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ADD.xyzNamecheap customer – (United Kingdom)

Innovative decentralized finance platforms and blockchain-focused end users continue to populate the .xyz community as cryptocurrency usage continues to gain popularity. There are over 5,000 cryptocurrencies as of July 2021, which is a considerable increase from 66 in 2013. Cryptocurrency transactions are often promoted as being private and anonymous. There is still some debate about the security of cryptocurrencies and whether hackers can too easily target them. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a privacy-focused decentralized finance aggregator that has assembled an all-star team of related products and digital solutions for use together, all on one secure platform: is a London-based full-stack decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator that delivers a wide variety of decentralized finance products and related solutions all on one platform. A DeFi aggregator like is a platform that leverages multiple different decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and performs various buying and selling strategies to help users maximize their earnings. As explained on their About Us page, focuses on user experience, design, privacy and anonymity. 

The newest development on is their recent release of the third version of their decentralized lending aggregator platform, called +Earn. With +Earn, users can deposit cryptocurrency and earn interest from several platforms such as a decentralized money market that helps users lend and borrow a range of crypto assets, and another service that helps users optimize their earnings on crypto assets through lending and trading. In an interview, founder Arnie Hill claimed that “ADD’s +Earn lending platform is the only platform that allows users to seamlessly encrypt their ERC-20 transactions with ZK-snarks, interact with aggregated governance, and much more. We’re different from other yield aggregators because of the value we place on being privacy-focused and accessible to all with zero fees.”

The ecosystem contains several decentralized applications (also called dApps), each of which provides the user with one powerful feature of the DeFi system. Some of these dApps are: 

  • ADD Lending, which provides users with access to loans through its integration with all the major DeFi lending protocols.
  • ADD Privacy, which uses several levels of security to keep users safe, anonymous and secure.
  • ADD Africa Mobile Lending, which provides credit facilities through one of their partners. 
  • ADD Privacy, which users can use to access ADD’s Native Mixer and Blender (styled as BL3ND3R), for anonymous and fully untraceable transactions. 
  • ADD Mobile App, which provides users the ability to monitor their portfolio, lend assets, check the news, and access other services on their device.

The Connect Wallet feature of the platform aims to reduce transaction costs for deposits by 90%. Instead of sending funds from their wallets to the platform (which would accrue transaction fees), all users need to do is connect their Metamask or Ledger wallets to Once their wallet is connected, a user can make deposits and withdrawals swiftly and at a much lower rate. The platform also prides itself on having a very smooth and simple user interface to make navigation easy. 

As our features of blockchain-focused .xyz community members have reinforced, the .xyz community is rich with innovative forward thinkers ready to embrace the future. We are happy to welcome and their efforts to make the world of decentralized finance a bit more accessible. The project’s 11K Twitter followers also seem to be excited about their efforts. Some followers are sharing their excitement by promoting infographics and testimonials about the ADD platform. To learn of the platform’s latest updates, follow them on Twitter or visit

FlamingoDAO.xyzGoogle customer – (United States)

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles that can become a valuable and sought-after investment. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) are being created to “crowdsource” the funds necessary for ultra-rare NFTs. DAOs are designed to automate decisions and facilitate cryptocurrency transactions. When used as an investment platform, investors can collaborate on investments by sending money directly to the DAO. Investors can get tokens in return, allowing them voting rights on possible projects. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a DAO that has developed a community of NFT enthusiasts and investors, and created a platform for investing in ownable, blockchain-based assets: is an NFT-focused DAO project that has built a community of approximately 40 NFT enthusiasts and accredited investors, and nearly 4,800 ETH in pooled capital (as of June 2021). It aims to create a channel for its members to collectively explore and evaluate the investment opportunities surrounding ownable, blockchain-based assets. These investment opportunities include various new forms of digital art, collectibles, and in-game items. One of the collective’s most notable purchases of 2021 was a punk rock style digital art piece NFT – known as a “Cryptopunk” – for 605 ETH, that is now worth over $1M in less than six months. The purchase was the collective’s most expensive purchase, which they added to their collection of 215 Cryptopunk NFTs. As stated on their website, “ Any purchased NFTs can be lent, held, displayed in a digital art gallery, or used as collateral in other DeFi platforms. The direction is up to the Members.” Their collection also includes five rare Autoglyphs, unique NFTs by digital artists known as Larva Labs created by code running on the Ethereum blockchain. Recently, consigned an Autoglyph from their collection to Sotheby’s, making them the first DAO to consign a piece of work to a major auction house.

Profits from any sale of’s NFTs are proportionally allocated to the members based on their investment amounts. NFT-enthusiasts interested in becoming a member, known as “medicis of NFTs,” must complete a special accreditation process. The process consists of varied financial service guidelines tests, and can take a couple of days to complete. The DAO, launched in October 2020, has set a cap on its community at 100 members in an effort to comply with U.S. securities law and to prevent any one party from controlling a disproportionate amount of assets.

Every member has a say in the activities, decisions, strategies and direction of the community through the power of votes via the Flamingo dApp, or decentralized application, which is a computer application that runs on a distributed computing system. The power of a member’s vote is directly proportional to the volume of ownership units (Flamingo Units) they possess. Members can purchase Flamingo Units in blocks of 100,000 units which are worth 60 ETH each. One block of Flamingo Units grants the member 1% voting rights in the community and the rights to receive 1% of the proceeds from the community’s investments. members also have the opportunity to invest directly into a software company or platform. The community’s investments include:

  • Series A funding for OpenSea: a peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens.
  • Series A funding for Upshot: a blockchain-based protocol that encourages experts to answer subjective questions honestly.
  • Pre-seed funding for Anima: an app for developing ultra-visual photo and video.
  • Seed funding for Yield Guide Game: a pool of 2,500 people who believe in the “play-to-earn” model that rewards gamers for playing games.

We are excited to have the innovative as a member of the .xyz community, demonstrating once again that .xyz is home to forward-thinkers utilizing the latest in technology. You can learn more about by following them on Twitter or by visiting

Launchpool.xyzGoDaddy customer – (United Kingdom)

With any new technology, such as blockchain technology, there is the opportunity for entrepreneurs to create new products and services that can lead to exciting investment opportunities. Investment opportunities can often be monopolized by large investment funds. When a large community of cryptocurrency industry participants pool their resources together, they can make larger investments and share the profits. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an investment platform that has amassed a considerable online community and promotes fair, egalitarian investing for all: is a London-based cryptocurrency investment platform that operates under an egalitarian investing philosophy. As highlighted on their homepage, they believe that “all project stakeholders are as important as each other,” and aim to connect investment funds and communities to work in tandem towards the same goals. They host investment projects and offer valuable exposure to their growing community, who combine their knowledge and pool their resources. Backed by industry leaders such as Alphabit, FBG, and Fomocraft Ventures, was the official sponsor of DeFi Summit’s first Global Virtual Conference, where they hosted a day-long event for startups to pitch their ideas to the DeFi community.

All community members of get equal access to investment opportunities. They can purchase and use Launchpool’s token, known as $LPOOL, to register their proportional interest in the projects. There is a limited supply of 10,000,000 tokens, Launchpool explains, and the token holders can access a corresponding portion of the project profits. All members are incentivized with the same terms offered to early investors. They clarify that this is how community members are able to obtain the tokens at the same price as large cryptocurrency investment funds. The investment projects on are pre-IDO, which helps individual investors participate at an equitable rate. An IDO, or Initial DEX (decentralized exchange) Offering, refers to a cryptocurrency project conducting fundraising by launching a cryptocurrency coin or token. Private investors who can invest millions of dollars into one project are typically the first backers of an IDO project. Pre-IDO, however, refers to token offerings that occur before the IDO takes place, which helps individual and smaller investors gain that equal access. benefits project hosts by putting them in front of a large and active community of investors, including over 21,000 Twitter followers. On their Benefits page, they list additional opportunities for projects such as promotion through association with some of the industry’s most recognizable names, the ability to leverage contacts and industry know-how of successful funds in the sector, a diverse customer base, and capital.

We are proud to have in the .xyz community. The idea of egalitarian investment opportunities for their members seems to have generated successful project launches, and we are eager to see what unfolds. You can learn more by following them on Twitter @LaunchPoolXYZ, LinkedIn @LaunchpoolXYZ, or by visiting

Monolith.xyzCloudflare customer – (United Kingdom)

The .xyz community has been growing with decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, cryptocurrency tools, and other innovative uses of blockchain technology. We’ve decided to dedicate this entire month of #WebsiteWednesday posts to spotlight ground-breaking blockchain mavericks of the .xyz community. This week, we’ll introduce you to an Ethereum based cryptocurrency wallet that is making it easier for users to buy, store, and spend their cryptocurrency in the real world: is a London-based cryptocurrency wallet and accompanying Visa debit card, designed for easy spending of crypto assets. Crypto users rely on digital DeFi wallets to safely store their funds. users can store most common ERC-20 tokens, like ETH, in the Monolith wallet. The ERC-20 (Ethereum Request for Comments 20) is a Token Standard that implements an application programming interface (API) for tokens within Smart Contracts. In 2018, worked to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and the European Economic Area (EEA), Europe’s traditional financial market. They became one of the first wallets in the DeFi economy to offer customers a debit card, which can be used to convert their crypto to British Pounds/Euros to be spent on standard transactions like paying bills, grocery shopping, and cash withdrawals. Last year, increased their services further by implementing the ability for users to buy ETH directly in-app. This means that anyone with a account can buy, store, and spend ETH cryptocurrency.

The Monolith TKN, created by, has the economic purpose of giving community members an opportunity to share in the success of the Monolith. When users opt to purchase tokens other than TKN, they incur a small 1% fee, which is added into Monolith’s TKN Community Chest in the form of ETH tokens. At any time, users who hold TKNs can exchange them for a proportionate amount of the ETH tokens stored in the Community Chest. They can also exchange their Ethereum-based tokens to fiat and load them onto their Monolith Visa debit card, to be spent how they choose. was founded in 2016 by Dutch entrepreneur and investor, Mel Gelderman. In 2018, he was named one of Business Insider’s UK Fintech 35 under 35, which spotlights the 35 most exciting young entrepreneurs, engineers, and advisors in UK fintech. On his LinkedIn page, he shares the vision behind He references 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the sighting of the Monolith. He writes “We believe that Ethereum is the real life analogue to Kubrick’s Monolith, holding the same paradigm shifting potential.” He also shares his aim for to unravel the power held by Ethereum and to offer “credible bank replacement for 700 million Europeans.”’s newest team member is no stranger to innovation. Entrepreneur Mike Harris, known for launching UK’s first 24/7 telephone banking option First Direct Bank in 1989, as well as several other successful businesses, was recruited as Chairman earlier this year to help guide the start-up’s strategy in preparing for mass adoption.

We are inspired by the forward thinking demonstrated by Mel Gelderman to develop the innovative services provided by This groundbreaking crypto banking option further demonstrates that the .xyz community is home to the innovators and pioneers of tomorrow. We are excited to watch continue to revolutionize decentralized finance on their .xyz. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter or by visiting

ChristopherKerr.xyzSquarespace customer – (Canada)

The .xyz community consists of many professionals at various stages of their careers using .xyz to promote their work. Prior Amazon leader and PhD in Digital Economy Juan José Delgado uses to showcase his skills in marketing strategy. Award-winning independent journalist and Vogue writer Melissa Hung uses to share her vast array of writing projects, like her San Francisco Chronicle and NBC News features. Versatile creative Leighton Gray uses to highlight her variety of gaming, illustration, and podcast projects. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to yet another accomplished professional that shares his extensive experience on a personal website with a memorable .xyz domain: is the online portfolio of Toronto-based digital artist Christopher Kerr. His nearly two decades of professional experience include work on blockbuster movies like The Hunger Games and The Greatest Showman. In his current role as a compositor at SOHO VFX, a boutique film and television visual effects studio, he has been part of cinematic television productions like Game of Thrones and popular action films like Bad Boys for Life.

As a compositor, Christopher skillfully combines two or more images to make the appearance of a single picture. When compositing is performed well, the added imagery appears to naturally belong in the same space. In the film and video design world, familiar terms like “green screen” indicate the process of compositing. An actor may film their sequence in front of a green screen, and then background imagery is digitally manipulated and added later in place of the green background. To illustrate, in the film Goosebumps, Christopher created the illusion of a large and vicious werewolf chasing down the film’s stars in the frozen food aisle of a grocery store.‘s homepage features a visually striking mountainscape image with an inviting play button to visit his professional demo reel packed with shots from Christopher’s collection of projects, including scenes from Logan, The Shallows, and Watchmen. For more information about each shot, he includes a link to a Shot Breakdown. This document contains specific details about each shot, like which digital tools and techniques he applied. This kind of information can be valuable to movie fans and industry professionals alike. Fans can better understand movie magic, while industry professionals can assess Christopher’s skills for future employment opportunities. An eye-catching contact button makes it very easy to reach out to Christopher to hire him for a project. Christopher links to his resume as well as his IMDB page, a website for film information, for access to his comprehensive professional credits.

Christopher displays his domain and his branded email address on his resume and shot breakdown, and also on the opening and closing shots of his demo reel. Using a domain like can make it easier for his clients to find him online. When looking him up, they are likely to search for his full name. With a professional website using a domain name that matches his full name, it’s more likely that his professional work will show up in relevant results. In addition, there is a great benefit to a branded email address like [email protected] Much of his work-related communication will probably be conducted over email, so it’s key to use a custom email address in order to appear professional and generate trust. When you have an email address directly associated with your domain name, customers can use that professional email address to find your website and have trust that they’re reaching out to the appropriate individual.You can find your and get your custom email address when you register your .xyz domain.

We are excited that Christopher was able to get his and we love what he’s done with it. You can see more of Christopher’s exciting work by visiting or checking out his IMDB page. GoDaddy customer (United Kingdom)

The .xyz community is home to many mission-driven and globally conscious changemakers. Non-profit organization works to empower young women to become leaders in the historically male-dominated STEM fields by sharing inspiring stories of women of color and their accomplishments. Tech designer co-founded the Philippines chapter of Effective Altruism, an organization that uses evidence and reasoning to determine the best ways to help others. was founded by young Nigerian lawyer Chude Jideonwo to support better education, develop healthier psychology, and generate impactful social movements in Africa. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an organization composed of Generation Z leaders aiming to preserve our natural resources by motivating and empowering the next generation to turn their climate concerns into action:

London-based is a non-profit startup organization created and led by members of Generation Z. Or, as Operations Director Phoebe Hanson writes on her Linkedin profile, “a youth-led start-up empowering Gen Z to step up, rather than shut down, in the face of the climate crisis.” They are dedicated to helping fellow young people realize their change-making potential in the face of climate change. Founded in 2019, the organization works to accomplish this goal by leading student programs, speaking at schools and universities, and creating curriculum and supporting resources for educators. has a Resources link where students and educators can acquire helpful materials. For teachers, offers continuing professional development in the form of training sessions to help educators respond ethically to climate change concerns, navigate difficult conversations, and create spaces that promote wellbeing. For students, offers programming intended to foster change by uncovering their interests as aspiring activists. The course aims to clarify what students need to be effective as change-makers. was founded at age 19 by an extraordinary climate activist and researcher named Clover Hogan. Clover has been dedicated to saving the environment for the past decade. She launched the Force of Nature podcast, a nine-episode series highlighting inspirational grass roots climate activists that can be streamed from the website. She has even appeared on a TEDxLondon podcast to converse about the climate crisis. Clover was a panelist at last year’s Athens Democracy Forum, an event in association with The New York Times, where she discussed the importance of climate change as a global event with a global impact. She serves as a trustee to the Global Action Plan, and is on the advisory boards of the National Community Lottery’s Climate Action Fund, the Teach the Future campaign, and the COP26 President-Designate Civil Society and Youth Advisory Council. Clover’s most recent focus has been on the rise of climate anxiety (or eco anxiety), which is a fear that the current system is pushing our planet beyond its ecological limits. Clover and the topic of climate anxiety has been the center of an article in a February 2020 issue of The Guardian. intentionally utilizes the .xyz domain ending in their name to help further their message. Clover pointed us towards a particular Instagram post regarding inter-generational change which states: “Young people today are not the first to fight for change, and we will not be the last. To effectively solve for climate change, we must collaborate across generations. That’s why Force of Nature is launching our Intergen Services – working with leaders across business, education & policy to deliver climate solutions that champion the values & visions of a generation.” chose a fitting domain name paired with the meaningful .xyz domain ending to help further their message promoting inter-generational change.

We’re inspired to have, armed with their powerful and meaningful domain name, in the .xyz community. Their interest in educating and inspiring our future leaders makes us proud. You can follow them on Linkedin, Instagram at, and Twitter at @fon_xyz, or head over to to learn more.

Mirror.xyzNamecheap customer – (United States)

Crypto enthusiasts are responding to Ethereum compatible .xyz domains and are using them to launch innovative ideas. Decentralized finance platform aims to get crypto traders the best rates on currency exchanges. Crypto art curator created a blockchain art gallery. Finance app aims to help financial investors trade stock market derivatives on the blockchain network. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a unique publishing platform that leverages blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies for writers to distribute and monetize their work: is a decentralized blockchain and crypto-based publishing platform that aims to connect creators directly with their audience. At less than a year old, the platform has received an outstanding investment at a $100 million valuation from Union Square Ventures. The benefits of blockchain technology, like that used by the platform, include a permanent and fixed record (digital ledger) of transactions that cannot be retroactively changed. The mission of the platform is that it “revolutionizes the way we express, share and monetize our thoughts.” Their goal seems to be to provide a way for writers to confidently and safely publish their work, and maintain control of the digital rights. is built on Ethereum. You must possess a certain token to publish, and essays are tokens themselves. Publishers can crowdfund their future projects, where backers own shares of the project’s final value. When they publish their piece, a non-fungible token (NFT) is created of the original work, which can be sold. All transactions are paid for with Ether (ETH) cryptocurrency.

John Palmer, a writer and product designer, was the first member to crowdfund his writing on He used his membership to create a fixed supply of crypto tokens called $ESSAY. Anyone with an Ethereum wallet could buy in. Once crowdfunded, the essay entitled “Scissor Labels” was minted as an NFT and sold through an online auction house. He raised 9.98 ETH (approximately $24,000 as of June 2021) from his investors. The funds from the investors influence the value of the $ESSAY contract, so the value of each investor’s $ESSAY stake grew in proportion to the total value of the contract. Similarly, author Emily Segal used to crowdfund her upcoming novel, “Burn Alpha.” Naming her tokens $NOVEL, Emily raised 25 ETH (approximately $64,000 as of June 2021) directly from readers as investors, as an alternative to securing an advance from a publisher. Her investors all have partial ownership in a first edition NFT that could pay off indefinitely, as the text can be resold and can continue to accrue value. is initially allowing its members the ability to control the quality and development of the community through a weekly writing challenge as a growth experiment. Interested writers must enter a weekly contest called “$Write Race” to be allowed entry to the platform’s community. Each week, existing community members vote on 10 people to reward with a $WRITE crypto token, which is needed to become part of the community of self-publishers and allows you a custom subdomain for your own publication. This invitation process develops community investment, as members are directly involved in the quality and growth of their community.

Their homepage states: “Joining Mirror does not only make you a community member. It makes you a co-owner of the platform. As a result, our platform is a sum of our contributors.” The founder of, Denis Nazarov, is no stranger to innovative tech ideas. He was a former partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, known for making investments in technologies such as Skype and Twitter.

We are so excited by the crypto pioneers in the .xyz community. We’ve been long-time supporters of blockchain technology. Your .xyz domain can already help you manage your assets more easily, as the first domain that you can use as a handle for your Ethereum wallet. We are happy to welcome, a new platform for writers to reach their audience, publish their work, and earn money from their stories. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter or by visiting

PlantsAnimals.xyzGoDaddy customer – (United States)

Your e-commerce website is a place where you can highlight the mission of your business and educate your customers. There are no limits to what you can share, including your hopes for improving industries with proper considerations of environmental, social, and economic factors. Many members of the .xyz community promote sustainable practices in their fields. Healthcare platform uses the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to guide their team. International architecture firm approaches every new project with a focus on sustainability, including their low-carbon website design. And designer is working to cultivate an inclusive and sustainable gaming industry. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday uses their e-commerce shop to help spread the word about organic and biodynamic natural wine production: is an e-commerce and delivery service specializing in natural wines, limited release beers, and specialty coffee beans for customers in the Seattle, WA area. Visitors of can enjoy the same feeling they have while shopping at their favorite specialty shop. You can peruse the natural wines by style, region, and distributor, and read product descriptions and suggested food pairings, almost as if you were receiving an in-store personalized overview of the product. describes Meinklang’s Prosa Rosé Frizzante as a lightly sparkling Pinot Noir with a hint of ripeness on the palate that pairs nicely with sushi, while their favorite red wine option, Ampeleia Unilitro, is perfect for pizza night or pasta with tomato-based sauces. You can also select a bottle from their well-curated collections such as Women in Wine, a grouping of wines produced by women winemakers.

Learn about natural winemaking and why deems it so important on the What is Natural Wine? page. The page explains that natural wines are farmed organically, with the least possible use of chemicals or additives. Natural wine is a seasonal agricultural product that reflects the place and conditions where it was grown. Because there may be varying standards for what classifies a wine as natural, the wines available on the website meet specific criteria developed by the shop owners. For a better understanding, customers can review the list of criteria on the same page. highlights the importance that natural winemaking plays in their hopes for a more sustainable wine industry. They express their goal of supporting “those who are working toward making fully natural wines and to tip the needle in favor of more organic and biodynamic wine production, more open wine ingredient publishing, less intervention in the cellar, and farming practices that are both sustainable and equitable.” is a small business that amplifies their mission and beliefs with their e-commerce website. They reflect the unique .xyz in their name on their consistently branded Facebook (@Plants & Animals .XYZ ) and Instagram ( handles, which makes them easier to find in a search and extends their brand recognition. promotes their wine selection by regularly highlighting unique products with colorful imagery and engaging information on these platforms, which can drive traffic back to their website. Learn more about natural winemaking and all of the specialty offerings by visiting

Pronouny.xyzCloudflare customer – (United States)

As Pride Month commences we continue to celebrate the inspiring LGTBQ+ members of the .xyz community. These include cultural producers like, who provides a global platform for artists from the LGBTQ+ and East African communities. And designers like, who envisions a sustainable games industry that welcomes and supports people of all historically marginalized communities. And we have skilled creatives like, an architecture student who writes features about social infrastructure and inclusive space. These LGTBQ+ members help define our community with their inspired creativity and innovation. Today we share about another innovative member, one who has taken great strides towards the challenge for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies to navigate the still-evolving communication practices around using and sharing personal pronouns. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a forward-thinking platform helping to make the world of personal pronouns and gender-neutral language more accessible to everyone: is a free software platform designed to simplify and promote the practice of sharing personal pronouns and gender-neutral language. It was developed in 2016 by noa, a computer science student at the University of British Columbia, with ongoing updates as recently as March 2021. serves LGBTQ+ people and their allies, helping to normalize the usage of pronouns, minimizing stigma, and lessen the need for an explanation of an individual’s identity or changes therein.

Members create an account on, and then design their profile page to specify their preferred names, gender language, and personal pronouns. They then have the option to invite their friends and social media communities to visit and follow their page, which can be shared directly to Facebook and Twitter, or through the use of a personalized link. One page creator shared their link on Twitter with the message: “I have so many pronouns now – I’m probably gonna add even more as I find more that I like but here are my updated pronouns.” Another shared: “Hey! Welcome to my safe space <3.” Of course, not everyone is equally comfortable sharing information about themselves. To address privacy and safety concerns, members can designate their pages as public or keep them private. They can make revisions to this and all aspects of their page at any time.

The collection of pronouns on includes the growing class of neopronouns, defined as pronouns that do not align with a person’s physical appearance or gender-based name. A 2021 article in the New York Times about the growing use of neopronouns showcased‘s feature of accommodating members with the freedom to use a collection of personal pronouns or neopronouns, as opposed to just one set. Page creators are further able to express themselves by specifying their own customizable options or by choosing from hundreds of preloaded sets.

We found a page creator whose page features 13 preferred pronouns divided into two categories: “Favorites,” such as star/star/stars/stars/starself, and “Others,” such as “it/it/its/its/itself.” Each pronoun selection is clickable, and takes visitors to a page of usage examples for better understanding. In this way, serves as a reference resource for the greater ally community. On the “Names” tab, members can indicate their welcomed names. That same user provided the options “JoJo, Narancia/Nara, Langa, Gon, Josuke.”

On the “Nouns” tab, members can further indicate gender-language preferences by listing particular nouns that are permissible to use, and any they may find to be triggering or offensive. We found a user who indicates a preference for masculine language to be used with him, including “boyfriend, sir, bro, husband, partner, and any masc compliment.” He writes: “I missed some good nouns but just don’t call me anything feminine and I’ll be fine with it unless stated otherwise.” If these selections don’t align with assumptions you might make about this member’s physical appearance or name, the clarification provided by his page does the explaining for him.

We are grateful to for this powerful contribution aimed to normalize the usage of pronouns and respectful, inclusive language. We wish everyone a safe, celebratory, and happy Pride Month. Head over to to learn more or create your own page, and as long as you feel safe doing so, don’t hesitate to express yourself.

At XYZ, we’re dedicated to helping the next generation of internet users get online. As long-time supporters of Generation Girl, a non-profit organization in Indonesia that aims to inspire young women to become leaders in the historically male-dominated STEM fields, we’re enthusiastic about providing .xyz domains to help further education in tech for growing groups such as woman-identified developers and website owners.

To help us further this mission of providing resources for education, we recently completed an initiative called the XYZ Grad Program. Together with our partner Dynadot, we provided free domains and hosting to students and recent graduates looking to make their marks online. Various educational programs, including HackBright Academy, JavaScript Mastery, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Impact Byte Coding Camp, and more, were the recipients. Our goal with offering a complimentary .xyz for one year was to empower these job seekers by giving them tools to build their online presence. Recipients had the opportunity to begin securing their brands, demonstrate their skills and experiences online, and get noticed by employers, clients, and collaborators.

This week’s #WebsiteWednesday highlights the standout XYZ Grad Program recipients whose websites can serve as an inspiration for establishing you or your organization online.

Three mission-driven teens share inspiring WOC (women of color) stories with

GenZGirls.xyzDynadot customer – (United States) is the online home of Gen Z Girls, a non-profit organization that sheds light on the underrepresented population of young women of color, particularly those pursuing and achieving feats in activism and STEM. use their website and social media to seek out unheard stories from young, inspiring WOC. They collect these stories in small batches and release them on in waves. In sharing the stories and bios about these changemakers, hope that young women in underserved communities everywhere may gain true role models and aspire to great things.

This mission-driven organization is the brainchild of four ambitious teenagers who have taken their ideas for increased representation of POC and turned them into action. Akhila Boda, Layla Hussein, Meghana Boda, and Rachel Yuan met while participating in Kode With Klossy, a coding camp for teenaged women and non-binary individuals founded by Karlie Kloss. “Our final project idea was a website that would share stories of inspirational girls from all around the world, especially in marginalized communities,” Rachel explains. “We felt so inspired by each other and the girls in the Kode With Klossy community and we wanted to somehow allow other girls from around the world to feel inspired and empowered. Most girls look up to big celebrities, but it is hard to find role models that achieve real, tangible change within their respective communities. As a result, we have developed a model of storytellers who share their stories and are able to inspire young girls all around the world.’s on-brand .xyz domain will house their growing collection of inspiring stories and allow them to expand their community of role models for young women nationwide. And it can help them attract new members and subscribers through their subscribe link, increasing the reach of their message. You can connect further with on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Accomplished web developer displays programming projects with

Sintatr.xyzDynadot customer – (Indonesia)

Sinta Tri Astuti, a javascript web developer in Indonesia, displays her skill set and programming achievements on Sinta graduated from SMAN 1 Grobogan School in the summer of 2020. She then participated in the Impact Byte Coding Bootcamp, where she and fellow bootcampers learned to code their own apps and trained to become professional full-stack developers.

Sinta uses her website to share her resume and demos of her development projects. One example of her development projects is, a dashboard web application for task administration and management. When deployed, invites customers to sign up for an account and then input their various projects by task name, ID number, and status. With the dashboard, users can access their full list of tasks or use a search bar to access a specific task by name. For the design of this website, Sinta used MERN Stack, a Javascript Stack that is used for efficient deployment of full-stack web applications.

Sinta utilizes as a personal portfolio website to demonstrate her skills, foster connections with collaborators, and to welcome connections. She invites interested parties to check out her resume. You can also connect with Sinta on Facebook or Linkedin, or use her contact link to send her a message.

Rising college sophomore promotes academic achievements with

JodySunray.xyzDynadot customer – (United States)

Jody Sunray is another young woman making her software engineering skills known online. Jody attends Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY, and is working towards a double major in Computer Science and Information Technology & Web Science (ITWS). is where Jody shares her interests and academic achievements, and even specifies her current objective: “I am currently looking to obtain an internship or co-op in software engineering or data science during fall 2021 or spring 2022.”

Jody also uses her website to share her programming certifications and coding projects. expresses Jody’s interest in taking part in coding projects that can have an impact. Jody declares on her website, “As a student in computer science, I believe that it’s important to put new skills to practice, and getting involved allows me to do just that—whether it’s through research, hackathons, or personal interest.”

Using a domain like for your personal website can be beneficial, because when people are looking you up online, they are likely to search for your full name. With a professional website using a domain name that matches your full name, you are more likely to have your professional work show up in relevant results. Jody’s personal website sets her up for successfully reaching her goal of making her software engineering skills known online. You can reach out to Jody on Facebook or Linkedin.

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