to your website and sell event tickets online, promote your ticketing-related software and services, and establish your website as the event ticketing authority in your region. .Tickets domains will remain at their current price, continuing to carry an average registration and renewal cost of $500 per year MSRP. Sign up for our newsletter to get upcoming announcements regarding  new premium and reserved lists, which may make previously unattainable domains yours to grab. Don’t miss the opening act! Choose a registrar below or see our full list to find your preferred retailer. It’s time to attract a crowd with .Tickets.

Ways to use .Tickets 

Secure your .Tickets domain now for availability of short, easy to remember branding. There are so many golden opportunities to put your .Tickets domain to work for you and your brand. 

You can notify your fans about where they can get tickets to your next event with www.YourName.Tickets or www.YourVenue.Tickets. Use www.YourCity.Tickets to establish yourself as the go-to destination for shows and events in your region. Proclaim your ticketing area of expertise with www.YourPlatform.Tickets or www.YourBusiness.Tickets. You can promote your event’s ticketing page with www.YourShow.Tickets to help attendees quickly navigate to your event’s check-out. Attract organic search traffic to your software or application website by securing keyword-rich www.YourService.Tickets. Promote your area of event expertise with www.YourType.Tickets. Or, try www.YourConference.Tickets to market your business conference and industry summits on a global scale. Enjoy your time in the spotlight with your own original idea built on a memorable .Tickets domain of your design.

Event coordinators, ticketing technology developers, music festival promoters, art exhibits and more now have the perfect domain extension to create memorable websites and connect directly with their target audiences.

Word is already spreading about this on-demand domain extension. Take a look at some of the early adopters below:

Artists, brands, individuals, and venues now have a memorable domain extension made for them. Don’t miss your cue – register your own .Tickets domain today!

Choose your preferred registrar

  • Namecheap
  • Porkbun
  • CrazyDomains
  • 101Domain
  • Gandi

relaunch of .Homes, .Autos, .Motorcycles, .Boats, and .Yachts

At XYZ, our mission is to help you, the next generation of internet users, get online with memorable domain extensions. We continue to fulfill that mission today with the relaunch of .Homes, .Autos, .Motorcycles, .Boats, and .Yachts – five powerful domain names perfect for anyone looking to design a standout place online. XYZ’s relaunch makes these highly relevant domain names more affordable and accessible than ever before. Following the groundbreaking price drop as part of our recent .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, .Makeup, and .Quest launch, we’re significantly dropping .Homes, .Autos, .Motorcycles, .Boats, and .Yachts registration prices, and giving you premier access to tens of thousands of domain names available to the public for the very first time.

Bring your next innovative idea to life on a domain that helps you control your online presence with .Homes. With this versatile domain you can promote property listings, communicate with potential clients, and make it incredibly easy for home buyers, sellers, and owners to find and remember your website. Reach a worldwide audience with .Autos, the domain name that transcends languages across Latin America and Europe. Lead your website’s branding with the memorable .Motorcycles domain name. Propel your brand forward with .Boats and .Yachts – two powerful domains that will make a splash online.

Ways to use .Homes, .Autos, .Motorcycles, .Boats, and .Yachts

  • Promote your property listings or home-services online with .Homes, the premier real estate domain for anyone wanting to build a strong online presence
  • Develop your international automotive business with .Autos, the domain that translates to “cars” all over Latin America and Europe
  • Showcase your motorcycle inventory or gather a riding crew with .Motorcycles, the memorable domain that creates a standout online presence
  • Broker boat transactions or discuss boating trends with .Boats, the domain name that takes your online branding full speed ahead
  • Attract yacht buyers or share your nautical expertise with .Yachts, the elegant domain that crafts an elite online presence for your website

We dramatically dropped the consumer price of these domain names by up to 80%, making .Homes, .Autos, .Motorcycles, .Boats, and .Yachts more affordable and accessible than ever. The cost to register these domains is now $19.99/year MSRP for all standard domains, a significant decrease (from the previous price points of up to $100/year). On top of that, we’ve unrestricted these new extensions, like all XYZ TLDs. That means no matter who you are, whether pro or just-for-show, you can start today with the perfect .Homes, .Autos, .Motorcycles, .Boats or .Yachts domain. Choose a registrar below or see our full list to find your preferred retailer.

XYZ has also released thousands of valuable and previously unavailable domain names, including many highly brandable and keyword-rich domain names ideal for any business or individual looking to build their online presence.

You’ll find many valuable domain names that were previously reserved, meaning this is the first-ever chance to scoop them up since their original 2014 launch. The release also includes domain names that once held a premium price tag of $2500 and up, now reduced as low as $19.99.

Businesses that serve the hot housing market can promote their specialties with catchy domains like ForSale.Homes, Alex.Homes, and TuscanyDecor.Homes. Members of the international automotive community can get online with Renta.Autos, Beau.Autos, and Barcelona.Autos. Lead your website’s branding with memorable domains like Dirtbike.Motorcycles, LincolnPark.Motorycyles, and GrandPrix.Motorcycles. Marine industry businesses can promote their services with IslandExcursion.Boats, GlassBottom.Boats, FirstClass.Yachts, and Mediterranean.Yachts. Download the full newly released list so you can register them before they’re gone, or search your domain ideas now.

The news is already spreading about these beneficial domain extensions. Have a glance at some of the early adopters of these domains below:

Businesses, brands, professionals, and industry enthusiasts now have domain extensions made for them at affordable prices. Don’t delay – register your own .Homes, .Autos, .Motorcycles, .Boats and .Yachts domain today!

Choose your preferred registrar

.xyz is 7!

It’s the 7th anniversary of .xyz’s launch and today we celebrate you, our .xyz community. We’re incredibly proud of the many innovators, creators, and makers achieving their dreams with .xyz domains. Members of the .xyz community are creating breakthrough technologies, influential works of art and entertainment, and inspiring projects aimed at making a positive impact on the world. We see you and applaud all that you have accomplished!

Some .xyz websites that stood out to us this year include:

Innovative startups and technology

Influential arts and entertainment

Making a positive impact

We are so grateful for the support and enthusiasm of our partners who have made it possible for everyone around the world to find their own .xyz. Thanks to our global network and their customers across the globe, worldwide adoption has made .xyz a top choice for 3 million domains and counting. To name a few, GoDaddy, Namecheap, Onamae, and Alibaba have helped us spread the message that .xyz truly is “for every website, everywhere®.”

Eight more XYZ Registry TLDs achieved MIIT accreditation

We are pleased to report that .xyz continues to be one of the most popular domains in China, with adopters ranging from small businesses, individuals, and organizations. And earlier this year, eight more of our TLDs joined .xyz in achieving MIIT accreditation. We are so proud that any owner of a .Rent, .College, .Monster, .Baby, .Security, .Protection, .Storage, or .Theatre domain in China can publish their site live to a global audience.

The stunning debut of .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, .Makeup, and .Quest

This year the XYZ family of domain names has continued to grow by leaps and bounds! We proudly introduced the first-ever domain names made for the beauty industry: .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup. These domains were made available for only $15-20/year MSRP (depending on the retailer), a near 99% drop from the $8,000 price tag of the previously launched .Makeup TLD. We also launched .Quest, the generic domain name made for gurus, experts, and authorities in any field. We are thrilled to bring these new domains to the market to provide relevant options, and to serve new industries that have yet to have domain names designed specifically for them! These new domains can help anyone, including beauty brands, professionals, fans, and gurus, launch affordable, memorable websites that match their brand name, first and last name, social handle, or creative idea.

Preparing for the highly anticipated relaunch of .Homes, .Autos, .Motorcycles, .Boats, and .Yachts, complete with another unprecedented price drop

We’ve also been gearing up for the relaunch of our latest domain names, .Homes, .Autos, .Motorcycles, .Boats, and .Yachts, with another innovative price drop and rebrand. These domains make it easy for anyone to create memorable domains that match what their audiences are searching for. Beginning June 14 the cost will be reduced by up to 80% for consumers, down to $19.99/year MSRP. This price drop affords individuals the opportunity to acquire a variety of domain names for their projects for the previous price of one. We can’t wait to see the inspired results!

The XYZ Team thanks our worldwide community for helping us reach the 7-year mark stronger than ever and looks forward to sharing many more milestones together. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Today is a big day for XYZ. Eight of our TLDs joined .xyz in achieving MIIT accreditation in China! You may remember .xyz’s accreditation in China in 2016, which allowed .xyz community members there to publish their sites live to the world. We’ve focused our efforts on continually pursuing accreditation for our whole family of TLDs as it expands, with the same perseverance that helped .xyz become one of the first new domains in the world to receive MIIT accreditation. We’re now proud to say that any owner of a .Rent, .College, .Monster, .Baby, .Security, .Protection, .Storage, or .Theatre domain in China can publish their site live to a global audience.

.XYZ continues to enjoy its position as one of the most popular domains in China. We’ve seen many beautifully designed websites launch on their .xyz domains; from startups, individuals, and organizations. You can get to know some of our favorite Chinese .xyz users yourself, as we have featured many of them on Read our blog to hear first hand from .xyz adopters and discover their impressive websites for yourself.

The diversity of innovation shown by .xyz adopters in China is truly remarkable. From inspiring companies and makers to unique apps and communities, .xyz community members in China exemplify the spirit shared by .xyz owners around the world. Some of our team’s favorite .xyz adopters in China include $20 million manufacturing giant, 3D camera and A.I. company, and, creators of China’s first autonomous delivery vehicle.

XYZ is committed to offering choice and innovation to internet users around the world. As the registry continues to expand its domain portfolio, customers can trust that XYZ will pursue MIIT accreditation for future domain extensions. We are looking forward to pursuing further accreditation for the 10 new domains we welcomed to the XYZ family of TLDs in 2020: .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, .Makeup, .Quest, .Homes, .Motorcycles, .Yachts, .Boats, and .Autos.

We can’t wait to see what our XYZ TLD adopters in China have in store for their websites! Get inspiration for your site from .xyz users in China and around the world at, or register the XYZ domain that’s perfect for you from anywhere in the world!

Our mission at XYZ has always been to help you, the next generation of internet users, get online with memorable domain extensions to brand your online presence. We’re very excited to announce another huge step in fulfilling that mission.

Today, we are changing the face of the beauty industry online forever. We’re launching attractive domain names that just make sense – the ultimate opportunity for individuals and brands to share their passion with the world.

The five newest members of the XYZ family of TLDs are now available for anyone to register: say hello to .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, .Makeup, and .Quest! Today – the first day open to the public with standard, affordable pricing – is the day of max availability for these beautiful domains. Don’t wait to get yours!

These new generic extensions are completely unrestricted, like all XYZ TLDs. That means no matter who you are, what you do, or how you want to make your impression online, you can start today with the perfect .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, .Makeup, or .Quest domain. Choose a registrar below or see our full list to find your preferred retailer. Ditch the status quo, and show how extraordinary you are.

Get the look with .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup Domains

  • GoDaddy Logo
  • Namecheap Logo
  • Logo
  • Dynadot
  • 101 domain


Be the destination® with .Quest

  • GoDaddy Logo
  • Namecheap Logo
  • Logo
  • Dynadot
  • 101 domain

The world of online beauty has never had a branding opportunity like this. You deserve valuable domain names at affordable pricing! This once in a lifetime moment delivers a worthy online home to the explosive innovators of the beauty community. .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup are the new domains here to serve all members and fans of the beauty industry around the world.
.Beauty domains
How .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup make a brand’s online presence flawless:

  • Major and emerging beauty brands can make it easy for their audience to find them online with memorable, keyword-rich domain names
  • Makeup artists, hair stylists, and skincare facialists can attract new customers online with domains that show they have the solution to their audience’s beauty needs
  • Beauty influencers and fans can share their cult-favorite products, makeup tutorials, and hair care tips and tricks on branded URLs deserving of their link in bio

Word is already spreading that these extensions are the future of online naming for the beauty industry. Want proof? See if you recognize some of the early adopters of these domains below.

  • www.Beyonce.Beauty
  • www.TaylorSwift.Hair
  • www.ASOS.Skin
  • www.Chanel.Makeup

Beauty businesses, professionals, and communities finally have domain extensions made for them. Don’t wait to get the look – register your own .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup domain today!
.Quest domain names

Gurus, experts, and authorities in any field now have the perfect domain to show their website has the answer to their audience’s search with .Quest. Guide your audience to the solution they seek on your website by showing them you are the destination at the end of their quest.

Ways to create an expert online presence with .Quest domains:

  • Announce yourself as the leading resource for answers, advice, and solutions for your audience’s search
  • Guide your audience through advice, expertise, and your wealth of experience on a domain that shows you know the way
  • Support the personal quests of like-minded individuals who share in your journey
  • Brand on a name that shows your audience you are always pursuing excellence

Modern gurus are already on board as .Quest begins its journey, with Twitch co-founder Justin Kan launching Justin.Quest as the dedicated home for his podcast The Quest. Today marks the first time that all thought leaders are able join him with their own unforgettable .Quest domains.

Ready to ditch the status quo?

Members of the beauty industry and experts everywhere now have the perfect domain extensions to create memorable websites and connect directly with their target audiences.

Announce your online presence and join the next generation of online naming.

Get the look with .Beauty, .Hair, .Skin, and .Makeup Domains

  • GoDaddy Logo
  • Namecheap Logo
  • Logo
  • Dynadot
  • 101 domain


Be the destination® with .Quest

  • GoDaddy Logo
  • Namecheap Logo
  • Logo
  • Dynadot
  • 101 domain

On behalf of the entire XYZ team, we hope you and your loved ones had a safe and happy Thanksgiving! In our new normal, it’s more important than ever to have a reliable way of connecting with friends and family online. Keep in touch with your personal and professional groups on a platform that gives you control and creative freedom: your own website.

Through XYZ’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale, you can get .xyz for as low as $0.50, plus deals on .College, .Monster, .Baby, and .Rent domains too. Claim the perfect domain to stay in touch with family, promote your business, launch your latest project or app, and even build a personal portfolio for up to 95% less than standard retail price.

Not sure what domain name you should get first? Take inspiration from industrial designer and get your Get a head start on buying gifts for the holidays by getting members of your family their own domains as well. Your website is your own piece of the internet, and giving the gift of a lets your loved ones share their passions, professional work, and ideas with the world.

Been working on a new hobby or side hustle this year? Follow the example of full time healthcare professional and part time painter by giving it a proper home online with or Are you a member of a dedicated interest group or community? Set up a webpage to organize meetings and events with, like the developer community of Want to widen your business’ digital footprint? Give your brand a global reach by adopting a .xyz, like fashion brand Whatever you’re most passionate about, you can connect with it more deeply by sharing it with a global audience on your .xyz website.

These Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals are available right now, so don’t wait to get the name you want!

  • GoDaddy Logo
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  • Hostinger Logo
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  • Logo

.xyz 6th anniversary

Today marks the 6th anniversary of .xyz’s launch. We’ve had an amazing journey so far, all thanks to you, the .xyz community. We would not have come this far without you. For six years and counting, all you innovators, creatives, entrepreneurs, and leading startups have chosen .xyz. You are our inspiration. Here are a few of our team’s favorites:

Thank you for making .xyz proud

The .xyz community gives us many opportunities to share success stories. We have been tracking the startups launched by those who use XYZ Registry domains, cheering along these past 12 months as they secured more than $75 million for their companies. They have been featured in the news on TechCrunch, Forbes, The Verge, CNET, and Boston Globe. We had the chance to feature 52 new and innovative .xyz case studies at length through our #WebsiteWednesday series, published each week. In the past 12 months alone we’ve discovered and shared .xyz end users over 600 times. To this hard-working and incredibly fascinating .xyz community, thank you for all of the opportunities to sing your praises.

Thank you for making .xyz shine

Thanks to our partners and their customers across the globe, worldwide adoption has kept .xyz as the most popular new domain name by usage. We have seen strong adoption in major emerging internet markets like Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. Adoption in countries with massive internet audiences like India, the United States, China, Japan, Australia, and Brazil, continues to grow.

We would not be where we are without the support and enthusiasm of our registrar partners. They have made it possible around the world for anyone to find their own .xyz. We are grateful to partners like GoDaddy, Namecheap, Dynadot, and Uniregistry, among many others, for the opportunity to spread the message that .xyz truly is for everyone, everywhere. We have you, our global .xyz community, to thank for giving us hope for a bright future full of innovation. homepage

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at XYZ! Now that Turkey Day is in the rearview mirror, it’s time to shake off that tryptophan-fueled food coma, fire up your web browser, and get incredible deals on .xyz domains. During this year’s XYZ Black Friday Cyber Monday sales, you can get your hands on memorable .xyz domains for as low as $0.50!

Want to get the perfect domain name for your side hustle or business? Register Looking to launch a personal portfolio to show off your work or to stand out to potential employers? Grab Been working on something cool all year that you can’t wait to share with the world? Launch it on Whether you want to secure a few domains for yourself or a handful of domains as gifts for the holidays, there’s no better time to get the .xyz domains you want at super-low prices.

Can’t think of what you might do with your .xyz? No problem! Check out our #WebsiteWednesday series for inspiration from .xyz users, discover members of the XYZ community from around the world, or learn how to start building your website in our How-to blog series. You can also take advantage of the helpful tips we’ve been giving all year for how to get your business online in each issue of our XYZ Quarterly.

Simply find your preferred registrar below and click through to take advantage of their Black Friday Cyber Monday sales.

  • GoDaddy Logo
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  • DreamHost Logo
  • Logo
  • Dynadot Logo
  • Logo
  • Host Papa Logo
  • Porkbun logo
  • Epik Logo
  • Natro Logo
  • Directnic Logo
  • Onamae Logo

It’s hard to believe that five years ago today .xyz became available to all internet users. At the start of 2014 there were a limited selection of good domains to choose from, and many of the best domain names were already taken. This left users trying to start websites and coming online for the first time frustrated and dissatisfied with their options. Who wants to search ten times to finally settle on a sub-par domain name?

On June 2nd, 2014 .xyz successfully hit the reset button on the internet, allowing internet users around the world new memorable and affordable domain options. As we gained distribution from hundreds of enthusiastic registrar partners, .xyz quickly gained momentum and became the world’s favorite new domain. Five years later, we continue to serve creators and innovators, paving the way for the future of the internet.

The Unique and Universal Choice

XYZ is universally known as the last three letters of the alphabet, and it makes sense to end your domain the same way. That is why thousands of entrepreneurs, small business, and creators choose .xyz to end their domain search. As one the fastest growing new domain endings, .xyz websites aren’t only appearing online, but they can be seen in print magazines, billboards, and radio ads. .xyz is a domain ending that you simply can’t forget, and it is quickly becoming the universal choice for internet users.

The Next Generation

Have you ever given a cassette tape to a child and asked them to play it? Their perplexed stare is amusing yet understandable. Technology changes at the blink of an eye, and the next generation of domain names is now here to provide greater choice and innovation. If you ask a child, how would you prefer to end your domain name? The answer may surprise you. .xyz is a bold, fresh new domain ending that is preferred by people of all ages.

Exciting Things to Come

2019 is a big year for us in terms of growth and usage. We are expanding our marketing initiatives to increase awareness of .xyz as the #1 choice for your internet presence. The next generation of internet users want a global, memorable domain ending and we will continue to provide them with the best choice: .xyz.

Be sure to visit our anniversary page and find some great deals this month at one of our retail partners! Also, don’t miss the latest updates by signing up for our newsletter and following us @xyz.