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Morgan.xyzGoDaddy customer (United States)

This week’s #WebsiteWednesday is a treat for both domainers and startups alike. Morgan Linton is an entrepreneur, angel investor, tech fanatic, and domain industry veteran. While many of our readers will know that Morgan has been sharing his thoughts on the domain industry via his website, Morgan has always been a passionate member of the startup community. Now, he’s sharing his thoughts, advice, experiences, and more via his new personal blog website

Morgan’s unique perspective has been sought after for years, as evidenced by his appearances at TEDx Rome, on NPR’s Marketplace, in StartupBeat, and many other publications. Now, he’s sharing his insights on the ever changing startup landscape, specifically as it pertains to investing and emerging technologies, via

Morgan took some time to sit down with us and give us a bit of insight into what readers can expect from and share a bit about his own personal journey.

XYZ: You’ve had since .xyz went live in 2014. Did you have a vision then of what it someday would become?

ML: When .xyz came out I knew that I really wanted to have my first name and, to be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure what I would do with it. While I wish I could say that I had some grand vision for what it would be someday, I actually had no idea initially. I just knew that I wanted the brand.

XYZ: When did you know that you wanted to devote your career to technology?

ML: Probably when I got my first computer. It was a Mac Classic, and even though it had a black and white screen I still used both Photoshop and Pagemaker on it. I couldn’t get enough – safe to say, I was hooked and I haven’t been unhooked since then.

XYZ: You’ve spent a lot of time in Northern California, basing your business in San Francisco and growing up in Berkley, but your studies and work experience have taken you around the world. Where has been your favorite place to travel? Can you share a unique story from your experiences trotting the globe?

ML: That is a good question and I have an answer that immediately comes to mind – Hong Kong. There is something truly magical about Hong Kong and I have loved visiting the city since my very first trip. The food, the people, the ocean – it has so much great energy and so much going on. It’s safe to say the city has a pulse, and my heart seems to beat at the same rate.

Hmmmm, now as for a unique story, that’s a good question. Here’s one I can think of, not from Hong Kong, but from Italy. My first time in Italy I ordered a pepperoni pizza thinking, “wow this is going to be amazing!” When the pizza arrived it had some bell peppers on it – no pepperoni to be found. I asked where the pepperoni was and they pointed to the bell peppers on top of my pizza. That was the day I learned that, in Italian, I had just ordered a pizza with bell peppers on it. Live and learn!

XYZ: You’ve been an angel investor for 2 years now, can you share an experience that sticks out for you, and some of the things you’ve learned along the way?

ML: Well, my first successful exit this year definitely sticks out. I thought it would be a long time until I ever made any money angel investing, and I actually thought I might lose everything I put in, so that was a nice surprise.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is that it’s all about the founders. There are so many people with great ideas out there, but it takes a great founding team to execute on the idea and have the courage to change their idea when something isn’t working.

XYZ: You discuss the future of technology often on your blog and specifically delve into how it will affect the future of commerce. What technological advancement do you see on the horizon that you are most excited about?

ML: Augmented reality is at the top of my list when it comes to technological advancements that I think are going to change all of our lives. Magic Leap is probably the furthest ahead in this space, and it’s clear a lot of investors also believe in the future of AR given the billions of dollars Magic Leap has been able to raise, all pre-launch.

I think it’s going to have a similar consumer introduction as the cell phone. In the beginning people will say, “oh I don’t need that, I can see why tech people would use it but I’m not a tech person.” Then, boom – everyone has one. I can still remember both of my parents telling me, “well I know why you need a phone that does email and has a camera on it, but I won’t ever need that.” Now they both have iPhones.

XYZ: How do you balance your passions like domain investing, traveling, and outdoorsmanship with your startup Bold Metrics?

ML: The simple answer here is that I don’t balance. I’ve learned that focus is critically important to doing anything well, so I put just about every waking minute into Bold Metrics. That means that I don’t spend much time domain investing, traveling, or hiking/backpacking, even though these are all things I am really passionate about.

From time to time I can escape on a weekend and get out in nature which I really love, but outside of that I don’t have much balance. Just ask my friends and family, they’ll tell you – I spend most of my time working. I knew what I was getting into when we started the company and while I know some people who have managed to balance their company and their life, the reality is that most founders have to make their startup their life.

XYZ: When .xyz launched, you predicted it would be popular among startups. Flash forward to 2018, and .xyz has been adopted by thousands of startups from around the world, including household names like MIT (, Deloitte (, and the co-founders of Skype ( What did you see 4 years ago helped you predict the success .xyz would have in the startup world?

ML: Once again, it’s all about founders. I knew Daniel before he started .xyz and was always impressed with his passion and drive. I also am a fan of short, easy-to-remember TLDs, and .xyz felt like a domain extension that nobody would forget.

Since Daniel is a successful startup founder himself I knew he would be able to build a brand that startups loved, and it is pretty clear he was able to do that. As I’m learning as an angel investor, bet on the founders who truly impress you. Daniel is definitely one of those people.

XYZ: Do you have any other exciting projects that we should keep an eye out for?

ML: Nothing for now, but you can get more plugged into some of the exciting things we are doing at Bold Metrics on!

Morgan’s path to success across multiple fields is a product of his tireless work ethic, his ability to identify trends in tech, and the many invaluable experiences he’s gathered along the way. If you’re a startup founder or budding entrepreneur, Morgan’s advice and perspective can help get you the edge you need to succeed. Just as .xyz is helping the next generation of internet users on the path to success,’s “real life” look at entrepreneurship is giving #GenXYZ a guide that can set them on the right track to achieve their dreams.

If you want more insight and advice from Morgan, be sure to tune into XYZ’s Instagram story tomorrow, where Morgan will be taking over in this week’s edition of our #TakeoverThursday series and answering your questions! You can also catch up on any #TakeoverThursdays you missed by clicking the #TT archive thumbnail on our Instagram page.

This week’s #WebsiteWednesday is a special one for all the gamers of #GenXYZ. It’s National Video Games Day today, a day made to celebrate one of the most fun pastimes we have. XYZ has a handful of passionate gamers on our team, and we’ve been excited to get to attend E3 the past two years. So we thought there would be no better way to celebrate our video game fandom than to highlight just a few of the many .xyz adopters in the video game industry!

EdgeLab.xyzGoDaddy customer (Italy)

Virtual Reality gaming is slowly making its way into many homes around the world, but its full potential remains largely untapped. is pushing VR’s boundaries by using the technology as the base for everything from brand promotion and product presentations to hands on training and in-depth tourism attractions.

The firm has been producing award winning work, garnering first place honors at the Coinbusters Hackathon during Milano Digital Week and being named among Lazio Creative’s 100 Best Stories of Creativity.

VRTracker.xyzGoDaddy customer (Canada)

One frustrating limitation of VR is the small space you are confined to while using it. Want to be able to truly walk around in the virtual environment before your eyes? Then you want, a camera system that integrates with your VR system to allow you to move around freely in your room, or across multiple rooms, making the experience a more in-depth and realistic one. claims their system is compatible with every VR/AR headset in the world, and offer demos, developer support, and a forum for users, all on their site.

Qube.xyzEnom / Open SRS customer (New Zealand)

Many of us who grew up playing video games dreamed of one day being able to design the games ourselves. That dream is a reality for Patty Shannon, a Digital Designer who has molded game and UX design for companies like Aurora44, Storybox, and even the New Zealand chapter of the Independent Game Developers Association.

On his site, Patty shows off his work portfolio and his imaginative personal projects, and shares his passion for gaming, along with personal stories, on his blog.

Invector.xyzNetwork Solutions customer

If you’re just starting your journey as a game developer but you need some help getting past a hangup on, say, character combat dynamics or 3D character modeling, then is the place for you. They have downloadable assets and tools that work right into your game design, giving you exactly what you need to get past the problems holding you back from creating your visionary game. You can buy products directly from their online store, and get help if you need it from their online forum.

If you love video games and hope to one day make your career in the video game tech industry, then these 4 .xyz adopters can help show you what it takes to succeed and help guide you through the industry. Video games are a lot of fun to play, but there is a great deal of hard work to be done behind the scenes by the people who design and produce the games we love. Have you started working on your gaming project and want to share it with the world? Then get your .xyz domain today and follow in the footsteps of thousands of other gamers who are pursuing their dreams.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts of #GenXYZ rejoice! Yesterday marks the official launch of .xyz’s inclusion into the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) main network, meaning you can now secure your .xyz name in the ENS and pair it with your Ethereum wallet. This technology was previously available in a beta version but it is now released on Ethereum’s main network, so you can set up your .xyz domain as a custom identifier for your wallet and securely trade or manage your assets using your domain.

Now you don’t have to deal with the hassle of sharing or remembering your long, difficult to remember Ethereum wallet key. With your .xyz domain as your custom wallet identifier, you can easily send and receive cryptocurrency on a memorable .xyz domain, and manage your assets securely thanks to the strength of the DNS backbone and the layers of protection available on your .xyz domain.

To get more information and answers to frequently asked questions, head to, or read Ethereum’s announcement here.

Bicyclist.xyzOpenSRS / eNom customer (United States)

After cat videos and online shopping, one of the biggest pleasures we get from the internet is being able to find and connect with a community of other people who share our interests and passions. Diving into your favorite hobby with others makes it even more fun to do what you love, and this week’s #WebsiteWednesday is a perfect example of people gathering online to partake in their favorite activity together:

As their domain name implies, is a place where cycling enthusiasts can come to get their complete fix of all things cycling. is an online magazine first and foremost, featuring everything from an online version of the magazine to helpful blog series like “Ask the Coach” and “In Practice.” Plus, they’ve created helpful profiles with different destinations, routes, and ride reports. If you really can’t get enough cycling news, you can also listen to their podcast (which reaches riders in over 72 countries) or sign up for their newsletter for the best bike news and stories delivered right to your inbox.

Beyond the magazine, is also a community that connects riders via a helpful shop locator and the largest online calendar of cycling events, races and festivals in the United States. They have nearly 10,000 followers combined across their excellently branded Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages, and use their social media to share a mix of cycling news as well as content submitted by the bicycle fanatics who regularly read their content.

“The inspiration for creating was to provide a digital version of our print magazine and cycling event calendar, both available free to the public at more than 500 better bike shops throughout the west coast since 1994. The site itself offers a platform that guides and inspires people to make the most of their time in the saddle.

Our goals for include reaching more people worldwide and developing improved user functionality for the BICYCLIST Event Calendar, a comprehensive directory of opportunities to join others in organized bike events, races, and festivals throughout the western United States.

We went with the .xyz domain because it provides the best fit to convey and acknowledge the wide variety of pursuits people have when it comes to pedaling across road and trail. The variables of cycling, the x’s, y’s and z’s of road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, route selection, experiential reviews, lifestyle and culture are considered under the broad banner.”

– Chris Reynolds, Managing Director of

We come online to get our fill of the things we find most interesting, and it’s even better when we’re able to get that from a community of people who have the same love we do. Harnessing the power of your website to create a special gathering place online is easy, beneficial, and most importantly, fun! Why not get your .xyz domain today and get started creating a space online for your community? customer (United States)

This is it #GenXYZ, the final week of our #WebsiteWednesday mini-series highlighting the winners of the .xyz 4th-anniversary website building contest. Last, but by no means least, we’re showcasing, the cybersecurity solution proposed by software developer Aral Tasher.

The idea behind is that migrating consumers to a user centric privacy app would benefit them by providing stronger mobile security while also increasing their awareness of potential threats. Aral created Project Privus as part of a research proposal he worked on during his time at the Florida Institute of Technology, and he shares his hard work with an international audience with

We got some time with Aral to ask him more about, his coding career, and what life is like for him offline.

XYZ: You have varied skills as a developer, from website design to app development to cybersecurity. Is there one area you enjoy working in most?

Aral: Haha, yes! I’d say the design aspect is my favorite part overall. I really enjoy focusing on the “usability” and “experience design” of a product, and that’s what I’ve been shifting towards lately.

XYZ: What first sparked your interest in coding?

Aral: Similar to many Software Engineers from my generation, I decided that I wanted to become a programmer when I was about 10 because I wanted to make video games. I’m a diehard fan of the FIFA video game series, and at the time my biggest dream was to work at EA (the studio behind the FIFA series.) However, programming wasn’t as popular as it is now in my country, so I actually didn’t get a chance to learn any programming skills until I started college.

XYZ: When you’re not working, what are some of your favorite hobbies?

Aral: Well, the thing with programming is that it’s never just 9-5. Outside of work I spend a decent amount of time on practicing and constantly learning (and re-learning) development skills, but I never work to the point that I’m burnt out. Besides practicing, I like to go to the gym, train MMA, go scuba diving, or do some photography/videography. I try to keep a nice variety of hobbies!

XYZ: What do you envision as the next step in your career?

Aral: Right now, I have a pseudo designer/developer position where I do a little bit of both. But I eventually want to move on and do “User Experience” research only. After having experiences in both academia and the private sector, I’ve found myself the happiest when I’m doing UX Research.

XYZ: What are your goals in the future for Project Privus, and how do you think can help you achieve them?

Aral: Project Privus was a user study I conducted as a part of my thesis. It was a proof of concept that the existing privacy managers are not really helping users understand how their information is shared by the apps they have installed. My advisors and I plan to have the research published in one of the upcoming usability conferences next year, and we hope that this will ignite more interest in usability research for other cybersecurity tools as well. helped me reach out to a larger audience than just the professionals in the field. The thesis is quite a heavy read and it’s not written for everyday people, but thanks to I had a chance to boil down the findings into something that anyone can read and understand, which hopefully will increase more awareness for the research and the field.

XYZ: What is something you see on the horizon as a major technological hurdle we will have to overcome?

Aral: I think this research touches up one of the major hurdles that we are facing right now, which is privacy. I defended the thesis a few weeks after the enormous outrage with the Cambridge Analytica incident earlier this year, and I believe that people have been getting more worried about their privacy ever since. It’s nearly impossible to have complete privacy with all the connected devices we use, but with more usable security tools I think we can at least help everyone get a better understanding of how the process works.

Sometimes bringing the change you want to see happen can be difficult because your idea to fix a problem may not be simple for anyone to understand. In Aral’s case, he was able to convey his privacy solution in a way that any mobile device user could understand through his .xyz site. Do you have an idea to make a positive change? Get your .xyz domain and get started bringing your message to the world.

Domain investing is a business almost as old as the internet itself. You’ve no doubt heard about the success stories from the early days of the web and those savvy investors who made millions from selling domains. Now there are hundreds of new domain extensions available and there is a greater supply of valuable online real estate to be bought and sold.

If you’re looking to get into domain investing or have your own portfolio of domain names, here are 5 tips to get your domains found and sold.

1) Get your domains in front of the right buyers

You won’t be able to sell your domain if a buyer isn’t seeing it, so it’s recommended that you list your domains on online marketplaces. A few of the most popular domain marketplaces include:

Since you will likely receive more inquiries when selling your domain through a marketplace, it’s recommended you do your due diligence and make sure you verify the interested buyer’s identity. That way you can avoid scammers or bad actors and get an honest transaction when selling your domain.

2) Name a fair price

It’s typically recommended to research historical sale prices of domains with comparable keywords to the domains you want to sell, which can help determine the market value of your domain(s). One service you can use to conduct this research is, which has a searchable list of publicly recorded domain sales and allows you to filter them by keyword, domain extension, pattern, or price.

While length and keyword relevance are strong determining factors in value, the popularity of the extension your domain is on can also factor significantly into the final sale price.

3) Stay on top of offers

If you’ve put in the work to list your domain in online marketplaces and have expended effort promoting that it’s for sale, you may also want to be sure you set up notification systems so you don’t miss the chance to discuss selling your domain with interested buyers. You can manage your domain portfolio via an excel spreadsheet, or you may want to consider using a software like to keep track of your names and offers received.

You can list your contact information on the site, and most online marketplaces have notification features built in, so you may want to take advantage of those as well.

4) Conduct outreach to target potential buyers

In conjunction with listing your domain on the aforementioned marketplaces, you may also want to consider direct outreach to potentially interested parties. You may consider looking at domain investors who publicly list their domains for sale, and see if you have names matching some keywords they invest in that you can reach out to and offer your domain for sale.

You could also find companies or individuals in an industry related to your domain name and contact them to make them aware the domain is for sale. You can craft a quick email letting them know you plan to sell the domain and that you want to get in touch as you think they may be interested. This kind of outreach can help you connect to buyers in the verticals who stand to benefit most from acquiring the domain you are selling.

5) Set up an escrow service for payment

If you and your interested buyer have agreed on a price, you may want to use an escrow service for the domain transaction. Escrow services act as a third party that securely establishes a transaction between you and a buyer, passing the domain to them and the purchase fee payment to you. Some escrow services that are offered online are and

While these guidelines can help you sell your domain at the price you are hoping for, selling domain names can be a very nuanced process and it may take some practice and learning to get a full grasp of the industry. Doing as much research as possible and getting an understanding of the domain selling process is also recommended to ensure you have success in the domain aftermarket.

Ready to invest in some keyword domains and get involved in the domain aftermarket yourself? Be sure to check out the .xyz premiums page at, where you can browse premium .xyz names and secure 1 and 2-letter domains, 1 and 2-number domains, or any of the thousands of keyword names in our variably priced premium tiers. You can also complete your portfolio by using our CNOX tool to search for valuable domain names that have been registered in .com, .net, and .org, but are still available in .xyz.

Don’t miss your chance to invest in valuable domains. Head to now to download full premium domain lists! customer (United States)

Today’s #WebsiteWednesday is the 3rd instalment of our 4 week series highlighting the winners of .xyz’s 4th-anniversary website building contest. If you missed the previous two winners be sure to go back and read about their awesome sites! This week we’re sitting down with web developer Sasha Tran, an accomplished coder who has cultivated a positive community among her Instagram followers. She created her prize winning site,, as a way to grow closer to that audience and use her platform to showcase its members. is an entry form for members of Sasha’s dev community to share a color that resonates with them. Sasha then collects the entries and posts them weekly on her Instagram story with the hashtag #ColorTuesday. She uses her .xyz site to bring her following closer together and leverages her own popularity to support the overall dev community, which is a mission we can definitely get behind.

To get to know more about Sasha, we asked her a bit about her motivations and her history in the dev community.

XYZ: You’ve done a mix of freelance developing and work as a UI developer for HP, Apple, and now Level Studios. Do you have a preference between working for a company or picking up your own independent projects?

Sasha: Both pose different challenges that have their benefits. As a freelancer, I had the opportunity to pick the type of projects I wanted to work on. Many times I would choose projects that I wanted to sharpen my skills on and that I could develop from the ground up. Working at a large company gave me more understanding of the full life cycle of projects that have been around for many years. It gives me an appreciation of the collaboration needed to get a well polished project out the door.

XYZ: You share a lot about the lifestyle behind being a developer on your Instagram page. What to you is the most enjoyable part of coding?

Sasha: I love it when I come up with an idea and can spend a few hours or an afternoon and bring it to life with just a code editor. Of course sometimes it takes longer than that, but it does not feel like work at all. Sometimes sharing that process and lifestyle inspires others to take a step in their journey, which means so much to me.

XYZ: Do you have a story of a particularly difficult or challenging project that you worked on?

Sasha: I think a challenging part of freelancing was with clients that did not know what they wanted. This often resulted in a lot of revisions and unnecessary work. What I learned from these experiences is the importance of managing expectations early on, as well as spending the extra time upfront to really extract the essence of what my client wants and detailing that thoroughly in the scope of work.

XYZ: What inspired you to create #ColorTuesday?

Sasha: Colors make me really happy. I thought one day, “what better way to connect with my followers than to share what I love?” It started as an Instagram story asking people to DM me their favorite colors and I reposted them. The process was very manual in the beginning, with me Photoshopping and then posting colors one by one. Eventually I automated the process by creating the website for submissions. I also created a secret admin page to help me generate color palettes from all the submissions.

XYZ: What plans do you have in the future for and your community of followers?

Sasha: I have plans to showcase color palettes generated by the community where people can find inspiration. I want to allow users to create and share entire palettes. Oh, and gradients too!

XYZ: Do you have any projects on the horizon that our #GenXYZ readers should be on the lookout for?

Sasha: I’m still at the planning stage for the next project, but it’ll be big! :D Stay tuned.

If you’re part of a close-knit online community, finding new ways to connect with your fellow members and increase the overall image of the community is exciting and rewarding. Like Sasha, you can bring your community closer by creating a unique .xyz domain to help promote your friends and collaborators, and together you’ll amplify your message to a worldwide audience.

Keenetics.xyzGoDaddy customer (United States)

We’re in week two of our 4-week #WebsiteWednesday series highlighting our .xyz 4th-anniversary website building contest winners, and this week is all about the artful creativeness of! But what makes and it’s creator Eric An so unique?

For our judges, it was his skillful presentation of his many artistic talents, his site’s modern look and feel, its easy navigability, and his superb branding with the clever name We wanted to discover the inspiration behind Eric’s brand and his work, so we sat down with him to talk about his life, his portfolio, and more.

XYZ: Between your videography, photography, and writing work, you’re truly an artist of many talents. Do you have a favorite among those three?

Eric: I moved around a lot growing up due to my dad’s work, so I picked up many hobbies during times where I was still in the process of making new friends. Out of all my hobbies, I would say videography is my favorite! I had a mentor who worked professionally under a film production company, and I became super fascinated by all the details involved in film making.

XYZ: What inspired the name

Eric: I am currently a part chemistry student, and in Chemistry, kinetics is defined as “rate of reaction.” I combined that word with the word “keen”, which means showing enthusiasm. I love how this word reflects how quick I am to being enthusiastic when it comes to capturing different parts of my life in the form of art.

XYZ: Where do you draw the inspiration for your work?

Eric: I draw inspiration for my work from respecting different cultures and being interested in what makes their culture unique. For example, I am personally not a very fashionable person. But having friends who love street style, I wanted to respect their passion for clothes and see what is behind the culture that catches their attention and make it my own.

XYZ: Do you have plans for your career post-college?

Eric: I interned as a web developer this summer and grew interested in digital marketing. I am going to look into a career in that field and hopefully I’ll be making websites and apps for businesses!

XYZ: What motivated you to create and choose a .xyz domain?

Eric: I wanted a personal portfolio and thought a lot about what I wanted my domain to be. I wanted it to be unique. I came up with the word Keenetics before making my site, and when I searched for different domains my eyes drew immediately to .xyz. X Y and Z are the last three letters of the alphabet. In a sense, I took it as a “period” which goes at the end of a sentence. For me, .xyz is that period for my domain name.

XYZ: If you could give one piece of advice to the aspiring artists of #GenXYZ like yourself, what would it be?

Eric: One piece of advice I would give to aspiring artists would be to create, because it leaves memories. It’s easy to want more exposure on your work; and just as easy to be disappointed if that is your goal. But if, in the moment, you think of what you’re creating as what you’re leaving behind as memory, it feels worth it. I’ve gone back to photos and videos from my past millions of times, and every time I am so glad I decided to create content.

Your passion can guide you to create wonderful things, and it can also inspire that same passion in others. Eric’s portfolio serves as a great example to show aspiring artists everywhere that creating and showcasing their art is just a click away. Open your passion to the world on your .xyz domain and you’ll find, like Eric, that your potential to create and share your gift is endless. customer (United States)

Our 4th-anniversary website building contest ended last week, and as you’ll know, if you read last week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll be sitting down with each of the winners in the next 4 weeks to get a deeper view, not just of their .xyz sites, but of the creators behind them. This week we’re starting off with rising young developer Nadia Rodriguez’s handy mobile coding solution!

Our panel of judges loved’s sleek design and layout, as well as the very apt mobile coding solution it presents to a common problem developers face: the inability to code on-the-go. After sitting down to chat with Nadia, it was easy to see how her driven attitude toward coding led her to creating such a unique and useful site.

XYZ: What inspired you to become a developer?

Nadia: When I was in 11th grade, I took “Intro to Engineering” as one of my electives. My teacher eventually introduced us to coding. At this time, I had no idea what I wanted to do as a career, but after getting into HTML and CSS, I knew that I had found something that I really enjoyed doing. I started coding in class whenever I got the chance and started going through tutorials from codecademy, freecodecamp, w3schools, etc. Eventually, I got a laptop and started coding at home as well. What fascinated me was the ability to create something out of nothing.

XYZ: Do you have a favorite project to work on?

Nadia: I like working on personal projects the most. I do like working on client projects, but with personal projects you don’t have the same pressure. With personal projects, you don’t have any limits. You’re able to be 100% creative and the possibilities are endless.

XYZ: Outside of coding, what are some of your favorite things to do?

Nadia: Outside of coding, my favorite thing to do is spend time with my girlfriend and my family. I’ve also been trying to get in the habit of going to the gym (which I’ve been “trying” to do for a long time now). I don’t do much outside of coding other than that though, but I’m gonna try to change that!

XYZ: Tell us a bit about your Instagram profile.

Nadia: So in September 2017, I started realizing that there was a whole community of developers on Instagram. There were some profiles that I looked at and thought, “wow I want my feed to look like that,” or “well I wanna post about that, maybe I should!” So I decided to get out of my comfort zone and started posting about what I was learning development-wise. My first post was my Asus laptop hooked up to an ethernet cable, charger, and an external mouse and keyboard. I had just “hackintoshed” my laptop so that I would be able to learn iOS development. I then started writing on Medium, which I am planning to do more of as well since I only have 2 posts right now.

When I started posting about development, I only had about 600 followers. Along the way, somehow people were actually liking my content. Now I have over 5,000 followers, which is still pretty unbelievable to me. To think that over 5,000 people looked at my profile and liked it enough to follow it is amazing. Growing on Instagram has led me to get my first client ever. It opened up so many opportunities that I am extremely grateful for. It has led to me to really grow even more as a developer.

XYZ: Do you have any advice for the aspiring developers of #GenXYZ?

Nadia: I was never good at advice, but I think it’s super important to not give up. You’re gonna come across a lot that you’ll have no idea how to do and you might feel like you’re not going to be able to figure it out. Development can be frustrating and, honestly, it will make you want to pull your hair out sometimes! But if you just keep trying, you’ll eventually figure it out, and when you do it feels like a huge accomplishment to just accomplish even that one small task. Also, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone or to ask questions whenever you need help!

XYZ: What made you choose .xyz for the website?

Whatever it is that motivates you is worth not only pursuing, but sharing with others. Like Nadia, you can work on your passion and share it with others on your .xyz domain and take your ideas to the highest heights you can imagine. Ready to get started bringing your big idea to the world. Then get your own .xyz domain today and get started!