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Entropy.xyzGoogle Domains customer – (United States)

.XYZ’s blossoming reputation as the domain of choice for crypto and blockchain projects has inspired many remarkably talented individuals to join the movement and launch their ideas on .xyz domains. Facebook Live creator Randi Zuckerberg and venture capital firm M13 founder Debbie Soon developed their community platform designed to embrace and empower all web3 creators on Venture capitalist Kevin Rose hosts his NFT-focused podcast on, which led to the development of his record-breaking NFT collection Moonbirds.xyz1. Accomplished finance professional Alex Slobodnik created web3 chat platform to foster community amongst ENS users, and chose .xyz because “.xyz felt new and fresh, just like web3.” In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, as interviewed by some of our own LGBTQ+ members of the XYZ Team, we’ll introduce you to Tux Pacific, a trailblazing hacker, cryptographer, anarchist, entrepreneur, and member of the transgender community, who raised $25 million to launch an innovative crypto custodian: is the online home of Entropy, a decentralized crypto custodian aiming to revolutionize the way crypto is stored. The Brooklyn, New York-based startup offers services that specialize in creating a decentralized network harnessing advanced threshold cryptography. TechCrunch recently featured founder and CEO Tux Pacific in praise of raising $25 million for Entropy’s seed round led by technology venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz2. Previously, completed a $1.95 million pre-seed raise in January 2022. Learning of‘s momentum and Tux Pacific’s powerful individuality inspired us to reach out to learn more.

.XYZ regularly celebrates our diverse community, and we wanted to take this incredible opportunity to bring visibility to Tux and their experience as a member of the transgender community. Representation matters in so many ways. It can serve as an opportunity for marginalized people to find community support and validation. If there are other members of the transgender community looking to make their way in tech, perhaps getting to know more about Tux can help encourage them. Additionally, exposure through media representation (including this #WebsiteWednesday) can aid in the reduction of stereotypes of marginalized groups, like the LGBTQ+ community. We applaud when someone who has the opportunity to represent their identity group, especially within the field of tech, makes conscious efforts to use their influence to remind others that their communities not only exist, but are doing great things. We are appreciative of Tux for taking the time to speak with us.

XYZ: You recently expressed to TechCrunch that you’re accustomed to forging your own path, and lacked relatable role models while you were growing up. What advice would you offer to a member of the LGBTQ+ community who may feel alone or isolated, but is looking to forge their way in tech?

Tux: Kill your idols. Be so unique that they can’t look away or forget your name. We stand on the shoulders of giants who all carved their own paths in eccentric loneliness. Your eccentricity is what will force you to carve your own path, but it will also attract similar eccentrics who will make that easier.

XYZ: That is powerful. Many people give up safety in order to live their most authentic and eccentric lives, and it can be a bold move to make. Sometimes it is necessary for survival, and sometimes it is born out of the urge to be the change. Did you set out hoping to become that role model that you never had yourself? Or was it an added bonus?

Tux: I don’t really want to be a role model. I’m almost certain that those who may look up to me will find themselves disappointed by many things. I set out with my own personal aspirations and I am seeking to accomplish them. I suggest others do the same with or without my inspiration

XYZ: The term role model is something that can carry additional weight and expectations. Representation is often just as valuable. Simply being visible and sharing information about your own path can make such a difference. We’re grateful that you chose to share more of your story with us! Are you comfortable sharing if you’ve faced any particular pushback as a founder, related to being trans or having they/them pronouns? Speaking of – have you seen

Tux: I have seen Pronouny — it’s a very cool project! The only pushback I’ve received, thankfully, are various bits here and there of transmisogyny. When you’re in a position of power (which so few trans people find themselves in), you will find that the other common inhabitants of power begin to warp their perception of reality to your own in a game of mimicry to either impress or otherwise get something from you. Whether or not they truly believe in your liberation and freedom is a different topic. I would suggest to other trans founders that they try and find similar positions of power to inhabit such that it becomes nonoptimal for folks to give them any “pushback.”

XYZ: For those that are not familiar, the term transmisogyny is a form of discriminmation, harassment, contempt, and other negative experiences directed at and experienced by trans women and transfeminine people. We have listed some resources at the bottom of this post that are tech communities centered around supporting LGBTQ+ groups, which can be of help when combating these experiences. Were you motivated by anyone/anything in particular during the ups and downs of the journey to becoming a founder?

Tux: My biggest inspiration is my favorite poet – an Anarchist from Italy by the name of Renzo Novatore. His poetry has delivered me from the most trying of times. Renzo’s poetry has been so influential that I have taken his name as my own – Tux Novatore Pacific. The words of Bell Hooks (RIP) have also been quite impactful.

XYZ: We learned from the Techcrunch article that you previously worked at cryptography network NuCypher, where you acquired advanced cryptographic techniques. You then applied these techniques to your innovative crypto custodian. Can you tell us how you first became interested in crypto?

Tux: I started off in the hacker space. You know the folks at DEFCON, HOPE, etc. Naturally, I became interested in privacy very young. I got intrigued by encryption and cryptography. Shortly after being hired for my first software engineering gig, I met a sysadmin who happened to have a degree in mathematics. He showed off some cryptography-related math (actually Shannon’s Entropy equation, which I now have tattooed on my wrist) and it was all downhill from there. The obsession began.

XYZ: For some reason, the word “Entropy” is giving us Bill Nye vibes. We know that “Entropy” means a lack of order or predictability – How did you land on that name?

Tux: In cryptography, we require that keys be random (or unpredictable), which we would say “a key is of high entropy” should that be the case. In fact, we can measure the amount of randomness via Shannon’s Entropy equation. I settled on the name Entropy because of the relation of Shannon’s Entropy to threshold cryptography and distributed key generation, and also due to my history with it as my sort of rabbit hole moment with cryptography.

 XYZ: $25M in funding is quite a feat. Was there anything that you did or were exposed to that you felt prepared you to push through the hurdles to get this funding?

Tux: My preseed raise haha. Fundraising is hard, but only in an annoying way. If you have a solid idea, with a solid team, and a solid vision, then the convincing part isn’t difficult – it’s the social, emotional, and logistical parts that are difficult. Having gone through the preseed, I knew what to expect and how to execute better. It definitely prepared me for it. Additionally having a mentor to help guide you through things makes things so much better.

My advice to any other would-be founders is to find a fundraising buddy – someone who is raising money at the same time as you, perhaps in a similar field or even tech. Your fundraising buddy should be willing to help you with some hurdles, and you should be willing to help them with some hurdles. It’s all about cooperation.

XYZ: What factors, if any, contributed to your decision to build on .xyz?

Tux: For whatever reason, crypto has decided that .xyz domains are ours. For us, the .com wasn’t even interesting. I immediately purchased the moment I decided on the name.

Many thanks to Tux for speaking with us, and allowing us this opportunity to learn of their experiences. You can learn more about Tux’s crypto custodian startup by joining the Discord, following the company on Twitter, or by visiting

For additional assistance and support for LGBTQ+ in tech, please consider the following resources:

Lesbians Who Tech & Allies
LGBTQ in Technology
Out in Tech



XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

The diverse .xyz community consists of innovators, dreamers, and makers from different backgrounds, lifestyles, social experiences, races, and religions. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll proudly introduce you to some inspiring websites in the .xyz community that explore and celebrate Black culture.

Artist Gossamer Rozen uses to showcase unique collections of cultural NFT art

Grelysian.xyzSquarespace customer – (United States) is the online home of Gossamer Rozen (a.k.a grelysian), a self-identified transgender, nonbinary, femme, Filipino, and Black fine artist and tattooer. The New York-based artist has been making art primarily to understand their identity and to examine and connect with the world around them. Popular NFT-focused podcast featured Gossamer on the June 2, 2022 episode. In the episode, host and venture capitalist Kevin Rose joins Gossamer for the live minting of Tigerbob, their collection of 1,000 NFTs made from handmade tiger designs.

Gossamer has created culturally-focused NFT projects such as Mrammou, a collection of hand-drawn NFTs in the form of animals, objects, and humans. According to the website’s description, these small drawings, made entirely by hand, are created with colored pencil and ink on paper. They are interpretations of Akan gold weights, which were cast in brass and used as a measuring system for gold dust, the currency used by the Akan people of West Africa for 500 years. Gossamer shares that they were inspired by this tradition, and have been exploring their African heritage and learning about the culture of their ancestors. You can learn more about Gossamer by following them on Twitter and Instagram, listening to their interview, and by visiting

Lifestyle digital platform informs and entertains Miami’s BIPOC community and beyond 

TheCulture.xyzGoDaddy customer – (United States) is the online home of digital lifestyle platform The Culture. The platform is the product of Miami-based media agency Hip Rock Star Advertising, which is aimed at producing forward-thinking content to reach the BIPOC community. Readers can be informed by articles on everything from national and local Miami news, music, fashion, events, and lifestyle.


The Culture shares important national news, such as President Biden’s appointment of Karine Jean-Pierre as press secretary, making her the first Black woman to serve in the role, and local Miami news, such as the announcement of The Juneteenth Experience, a multidisciplinary, immersive performance scheduled to take place at the historic North Beach Bandshell. The informative and entertaining platform also promotes its live-streaming program My Two Cents, which presents news, entertainment “and everything in between for the culture.” You can catch My Two Cents every Friday at 6PM on their YouTube channel. makes it easy to stay up to date via their branded social media. They have chosen matching handles across Twitter @TheCultureXYZ, Instagram @TheCultureXYZ, and Facebook @TheCultureXYZ, which makes them easily discoverable and promotes their website URL right in the handle. You can read more about this helpful technique in our latest XYZ Quarterly. Learn more by visiting

Collaborative NFT project amplifies BIPOC creativity in web3

TheBlackArts.xyzGoogle Domains customer – (United States) is the online home of the Black Arts Project (BAP), a curated NFT project aimed at celebrating and supporting Black creativity in the web3 space. BAP is a collaboration with established and new Black artists in the design, music, and art fields designed to create exclusive and innovative NFT collections that will be used to support Black causes.

The Black Arts Project officially launched on March 1, 2022. The project’s first collaboration is with artist Aurélia Durand, illustrator of the New York Times bestselling book This Book is Anti-Racist. The collaboration features a collection of 10,000 unique generative NFT artworks that will launch’s mission to create an inclusive web3 creative community harnessing the power of the Black Arts. For more information, follow the project on Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram, join the Discord, or visit

Websites such as,, and demonstrate the importance of merging community and culture into tech. We are inspired to showcase these platforms that are paving the way for the next generation.

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ. –  Google Domains customer – (United States)

The .xyz community is home to more and more innovative platforms aimed at making web3 a comfortable space for everyone. Community platform is aimed at developing a more equitable web3. Social networking platform works to connect amateur and experienced crypto investors. NFT-focused podcast provides insightful coverage on web3 developers, new NFT platforms, established creators, and emerging artists. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a San Francisco-based payments processing company aimed at helping developers, creators, and brands accept payment for NFTs using credit cards and cross-chain cryptocurrency: is the online home of Paper, a crypto-focused payments processing company working to address the challenges around the user experience for non-crypto natives in the web3 space. The innovative platform has developed a checkout flow that works with credit cards and supports users without crypto wallets to make buying, using, and holding NFTs easier for everyday customers. Shortly after launching, closed a $7.3 million seed round after a $2 million angel investment, for a total investment of $9.3 million.1 The round was led by VC firms Electric Capital and Initialized Capital with participation from leading video game live streaming service Twitch and event management and ticketing website Eventbrite. aims to use this new capital for hiring, expanding the wallet’s infrastructure and security and making the product usable across more blockchain networks.

The payment platform allows users to create wallets through their email addresses and purchase NFTs with credit cards across the Polygon, Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche blockchain networks to provide non-crypto consumers a “frictionless” bridge for entry into the marketplace. In the future, will roll out a software development kit (SDK) intended to support the capability of brands and developers to build a custom checkout experience. Users will be able to create a branded environment for the Paper wallet so it only displays the NFTs for that brand, as opposed to displaying all the different NFTs you own.

In the past few months, has worked with various bands and artists. In April 2022, helped digital media brand and YouTube collective Yes Theory on a new NFT project aimed to help fund the release of their feature film documentary Iceman.  Fans of electronic music producer, DJ, and musician deadmau5 can mint NFTs from the artist’s head5 collection via was co-founded by James Sun, a former product manager for leading video game live streaming platform Twitch. As James explained to us, “​​We chose to build on .xyz because the domain represents a new wave of web3 companies, and a lot of the great names have not been squatted by individuals/companies who don’t intend on using it to build a great product.”

As more individuals are familiarizing themselves with the web3 landscape, forward-thinkers like James are helping make the venture less intimidating. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter and by visiting


XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

Islands.xyzGoogle Domains customer – (United States)

Innovative blockchain-based platforms with common goals of ushering more people into the web3 space are taking residence in the .xyz community. NFT studio seeks to empower creators and brands as they make their way into the web3 landscape. Web3 platform designs and operates Ethereum-compatible NFT marketplaces, games, and communities. DAO-governed helps artists mint NFTs and launch community-driven NFT universes. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a Los Angeles-based platform aimed at initiating content creators into the world of NFT-focused communities and enhancing the experience of already established web3 citizens: is the online home of web3 startup Islands, launched by fellow Forbes Under 30 list alumni Tiffany Zhong1 and Nikhil Srinivasan2. Tiffany and Nikhil also co-founded marketing agency Zebra Intelligence, designed to help brands understand the interests of Gen Z. Their aim with is to populate web3 with more people, specifically web2-based content creators. works to bridge talent from web2 internet companies, like prominent social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, over to web3’s crypto, NFT, and other creator-focused projects where individuals can take ownership of their content, curation, and commerce. Venture capital firm Seven Seven Six, led by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, invested $3.5 million3 to help launch

Those who are interested in becoming members of can request a user name and provide an email for an invitation as well as the address of a digital wallet to connect while signing up. Once onboarded, members will be able to trade NFTs directly within, create new projects called “Islands” within its Discord server, and mint new NFT projects. They can also share their “Islands” with the communities they create. The platform has built profiles for members to share their online identity with the world, token-gated communities to help find like-minded members, and a storefront to easily buy the NFTs needed to join communities of interest. aims to simplify the community creation process by removing much of the potentially confusing crypto aspect.

Since launching at the end of November 2021, has been steadily building the platform and its available tools with safety, simplicity, and ease of use as top priorities. In May 2022, the platform added links and embeds with rich content previews, as well as enhanced security features. For example, after users click a link on, there is a pop-up message asking to confirm the destination before redirecting. has also revamped their Discord. Members can now access the following useful channels:

  • #announcements – product updates, team news, and upcoming events
  • #townhall – bi-weekly updates from the team
  • #general – discussion about all things web3
  • #intros – where members can introduce themselves and greet other members

We are inspired by Tiffany and Nikhil’s aim to help bring web2 talent over to web3. Much like .xyz gives the next generation of internet users the opportunity to brand themselves on a global domain, seeks to empower people to create culture and community in their own corner of the web3 landscape. It’s a great fit. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter @IslandsXYZ, joining the Discord, and visiting


XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

This Pride Month, XYZ is highlighting our inspiring LGTBQ+ members of the .xyz community. Previously, we’ve featured software platform, which is designed to simplify and promote the practice of sharing personal pronouns and gender-neutral language. We introduced you to 3D designer and software instructor Erindale Woodford, who uses to display their design work and online coursework. We showcased multimedia collective, which is aimed at destigmatizing and celebrating our differences. These LGTBQ+ members help define our community with their innovation, creativity, and pride. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll share a few more LGBTQ+ members of the .xyz community whose websites can serve as an inspiration for your own prideful online presence. aims to explore NFT curation with collaborative art project

LongDriveHome.xyzNamecheap customer – (United States) is the online home of a collaborative NFT project aimed at re-centering NFTs to be about making stunning art responsibly. The carbon neutral project is led by AM, a self-proclaimed queer female artist of color who is studying fine arts at Yale University.

As shared on the homepage, is a collaboration between AM and interested participants. AM will illustrate the assets, while participants assemble them into a work of art. The result is aimed to be a community-curated pool of generative artwork that is shaped by its members. Participants will gain a unique urban landscape digital painting NFT that combines “the mundane, extraordinary, and terrifying.” Each piece is intended to be an ode to our urbanized, intimate, colorful, chaotic world. The NFT serves as a certificate of authenticity, and a ticket for holder-exclusive airdrops, physical exhibitions, and early access to future projects. After 10,000 pieces are minted, the marketplace and a DAO-powered leaderboard will commence. The project will culminate in a physical show, and exhibition sales will be dispersed via smart contract.  You can learn more about this innovative NFT project by visiting

Independent zine works to cultivate community through creativity

TrashMag.xyzSquarespace  customer – (United States) is the online home of women and queer-led independent zine Trash Mag, a publication aimed at cultivating community through creativity. The zine has core values such as independence, empathy, vulnerability, community, and representation, which help inform and guide their issues. Each issue features submissions from around the world, including an interview with Madison Sinclair from the Harry Styles and Twilight-focused merch brand, BugGirl200, and an essay on normalizing embarrassing moments, because we all have them. is currently managed by friends Sara Ghassemzadeh and Bergen Flom. Sara is a queer Persian artist and Sociology student living in Pasadena, California, while Bergen is an artist and ad agency creative living in New York City. Together they also design music and gallery events in cities around the United States.

The platform is also home to an online marketplace featuring digital and physical copies of Trash Mag, as well as unique merchandise like earrings, stickers, totes, and T-shirts. uses the branded email address [email protected] to correspond with readers and interested writers, which helps to generate trust. As highlighted in our recent Quarterly Report, when you have an email address directly associated with your domain name, customers can use that email address to find your website and have confidence that they’re reaching out to the appropriate contact. You can learn more by following the zine on Facebook and Instagram, by subscribing on Patreon, or by visiting

Web3 music blog amplifies women and queer artists  – GoDaddy customer – (United States) is a blog dedicated to featuring diverse voices in web3 music. The blog is the passion project of artist, podcaster, and radio show host Celia Inside, who believes “we need more women and/or queer artists, and especially people of color, in web3.” features weekly posts from Celia such as essays and interviews with various web3-focused musicians. Each feature specifies the artist’s pronouns in an effort to normalize pronoun-sharing and help everyone feel comfortable. Recent posts include an interview with musician Carla the Poet, which shares Carla’s musical inspirations and advice for artists entering the web3 landscape, and a feature from Cecilia about how to build community in the emerging web3 music scene.

In addition to establishing herself in web3, Celia hopes can help her  connect with more artists and creators in the space. She also hopes can serve as a bridge for music fans who are new to web3. As Celia explained to us, “.XYZ is the domain of web3, and therefore, of the future! Since we’re a web3 music blog strongly featuring QPOC, joining the .xyz team seemed like the only logical choice for Iridescent Wave!” For more information, follow the blog on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, by subscribing on Patreon, or by visiting

We appreciate our forward-thinking, collaborative, and creative .xyz community members like,, and We wish everyone a safe, celebratory, and happy Pride Month. Please be excellent to each other. 

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

NaN.xyzGoDaddy customer – (Germany)

.XYZ is home to creatives of all kinds, including font creators, typeface designers, and branding specialists. Font foundry helps designers share their work and draw inspiration from fellow creatives. Typography and branding designer William Mulligan uses to display his creative designs. Design director and writer Mark Boulton uses to curate and analyze font design and font usage. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a Germany-based type design practice that takes pride in presenting a collection of self-proclaimed “weird” typefaces for a global audience: is a service-driven type design practice that aims to explore the relationship that type has with technology in an effort to deliver projects with purpose. The Germany-based practice seems to pride themselves on creativity and whimsy, and indicates on their website that they can be found “at the intersection of serious and slaphappy.” has collaborated on typefaces with leading agencies and global brands, including Google and Virgin.

On the Fonts page, showcases 12 retail typefaces available for sale, such as Hyena Sunrise and Hyena Noon. Each of these typefaces features various styles, or thicknesses, ranging from thin to ultra. Delivering on their promise of “weird typefaces,” each offering also features a useful, or at least creative, description of how it can or should be used. Examples include  “This typeface is often misunderstood” and “This typeface is a classic with a soft spot for cleanliness.” offers unique collaborative services, and recommends customized fonts as an original gift idea. They provide creative type services to produce unique and ownable typographic assets that can, as they state, “make your competitors and step-mother jealous.” They welcome interested collaborators to contact them to design never-seen before letter shapes together. The type design practice offers a suite of additional services which include:

  • logotype refinement
  • creation of custom fonts
  • custom cuts of retail fonts
  • creation of full fonts
  • language extension
  • script extensions
  • font production and engineering uses the branded email address [email protected] to correspond with their users, which adds to their professional image and generates trust. When you have an email address directly associated with your domain name, customers can use that email address to find your website and have trust that they’re reaching out to the appropriate representatives. makes it easy for those interested in seeing and utilizing their fonts via their branded social media. They have chosen the handles @nan_xyz on Instagram and @nan_xyz_ on Twitter, which makes them easily discoverable and promotes their website URL right in their social media handle. You can read more about both of these useful techniques in our latest XYZ Quarterly.  Explore the typeface collection by following along on Instagram and Twitter,  or by visiting

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

Relics.xyzGoDaddy customer – (Canada)

Web3 developers continue to use .xyz domains to launch innovative NFT-based projects. Publishing platform helps writers distribute and monetize their minted work.  Decentralized Autonomous Organization project created a platform for members to pool funds for NFT investments. Ethereum-based exploration game is centered around customizable NFT characters within a fantastical new community. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an NFT platform that aims to fast-track the transformation of the music industry: is the online home of record label Monstercat’s debut NFT platform. The electronic dance music-focused label designed the platform for fans to collect and display music collectibles, also called Relics, which include a unique visual and full-length song from Monstercat’s roster of Electronic musicians. With, fans have access to the music of their favorite artists as digital collectibles, which can be traded or used as utilities in the Metaverse. Each Relic has the ability to integrate music in the Metaverse. Once you own a Relic, it has the potential to become your theme song as you travel between worlds, games, and play-to-earn ecosystems. In March 2022, participated in NFT LA, a Web3-focused conference featuring over 250 metaverse pioneers including fellow .xyz community member DJ Steve Aoki (

The Canada-based platform aims to disrupt the music industry by providing a unique artist-focused revenue opportunity as part of their commitment to artists. shares this commitment on their homepage. “The musician and visual artist on every Relic are paid from the primary and secondary sales of their editions. Relics provide an additional revenue stream for creatives, with the sale of one Relic roughly equating to the income that would be earned by a song being streamed one million times on traditional streaming services.”

Relics are full-length songs with an audio and visual feature that is rated based on their performance in traditional media spaces, connecting Web2 with Web3. This evolving trait, known as Gemstone Rarity, changes based on how well the Relic’s original song is performing in the traditional music ecosystem. The Gemstone Rarity ratings use the names Quartz, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, and Onyx. As the song’s performance increases in real-time, so does its rarity. This is a benefit for both the fan and the artist. As a song does well on traditional platforms, the Gemstone Rarity will also increase on its corresponding Relic. Each Relic also includes the license to play the song in Metaverse spaces, like 3D virtual world browser-based platform Decentraland. Future Metaverse partners will be added as the project continues to grow.

Monstercat’s artists are enjoying the benefits of the new platform’s innovation. For the debut of their Beyond the Roadmap series1, which will cover the stories and talents behind the music and designs in the Relics ecosystem, spoke with Michael from Half an Orange to discuss their song Mark Twain2 from the Season 1 collection.  As Michael shared, “Seeing a technology and community like NFTs help musicians find life changing sustainable income streams has been incredible. We think it’s going to bring in a new ‘golden era’ of music.” was developed by Monstercat co-founder and CEO Mike Darlington. With a goal to help make Earth a better place, Monstercat and are committing to a 25x carbon sequestering of each Relic sold. They intend to double this amount and invest into a fund dedicated to the environment. We are inspired by Mike’s forward thinking, which makes him a great fit in the .xyz community. You can learn more by following along on Twitter and joining their Discord, or by visiting


XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

StarTrek.xyzGoDaddy customer – (United States)

The .xyz community is home to many exciting NFT-focused projects. NFT-driven membership community presents members with assorted perks like exclusive access to live concerts. FOX Entertainment’s creates NFT experiences for creators and brands as they make their way into the Web3 landscape. Venture capitalist and influencer Kevin Rose’s NFT-focused podcast led to the development of his members-only NFT collective In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to Paramount Global’s first NFT-focused metaverse experience: is the online home of Star Trek Continuum, Paramount’s experiential NFT marketplace for the first and all future releases of Star Trek NFT launches. Paramount first partnered with Web3 studio Recur to create, a platform aimed to bring the studio’s beloved entertainment entities, brands, and characters to the metaverse. Fans will be able to buy, collect, and trade Recur NFTs as digital collectibles across Paramount’s leading portfolio of brands, including Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, BET, CBS, Showtime, and more. is the first franchise to launch, and includes algorithmically-generated starships from NFT collections known as the Admiral pack and the Captain pack, both of which contain Constitution class starships. Future releases, known as seasons, will involve collecting crewmates and performing missions.

The debut of Star Trek Continuum NFTs, named Season 0, launched on April 9, 2022. The 5,000 starships in the Admiral Pack sold out in just a few minutes. Starships from the Captain Pack sold out shortly after. All 20,000 Star Trek spaceship NFTs sold for $250 each. Continuum NFT holders will gain access to exclusive perks, events, and the expanding content available to the NFTs digitally and in-real life. Fans who weren’t able to get one of the coveted Star Trek Continuum NFTs can visit a secondary market on NFT marketplace OpenSea to find a collection of spaceships there. features a roadmap indicating that this is just the beginning of the NFT franchise. The following collection, Season 01, is due later this year. Fans will be able to collect crew and go on voyages around the galaxy to seek out new planets and earn rewards. Those NFTs are intended to feature characters across the Star Trek universe. Season 0 starship owners will be rewarded with a crew airdrop leading into Season 01, and in Season 02 and 03, fans will be able to use their crew to go on missions in a play-to-earn game. shares that a Nickelodeon Season Zero NFT project is coming soon. Fans will be able to build community, engage with peers, and unlock new, innovative, and interactive experiences. You can learn more and join the Star Trek Continuum voyage by following along on Twitter and by visiting and

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

NftyChat.xyzNamecheap customer – (United States)

XYZ is home to many Web3 platforms launching their community-focused projects on our versatile domains. Social investing network aims to make crypto investments more transparent. DJ Steve Aoiki’s NFT-driven community presents members with assorted perks like exclusive access to live concerts. Community platform helps crypto enthusiasts analyze, understand, and share the happenings in the Ethereum ecosystem. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an innovative communication platform aimed to foster chatting between Web3 friends: is a Web3 platform that raised $1 million in funding to launch the public beta of their new Web3 chat platform. The investment was led by Japanese venture capital firm Archetype Ventures, with additional participation from blockchain startup-focused Coinbase Ventures. helps Ethereum Name Service (ENS)  profile holders connect and chat with each other using their .eth names or .xyz domains claimed in ENS. The service is free, and does not require a password. To start chatting, you just need to connect your MetaMask, Coinbase, or WalletConnect crypto wallet.

A unique feature of the chat platform is that there is no need to create a username. You have to be equipped with your own, specifically from ENS. This way, the platform can ensure that your username will always be 100% decentralized. Once your wallet is connected, offers a clean and intuitive user experience. A helpful FAQ is available for answers to common usage questions as well as a bulletin board for important announcements and updates.  You can choose from a growing list of various channels and chat rooms such as “early supporters,” and “suggestions,” to begin chatting with new friends. Like many social networking platforms, there is an inbox for direct messaging capability. If there’s an ENS user you’d like to connect with, you can search for them by their .eth name. You can even attach a Twitter feed to your profile so you can still follow the action while chatting. And since your profile is based on your ENS profile, it automatically populates and showcases your NFTs and POAPs – a feature it has in common with was co-founded by finance professional Alex Slobodnik, who also serves as CEO. As detailed on the homage, Alex registered a .eth name from ENS in the summer of 2021. Slobo.eth became his Web3 identity, yet there was no place to chat as “slobo.eth.” This inspired him to create As Alex explained to us, “.xyz felt new and fresh, just like web3.”

Just as .xyz has developed to help ENS users share what they want to the world, Alex is helping to foster community amongst ENS users. It’s a great match. is still in beta, but you can “enter the chat” now by connecting your wallet. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter and by visiting

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

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Many mission-driven changemakers are establishing their online homes on .xyz domains. is a program designed to connect early-stage tech startups in Africa to mentors and investors worldwide. was founded by young Nigerian lawyer Chude Jideonwo to support better education, develop healthier psychology, and generate impactful social movements in Africa. is American Society for Deaf Children’s new online app designed to help parents communicate with their deaf children. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a nonprofit organization aimed at activating young changemakers: is the online home of nonprofit organization Kindling. The Bellingham, Washington-based organization works to remind the world that humanity is beautiful, with hopes of transforming cynicism and despair into possibility and action within young, potential changemakers. works towards this goal by providing digital resources that offer aspiring change leaders the clarity, skills, knowledge, and connections they need to build a brighter world. These resources include:

  • Archive of Human Genius – a comprehensive database of humanity’s greatest accomplishments, or “Change Milestones,” documenting human progress and moments of genius from past to present.
  • Teal Pages – an online directory of change leaders, organizations, campaigns, products, and resources for a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future for all. This database aims to provide a constantly growing map of the global network of change, and connects people around the world to the change efforts most relevant to them.
  • Change 101 (Coming Soon) – a forthcoming online curriculum for aspiring change leaders to gain skills, knowledge, and connections to help them develop and implement change.

Visitors can read the latest collected Change Milestones directly on the homepage. Recent articles collected from across the globe include topics such as an Abu Dhabi start-up that invented a sustainable method of fresh water production and a pledge from home furnishings company Williams-Sonoma, Inc. to plant 6 million trees across the U.S., Brazil, India, and Indonesia. Click over to the Archive of Human Genius to browse the collection of nearly 4,000 earlier social change milestones. You can search through this database using assorted filters such as topics, region, and era. You can also submit a milestone you think they’ve missed. There are 7 eras to choose from:

  • Today (2017 C.E. – ???)
  • Post-modernity (1945 – 2016 C.E.)
  • Modernity (1500 – 1945 C.E.)
  • Post-classical (500 – 1500 C.E.)
  • Civilization (3000 B.C.E. – 500 C.E.)
  • Agriculture (10000 – 3000 B.C.E.)
  • Prehistory (250000 – 10000 B.C.E.)

There are over 100 topics to browse, including clean and renewable energy, immigration, and religion. We selected the current Postmodern era, the year 2015, and the topic of Sustainability. presented an article entitled “U.S. Sets Staggering Record with 191% Growth in Solar Power Installations in 2016,”1 which details the nation’s gradual move away from harmful coal power. was founded in 2016 by writer and non-profit management professional Peter Schulte. Peter received his MBA in Sustainable Systems at Pinchot University, where he launched Kindling as an entrepreneurship project. He is also currently an Engagement Lead for The Pacific Institute, an organization focused on solutions to the world’s most pressing water-related challenges. Peter’s upcoming book, titled Humanity is Beautiful, examines humanity’s limiting stories about itself. We asked Peter about his attraction to .xyz. He explained,

“We chose .xyz because not only was it easy to remember, but had a sense of being relevant, exciting, even a bit futuristic. We love it. It feels fresh.”

We are inspired by the passion that Peter has for the world. and the platform’s valuable resources are a fantastic addition to the mission-driven .xyz community. If you are interested in receiving regular updates from, be sure to subscribe to their weekly newsletter. You can learn more by following the organization on LinkedIn and Twitter @kindlingxyz, and by visiting


XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.