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TheLushLife.xyzOpenSRS / eNom customer (United States)

Happy Valentine’s Day #GenXYZ! Unfortunately we can’t give every one of you flowers and chocolates, but with the help of this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we can make sure you plan a perfect Valentine’s Day and choose just the right wine for the occasion:

Sarah Tracey is a certified sommelier based in Brooklyn who offers her expert wine advice via her column on, and also serves as Wine Director for Michelin-starred restaurant Rouge Tomate Chelsea. Outside of those two very impressive arenas, you can find Sarah’s wine recommendations on her site, featuring her blog that is full not only of sage wine advice, but tips on everything from boozy gift ideas to style guides to get the wine country look. After soaking up all the sage advice Sarah offers on her blog, you can also check out her media appearances, explore her tips for which accessories to get and celebrations to try to live the lush life, and even book a private tasting with Sarah herself!

Creating a brand requires time, skill, and a serious passion for what you do. Sarah possesses all of these tools, and she has mastered using them to make the perfect destination not only for her audience to find the right wine, but to live their best “lush” lives. Do you have what it takes to launch your brand? If you’re up for the challenge, get started with your own .xyz domain today and follow Sarah’s lead to make your impact on the world.

JovelRoystan.xyzGoDaddy customer (United States)

It’s always a great idea to get so you can use it to show off your skills. Whether you showcase your work portfolio like or your many hobbies and interests like, your personal website gives you complete creative control to tell your story to the world. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, a young member of #GenXYZ living at the forefront of fashion, music, and more and shares it all with you using his personal .xyz site:

In his 9 to 5, Jovel helps shape the image of one of the most popular fashion brands as a social media executive at ASOS, and his site also features his past work for companies like Calvin Klein, Remy Martin, Timberland, KSwiss, Lucky Brand, Forever 21, and more. But Jovel’s penchant for dressing sharp isn’t just his job, it’s his brand. On you can discover what a career in fashion is really like by reading Jovel’s blog, fill out your wardrobe with all the next big styles using Jovel’s trend report, and even get outfit inspiration from Jovel himself. Beyond fashion, Jovel uses his site to share his favorite music (and how it matches his fashion moods), and allows you to travel with him to all the beautiful places around the world that his career takes him. serves as more than just a blog—it’s really an evolving creative portfolio of sorts. Moving forward into 2018 I plan on sharing more exciting projects, but I also intend to follow some great advice from a few of my readers and offer more of an intimate look at what I have going on and the things that I care about.

Before launching, I ran a blog with an old college buddy of mine, which we launched in 2011. Over the course of five years, we built an exciting brand that celebrated individuality, creativity, and ambition. I think that the idea of a .xyz platform embodies each of these three elements in one way or another, so as I was conceptualizing my personal website, getting a .xyz domain was an easy choice to make. Plus, in my field, I’ve yet to meet another guy with one—which is definitely a plus in my book.

GoDaddy has been my online “fairy godfather” from the jump. When my partner and I launched our site back in school GoDaddy was our domain home, and when the time came around for me to venture off on my own, I felt like it was only right to stay in the family.”
Jovel Roystan, creator of

Every person has a story to tell, whether its driven by a lifelong interest in a certain industry, or a unique skill, or even simply a creative outlook on the world. The best way to broadcast your message to the masses is with your own personal website, just like Jovel does with his .xyz site. Are you ready to share your story with the world? Get today and create your own personal website today so you can leave your mark.

SoaLee.xyzNetwork Solutions customer (United States)

The community of .xyz adopters is filled with masterful artists from every medium. From famous street artists like, to world renowned fashion designers like, and even art directors like who is behind some of Nike and Jaguar’s biggest campaigns. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’re highlighting another hugely talented artist who has molded the appearance of some of gaming’s most beloved characters:

Soa Lee is a Los Angeles based animator who works as a character artist at Naughty Dog, the company behind some of the highest grossing video games of all time, including The Last of Us, the Uncharted series, Crash Bandicoot, and Jak and Daxter. Originally from South Korea, Soa followed her passion for animation and computer graphics on a path that led to her completing a Fine Art degree at Hong-Ik University and having her animation featured in popular industry publications like ImagineFX, Digital Arts, and Autodesk.

Now, in her position at Naughty Dog, Soa uses her skills to shape every detail of the characters in The Last of Us and Uncharted 4, giving them the incredibly lifelike appearance these games have become famous for.

“I’m a 3D character artist creating a digital character. Literally, my works exist in the digital world only. To me, online was the first option to present my works to people. My career and fame as a 3D artist have been growing with my personal website. Now, my website has become the most important way I spread awareness about myself.

Having my own domain is like having my own home. Independent, liberated and special.

I wanted to choose a domain which people remember easily. Among all the many other domains, .xyz was the most impressive one to me because it’s familiar to the 3D artist. X, Y, and Z are 3 dimensions which we always move the vertex of the object to. I think my .xyz domain can present that I am related to 3D somehow. My name, .xyz…how perfect it is to me.”
Soa Lee, Creator of

No matter what your passion is, having your own personal portfolio website is the best way to share the work you do with a massive audience. And with the global reach of your own .xyz domain, you can get recognition and gain fans from around the world, just like Soa Lee. If you’re ready to bring your talents to a worldwide audience, then register your .xyz domain and get started building your personal portfolio site today.

Projects.xyzGoDaddy customer (Germany)

Finding a good place to live is a time consuming task, and no one knows the struggle better than us #GenXYZ members. Getting good roommates, choosing a cool location, making sure the place you’re moving into is somewhere you won’t be ashamed to bring a date or show your parents; it can all feel like too much. Fortunately though, this week’s #WebsiteWednesday is here to solve all those housing woes:

Creatives, entrepreneurs, and artists alike choose, a community living space in Berlin, because they don’t just want a place to rent, they want to really enjoy where they live and connect with the people around them. Plus, a room at comes with some great perks, like a fully equipped kitchen, a PS4 and Apple TV, and everything from towels and sheets to utility fees taken care of so you don’t have to worry about paying for them. But the best feature of living at is the community you move into, which is filled with awesome people that share your same interests and passion for living life to the fullest.

With plans to expand to other major European cities, is designed to be a young person’s dream living space. The hard work put into making their apartments a highly sought after housing option has paid off, as it garnered them over six-figures in funding from real estate company Moravia AG.

“As millennials constantly moving locations for work and study, we always felt that traditional housing did not match our expectations. That is why we have built PROJECTS, a network of co-living spaces where people can stay and share experiences with like minded individuals.

We think .xyz is the domain of the future after Google/Alphabet chose it. It looks cool and it differentiates us from the storm of .io, .co, etc. We chose to get our domain from GoDaddy because we feel they are the leader in the market.”
– Luca Bovone, CEO of connects with their residents in a unique way because its creators know the things they would want when looking for a living space are just what their peers, and millennials around the world, want as well. And couldn’t be a better domain fit for their business; the home of the next generation of doers and thinkers made its name online with the domain that is the home of the next generation of internet users, .xyz.

Dialex.xyzGandi customer (Malaysia)

You may remember in a #WebsiteWednesday post about a month ago we featured, the Malaysian company using Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize customer service and advertising in the rising startup landscape of Southeast Asia. What you might not know, however, is that one of the main tools HYPERLAB uses to assist their clients also has its own .xyz site and it’s own story to tell:

HYPERLAB provides various A.I. services for companies in Southeast Asia to optimize their customer support and advertising outreach, with interactive robot systems that can handle anything from educating customers on health insurance plans to fielding prospective client questions right from an online ad.

But to really understand how impressive this system is, you need to learn about the tools HYPERLAB uses. And is one of the most unique, as it understands different dialects and even recognizes spelling mistakes, so unlike other A.I. services it can read that text and give a correct response.

As HYPERLAB CMO & Co-Founder Chris Greenough explains:
“Dialex is a core component of our conversational artificial intelligence platform that helps us process scrambled and nuanced dialects into text for better machine learning. We also noticed that there is a distinct lack of resources for Southeast Asian dialects like Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia, so we released Dialex to give data scientists and programmers better access to these kinds of tools.

The ultimate goal for dialex is to be a powerful developer tool to process and analyse text in every Southeast Asian language in the near future. 65,000 students (Gen Z’ers) will be graduating over the next few years in the region with the skills needed for future AI roles and another 2-3k in the workforce now (Gen X-Y) are expected to complete online courses that also give them the skills. Dialex is built to empower these developers, who are looking specifically into conversational AI.

We wanted to keep a consistent brand domain across as well as again, reinforce that is a tool for processing languages from a-z.”
– Chris Greenough, CMO & Co-founder of and

It’s clear that technology is not the only thing HYPERLAB is on the cutting edge of, as they also know investing in #GenXYZ’s talent provides the brightest future for any business. And by keeping consistent branding with their microsites, like, HYPERLAB is able to reach the #GenXYZ market with the only domain made for them.

StreetMedicine.xyzNetwork Solutions customer (United States)

If you’re a regular reader of our #WebsiteWednesday series, then you know the positive impact the #GenXYZ community has made reaches as far across the globe as the community itself. This week, we’re highlighting a #GenXYZ member who is changing the lives of people in impoverished regions around the world through medicine:

Dr. Adam Kawalek is a Canadian born physician who now practices medicine in Los Angeles. But Dr. Adam is no ordinary physician, as he is certified in Pediatric and Advanced Trauma Life Support, and Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster, which are skills he has used to volunteer with disaster relief and capacity building efforts in Haiti, India, Kenya, Liberia, and Gaza. is the home of Dr. Adam’s forthcoming documentary series “Street Medicine”, and his site features clips from the documentary, the story behind its creation, and interactive photography from Dr. Adam’s travels that help explain what day to day life is like in the countries he has helped.

“I never feel so alive as when I travel abroad. It’s a shock to the senses and for whatever reason it wakes me up. And with zero red tape, I am free to practice medicine in its purest form. For me that means spending time with a patient, challenging my diagnostic skills and learning new techniques and medicines. It’s professional and personal bliss.

Making the decision to create as our main online platform, instead of just posting to various social media channels was obviously an intentional decision. We want to reach the largest audience while maintaining (creative) control over all aspects of our work. The .xyz brand complements Street Medicine perfectly. Transparent, pluralistic, and 100% real. Just like the medicine I practice!”
– Dr. Adam Kawalek, creator of

If you’re passionate about an idea, and you have the drive and vision, you can harness the power of your own .xyz domain to bring your idea to people around the world, just like Dr. Adam. Keep an eye on for the official launch of the documentary, and stay up to date on the best .xyz use cases by following @XYZ on Instagram.

Xand.xyzGandi customer (France)

The #GenXYZ community is full of amazing personalities, and through our #WebsiteWednesday series we’re happy we’ve been able to share so many of them with you. This week we have another inspiring individual whose .xyz site lets you jump headfirst into his mind and see the world through his inventive designs:

Xander Marritt is a born and bred Londoner, a supremely skilled visual designer and art director, and the man behind the eye-catching projects you’ll find on (or as Xander has stylized it, X&XYZ). Xander’s portfolio is packed with some of the most popular names and brands in the world: Adidas, Jaguar, Modeselektor and Thom Yorke, Nvidia, and more. But his passion doesn’t stop once he’s “off the clock”, as Xander’s site also features his own visually stimulating and truly unique original projects, like his exploration themed short film Collision, and his surrealist film about consciousness titled Bananas.

“After graduating and spending a few years in the creative industry, I decided I needed my own space online if I wanted to progress as an artist and freelance creative. Inspired by the full bleed imagery spreading across the web, X&XYZ is an online portfolio with the intent of generating interest in my work both for future collaborations and freelance projects.

I chose to run with a .xyz domain because dot coms are over saturated and it appears to me to be one of the easiest alternatives to say out loud, and to remember. As an added bonus it has great connotations referencing ‘extra content or variables’ and directly relates to the kind of work I do – CG in three dimensions X, Y and Z. I chose Gandi to host my domain as I really like their ‘no bullsh*t’ policy.’”
Xander Marritt, Creator of

Creative individuals need the space to express themselves, and that’s exactly what Xander gets with his .xyz domain. In addition to being able to get his first name as his domain, he was also able to get the Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest handles he wanted. And, even better, they incorporate his domain name right in his handle (Xandxyz), which helps him spread awareness about his site anywhere he posts right through his username. Want to bring your personality, work, and creativity to a global audience like Xander? Secure your own .xyz domain today and reach a global audience with the domain that’s as open and flexible as your ideas.

Dimension4.xyzKeySystems customer (Belguim)

If you’ve ever attended a conference or exhibiting event, you know the crucial role that your company’s swag plays in bringing over potential customers. And, to really succeed in bringing people to your booth, you need to have something both eye-catching and out of the norm. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday gives you that and more with their customizable 3D printing service: is a 3D printing company that is unique because it’s not a standalone printing service, but rather allows you to design what you want to be printed using their intuitive platform, and then connects you to a global network of 3D printing service bureaus that will make exactly what you asked for. This service helps both the companies receiving the customized products, as they get a truly unique promotional item, and the 3D print manufacturers, as they get a highly specific list of client needs to ensure their customers end up satisfied.’s system also provides customers buying 3D printed products countless options to create and customize, meaning the only limit is their imagination. Their commitment to simplifying the 3D printing process for both customers and 3D printing companies has helped them secure over $62,000 in funding so far.

“At Dimension4, we help e-retailers in successfully adopting 3D printing as a suitable manufacturing technique for the mass customization of consumer products. That way, consumers can not only personalize products with photos or colours, but have control over shape, material and inscriptions as well. With our software, we automate and optimize the ordering of the 3D printed products, ensuring manageability and affordability for a large customer base.

We chose to use a .xyz domain because 3D printing is a three dimensional technology. For us, xyz, refers to the three axes in 3D space: x, y and z.”
– Nikolas Taillieu, Founder of

When you have a cutting-edge idea like, you need your domain to match your vision. Dimension4 was able to brand on a domain that not only aligns perfectly with their company mission, but also helps them connect with clients around the world. If you want to see more of, check them out on Twitter and Vimeo. To see more great .xyz end users, follow @XYZ on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

HYPERLAB.xyzGoDaddy customer (Malaysia)

Nowadays, we expect to have information available any time of day, and right at our fingertips. From our personal relationships with friends and family to our transactional relationships with businesses, we want answers anywhere, anytime. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday understands that demand, and helps businesses use cognitive virtual agents to satisfy their clients needs and keep them coming back;

HYPERLAB is an Artificial Intelligence company based in Kuala Lumpur that has developed cognitive virtual agent services to help businesses improve their customer service, advertising, and international business systems. Today’s research shows the future of business-client interaction is automation, with Gartner recently predicting that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human. With this in mind, HYPERLAB designed their A.I. to do anything human customer service employees do, from answering questions about health insurance plans, to planning your digital media advertising, and even fielding prospective clients’ questions as part of an interactive banner ad. Plus with industry leaders like Hong Leong Bank, MindShare, and more trusting in HYPERLAB’s platform, it just makes sense for businesses to get their own HYPERLAB cognitive virtual agent service.

“As we witnessed customer experiences evolve from traditional channels, to digital and social media, we also found that customers have come to expect realtime support and services from businesses who struggle to scale and deliver this effectively. HYPERLAB was born to help solve these challenges for large enterprises in Southeast Asia.

Our ultimate goal is to be the #1 Natural Language Understanding layer between humans and machines, bridging customers to enterprise knowledge in Southeast Asia. We chose to stand out and highlight our natural language processing strengths. Our registrar GoDaddy makes it easy to search, select and purchase the best domain(s) for our business.”
– Chris Greenough, CMO & Co-Founder of HYPERLAB

After securing $500,000 in funding last April, HYPERLAB recently had their work recognized by PlaTCOM Ventures, who awarded HYPERLAB a concept to commercialisation grant. PlaTCOM offers grants up to up to $283,000. HYPERLAB’s forward thinking technology and proven track record of success has set them up already as a major player in South East Asia’s startup scene, and thanks to their global .xyz domain their services can reach clients around the world. Inspired by HYPERLAB to start turning your great idea into a reality? Get today!

BostonSeaport.xyzNetwork Solutions customer (United States)

Nestled across from Boston’s historic waterfront lies a small neighborhood known as Boston Seaport, and it’s going through a big change. As the neighborhood develops and welcomes more new residents, it chooses to connect them all together through this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, is the portal uniting the neighborhood’s restaurants, cultural institutions, event spaces, and residents. Run by WS Development, a Massachusetts-based property developer dedicated to creating people-centric spaces, ties the community together through its constantly updating map of the area and calendar of events. All aspects – from activities and events, to food, tourism, and transportation – have their place on Just as the neighborhood has become a premier destination for Bostonians and travellers alike, has become the go-to domain for all things relating to the neighborhood. is the perfect example of an organization using a .xyz domain to bring people together. Location specific domains, particularly ones relating to big cities, are often difficult to obtain, but was able to get their exact choice. If you want to learn more about, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And be sure to follow @xyz on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more great .xyz use cases.