.XYZ domains are versatile commodities, capable of being used in all manner of ways. They are the obvious choice for a website, whether it’s your first, or fortieth domain. But there’s more to a URL than a simple web address. Check out some use cases below to see just how useful a .xyz domain can be.

Branded URL shortener

SDInbound.xyzRebrandly customer (United States) has stepped in to offer low-cost or free networking and educational opportunities through seminars, meetups, webinars, and conferences for San Diego’s flourishing professional community. The group is one of San Diego’s largest, and aims to help marketing professionals of all levels continue to learn and grow their skills.

But beyond their website, SD Inbound has employed Rebrandly’s free URL shortening service to keep their .xyz links short, recognizable, and easier to access. This gives their content a cohesive look across their site, blog, social media, and even when linking to partners and affiliates.

Links like…

Become cleaner with a .xyz redirect….

And even links from partners…

Can still be shared on social media with the main redirect.

These are only some of the ways to use .xyz domains for redirects – the only limit is your imagination!

Custom email address customer (United States) is the central source for all things related to Alexander Holtti, the social media superstar. Holtti is most well known for his videos on the platform Vine, which attracted more than 3.5 million followers. Now, you can catch him performing for his 460,000 YouTube subscribers and 390,000 Instagram followers. And if you want to be like Alexander Holtti, you too can get a .xyz domain to use for not just your website, but for your personal email address too.

It’s pretty common for individuals to register either their,, or for their personal websites and portfolios. Our favorite is, because that allows you to create a cool [email protected] email address, like [email protected]. Best of all, you can then create personalized email addresses for your whole family (tip: these make for great stocking stuffers around the holidays)!

Microblogging instances

Mastodon.xyzOVH customer (France)

Our final non-traditional domain use case comes from, a decentralized conversation platform that lets people start their own discussions on their own terms, giving users an unprecedented level of control. If you take a look at, you’ll see that they use .xyz domains for many of their most popular instances!

Instances are core building blocks for Mastodon, allowing the network to stay decentralized and diverse. Mastodon uses .xyz domains as unique server access points so that other people, who wish to create a chat, can use the domain as an address without having to operate all the back-end technology themselves. This means is capable of staying online longer and being accessed easily by people all around the world, giving the network a leg up in areas with limited Internet access or tight policing. Best of all, this unique use of .xyz domains can be copied and employed by anyone who wants to create their own instance!

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

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