Happy belated Halloween, #GenXYZ! We are very excited to make two HUGE announcements. Hold on tight.

First, .xyz Founder Daniel Negari has acquired a new 13,000 square-foot office building in Las Vegas, Nevada, that will serve as our new headquarters. The building, which will be called the XYZHAUS, will employ approximately 100 people to perform marketing, support, legal, and other services for .xyz and .College with the goal of bringing choice, affordability, and innovation to the internet. Check out the exclusive look on Morgan Linton’s blog, Elliot Silver’s writeup on his new site,, and our article in the Las Vegas Sun.

We’re also very happy to announce that .xyz is now officially in Africa! You heard right; Team XYZ has been working diligently with Web4Africa to become the first new domain extension to be carried by the African registrar. You can now visit our new .xyz landing page directly from their homepage, or check out our awesome placement on their domain name page. We’re thrilled to be the first domain extension to have the kind of presence that we do on Web4Africa’s site, and even happier to be partnering with them to bring greater awareness and access to the world. Be sure to check out HumanIPO’s article on the partnership and the original press release here.

And as a bonus, we wanted to share a .xyz family photo in the spirit of Halloween. Be sure to check out our other photos at, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get all our other fun updates.

.xyz Halloween

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