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You’re in for a special treat this week, #GenXYZ. We’re giving you a double dose of #WebsiteWednesday by highlighting two sites that are reshaping the way we use resources and helping to build a sustainable future: and

Some of you may have recognized these two sites share a familiar brand to a past #WebsiteWednesday site, That’s because,, and are all projects launched by Bainbridge MP, a tech investment company from the Philippines seeking to support technologies that will bring impactful change to the most basic global problems. Bainbridge uses each specific “NxtLvl” .xyz site to explain the goals of that project, the methods they will use to accomplish those goals, and how you can get involved. is aimed at tackling the clean water crisis in developing countries, where water is too expensive, too difficult to access, too poor quality to safely drink, and too harmful to the environment. By using small scale solutions like modularized water production units, as well as large scale solutions like bespoke water production systems, all of which are capable of running off of renewable energy up to 100%. is designed to improve the quality and accessibility of produce in the Philippines, which they are doing with their organic and non-GMO products that are grown indoors away from pests, meaning no pesticides. These vegetables can be delivered within 24 hours, ensuring freshness, and are also grown with little impact on the environment.,, and are inspiring projects not simply because of the huge scope of the problems they’ve chosen to take on, but also because the positive changes they’re creating will benefit many generations to come. Dreaming big and think globally are hallmark qualities of #GenXYZ, and these three .xyz sites stands as a great example for internet users around the world to follow.

CultivateMe.xyzTucows customer (United States)

Every company functions differently. Some have manuals full of rules and instructions down to the most minimal detail, while some are lax and let employees manage themselves. This range allows people to find a company structure that may best fit their personality. But no matter your preference or style, it always helps teams work better when they know what their job actually is. And for managers, it’s always a struggle to lead a team while also helping your employees to grow and develop. The team at thinks they’ve cracked the code on organization, motivation, and progress for companies. And the best part? You can create an account for free!

This business product is aiming to help you maximize the talent in your team by creating a “mastery machine”. claims that high turnover creates a major cost to companies and that sometimes replacing an employee can cost even more than their salary. So using their product to build your own personal mastery machine allows you to improve employee talent while also helping to turn employees into long-term team members. Their program is decided on by 5 major questions:

  1. What’s my job?
  2. What skills should I improve on next?
  3. How do I learn them?
  4. How do I stick with it?
  5. How do I know I’m better?

Having each person answer these questions allows your team to have clear responsibilities, know where to go next, and stay motivated by seeing their improvements. gathers all this information and displays it in a very visually pleasing “Iris” like the one pictured above. According to, “an Iris is like a selfie of your skills.” They also supply you with management coaching to teach your managers to coach people in 15 minutes or less.

Think this is something your company can benefit from? Then sign up right away here. Once you’re signed up make sure to check out their beginner guide here. is another fantastic example of a #GenXYZ member using their .xyz domain to help other people to better themselves, while running a successful business. The team here at XYZ has an amazing work environment, and we know can help other teams work just as great as us! Think you have an awesome business idea? Get your own .xyz domain ASAP, and get to work!

Fluxauto.xyzGoDaddy customer (India)

In the classic film Back to the Future, they travel through time to the year 2015 where they witness tons of futuristic gadgets, including flying cars. While we aren’t quite at flying cars yet, the world is making many advances in the world of self-driving technology. In the past, we’ve brought you our own, creators of the self-driving delivery robot. But now we’re excited to bring you another .xyz member in the autonomous industry: is 16-person startup based in Bangalore. They were excited about the new opportunity of commercial companies using self-driving vehicles but discovered that major companies like Uber and Tesla are developing vehicles and technology that are far too expensive for most trucking companies to use. So the team set out to develop their own affordable tech that can allow any type of truck to be turned into a self-driving vehicle. The company plans to have 2500 of their kits in vehicles by August 2018. is already receiving a ton of attention from news outlets such as TechCrunch and The Economic Times, and came in 9th place for TECH30’s 2017 “Top 30 promising technology startups from India”.

To see in action you can check out their test footage video here. We love seeing another #GenXYZ member not only developing the future of technology, but also using their skills to benefit less financially-able companies. We’re always looking for more innovators like, so if you fit the bill go ahead and lock down your .xyz domain now! And keep on the lookout for more great #GenXYZ members every Wednesday.

PixelPie.xyzNetwork Solutions customer (India)

Everyone in the business world knows how important your online presence is. There are people who build websites (and you can too!), there are people who do graphic design, and some do copywriting. Well this week’s #WebsiteWednesday is a one stop shop for all your online design and marketing needs! is located in Telangana, India and is a fresh new face in the online marketing world. Starting up in October 2017, they’ve already worked with a dozen clients on multiple projects. They do everything from web design, to graphic design, to video stories. They’re currently developing new projects in copywriting, digital marketing and brand identity as well. With such a talented team they’re sure to find the right plan for you to take your company to the next level. You can contact them for one service or multiple, they’re ready to help with whatever you need! came into existence owing to the leap of faith taken by its two founders- Yashaswini Sharma and Myself. Leaving the safety net of our cushy and well -paying jobs without any security, we put our trust in each other’s domain expertise and decided to put our cumulative industry experience of 18+ years to work for us.

[Our goal is] to make our presence felt in an industry which is dominated and pushed over by big firms with deep pockets. And to make awareness among the general masses on the importance of the right outlook of their brands and the difference it could make.”
Pushpit Kohli,

The team here at xyz is full of creative people, just like And we never seem to run out of new, exciting designers joining the #GenXYZ squad! We’re happy to support new xyz-ers on their endeavors and give them that boost of originality by breaking off from a .com world. Ready to join the squad? Get your own .xyz here! And check out all our adventures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

ZweetShop.xyzNetwork Solutions customer (Malaysia)

The past few years have seen a major boom in startups across the globe. We love to see so many in the #GenXYZ community using a .xyz domain to help their startup business reach new heights. In the past we’ve brought you retail pop-ups, business-friendly advertising and customer service robots, and sleek and safe custom helmets. But for this week’s #WebsiteWednesday we found something that almost anyone would want to use,’s Antiperspirant Wipes.

Everybody sweats, but some people have a bigger problem with it than others. So what if there was a simple, easy solution to help control it? Malaysia local is making towelettes that help customers regain their confidence and “kiss nervous sweat goodbye”. These ingenious wipes come in individually wrapped packages, perfect for travel or on the go. Simply wipe them on your underarms and toss. These are best used if you apply the night before, and then shower as usual in the morning. Worried that it might sound good to be true? Don’t worry, the product is listed in the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency for the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Big presentation coming up? First Date? Already worrying about that hot summer heat? Let ease your woes, and purchase your first pack here. And don’t forget to use the promo code ZWEETFIRST to get a 10% discount on your first order! To see more from you can follow them on Instagram. We’re proud that #GenXYZ continues to grow and produce an innovative online community. We’re always looking to add more to our squad, so check out today!

Type-A.xyzGoDaddy customer (Philippines)

#GenXYZ how do you normally start your day? Quick morning workout? Or a big hearty breakfast? The team here at XYZ loves nothing more than to start our day off with a nice cup of coffee. With coffee shops on every corner and thousands of brands to choose from, it can be hard to establish your place in such a booming business. So how does this week’s #WebsiteWednesday manage to stick out? (Besides the .xyz domain of course!) is breaking the mold with their own take on cold brew, delivered right to your home or business. is located in Manila, Phillipines and is a cold brew subscription service. Their cool and functional bottle design is what gets customers interested, but the great taste is what keeps them subscribed. Their coffee is single origin from Panama, and the low-extract process creates a light flavor with hints of fruit. But what really makes shine is it’s brilliantly designed bottle. The outside is marked with serving measurements, so you know exactly how much to pour. Simply pour 1 measurement of the bottle with an even amount of your favorite addition, such as creamer or milk, and add ice. Fast and simple for any morning, and an easy solution for that afternoon pick me up.

“We are fans of specialty coffee but admit that there are days when making a hand brew from scratch is just too much work. With Type A, a cold brew made from 100% Panama beans, we wanted to develop an instant specialty coffee that retains all the nuanced tasting notes of a crafted coffee (ours are dark chocolate and orange peel) – just add water.

We want Type A to be synonymous with cold brew coffee, and grow a community of A-types who love the brand. In fact, we’ve started a blog ( to talk to them about everything from recipes involving Type A to essays about things that would interest overachievers, say, how to deal when your dog has OCD.

We liked the suggestion of “a to z” when you type out the URL. We’re overachieving that way.”
– Anna Canlas,

We love seeing the #GenXYZ continue to be at the forefront of innovation. From custom 3D printing, to functional and fun community living spaces, to A.I. text unscramblers, we’re always proud to provide a domain as unique as you are. If you’re ready to get some of’s cold brew for yourself, you can subscribe here. You can also follow them on Facebook or Instagram to get the latest updates. Do you think you have the next great idea? Then lock down now, and keep changing the world!

Sammy6000.xyzTucows customer (United Kingdom)

We always love seeing another creative professional using domain to display their personal achievements and talented skills. In the past we’ve brought you the digital animations of, the visual novel ghost adventure of, and the 3D art pieces of But for this week’s #WebsiteWednesday we’re excited to feature an intriguing new creative designer currently residing in London,

Sam Jacobs, or better known as, has achieved a lot in the design space across the globe. In Shanghai, China he helped to co-found a creative agency called Jellymon, where he resided as the creative director for 9 years. After much success they were even able to open up a second office in Beijing. During this time he also co-founded China’s first street art gallery Da>Space. But this past year he took on an exciting new challenge: Creative Director at the world-renowned news station The Guardian.

“I wanted to create a portfolio site that stood out, on which I could show off an edited selection of my projects. I would like to develop the site further in the future, but I don’t have specific goals beyond having a nice place to put my work.

[I chose to build on a .xyz domain] because .com seems boring and predictable. It also sounds old fashioned. A .xyz domain sounds fun, cool and is really memorable. It just matches my style more and what I wanted to get across with my site.”
– Sam Jacobs of

During this impressive career climb, he has been able to work with multitudes of big name companies, such as Adidas, Nike, Converse, and Red Bull. He was even able to land the first ever design collaboration with a Chinese State-Owned company, The Shanghai Watch Company. But his hard work doesn’t stop at just design, he also has done research projects for BMW, Hennessy and Apple.

We love the uniqueness of our #GenXYZ community and are proud to give everyone an easy way to express themselves online. The best part about art is that every piece is new and different, and what better way to stand out than with an .xyz domain? So why wait, check out right now to see if is available, and show the world your passion!

Sleepover.xyzGoDaddy customer (Canada)

Many business owners in the #GenXYZ community know first hand what a struggle it can be to not only of find online real estate, but office real estate as well. Our #WebsiteWednesday this week solved that issue with a new business model, one that has garnered them praise for creating the “future of how retail works”: is a pop-up store in Toronto born out of the program thisopenspace, a startup that carries a roster of buildings and retail spaces that can be used for short term services, events, and now retail outlets. The pop-up is unique because it is the first example of thisopenspace’s innovative new idea of offering “retail as a service”, meaning that customers benefit from being able to get the items they want right when they want them in store, and the retailer can focus on satisfying their customers’ needs by simply offering great products instead of fretting about rent, taxes, and the myriad other issues standard brick and mortar stores face.

This retail revolution has already caught the eye of press outlets nationwide, including Canada’s Global News, Daily Hive, The Toronto Star, and Toronto Life to name a few. And, thisopenspace’s seed round funding included investment from Scott Lake, CEO of Shopify. is a retail store of the future. Any online-first brand can open a retail store of their own within days by simply sending their products to thisopenspace. We provide merchandising, marketing, staffing, and more. Brands get affordable access to physical retail by renting just a table, shelf, or rack in a 3,000 sqft retail storefront. We launched the website to highlight the brands and in-store events happening at Sleepover.

We chose .xyz because it’s unexpected and that reflects the brand values of thisopenspace and Sleepover. We got it from GoDaddy because it’s the easiest place to buy a domain. We have all our company domains on GoDaddy and never think of any other site to purchase a domain.”

– Yashar Nejati, Creator of

When faced with a challenge, we’ve seen time and time again that the members of #GenXYZ are ready to not only find a way to succeed, but to change their industry along the way. is shaping a new future for retail, and in choosing a .xyz domain they got the website that perfectly matches their intrepid attitude.

ViceRoyal.xyzNetwork Solutions customer (United States)

Our #WebsiteWednesday series is filled with artists behind some of the biggest brands and entertainment projects in the world. There’s’s art direction on ad campaigns for Adidas and Nike,’s character animation on Titanfall,’s VFX animation in The Last of Us and Uncharted, and HBO’s microsite for it’s critically acclaimed hit show Silicon Valley on, just to name a few. This week we’re highlighting another creative member of #GenXYZ who has worked on many of the biggest films and games of the past decade: is a portfolio site displaying the work of JP Monroy, art director at leading VFX animation company Whiskeytree. JP’s list of credits working on box office smashing movies is nearly endless, including the Iron Man, Hunger Games, Captain America, and Thor series, The Avengers, Rango, The Revenant, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, The Big Short, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and many more. JP has also worked on some of the most popular video games in the world as well, including League of Legends, Best Friends, and Need for Speed.

JP also uses his site to show off his original works of fine art, including paintings and drawings inspired by many different styles and artists. The split between JP’s personal and professional works of art on are a display of the two halves of his life as an artist, and a unique way he utilizes the personal portfolio site format.

“It had been a while since I had my work up, so I thought this portfolio website would be a great way to consolidate my commercial work in VFX and my personal projects. Showcasing all my work with a tailored interface will hopefully allow me to collaborate with other artists and keep my creative output up to date.

I chose a .xyz domain I spend most of my days staring at 3D software, having the X,Y, & Z axis in the name felt appropriate.”
JP Monroy, Creator of

Your .xyz domain is what you make it, and JP has made his domain into a site that projects his art and vision just as far as the movies he’s worked on have. What’s stopping you from making your own personal site and projecting your own passion to the world? Join JP and register today to get started showing your talents to the world.

TheLushLife.xyzOpenSRS / eNom customer (United States)

Happy Valentine’s Day #GenXYZ! Unfortunately we can’t give every one of you flowers and chocolates, but with the help of this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we can make sure you plan a perfect Valentine’s Day and choose just the right wine for the occasion:

Sarah Tracey is a certified sommelier based in Brooklyn who offers her expert wine advice via her column on, and also serves as Wine Director for Michelin-starred restaurant Rouge Tomate Chelsea. Outside of those two very impressive arenas, you can find Sarah’s wine recommendations on her site, featuring her blog that is full not only of sage wine advice, but tips on everything from boozy gift ideas to style guides to get the wine country look. After soaking up all the sage advice Sarah offers on her blog, you can also check out her media appearances, explore her tips for which accessories to get and celebrations to try to live the lush life, and even book a private tasting with Sarah herself!

Creating a brand requires time, skill, and a serious passion for what you do. Sarah possesses all of these tools, and she has mastered using them to make the perfect destination not only for her audience to find the right wine, but to live their best “lush” lives. Do you have what it takes to launch your brand? If you’re up for the challenge, get started with your own .xyz domain today and follow Sarah’s lead to make your impact on the world.