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Developers in the field of artificial intelligence are adopting .xyz domains to share information about their progress and innovations. AI-powered platform aims to empower crypto trading enthusiasts. AI platform explores Ethereum’s potential to increase the usage of machine learning. AI startup is focused on safeguarding humanity from AI-generated fake media and counterfeit NFTs. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to a platform designed to help creators manage and monetize digital assets, including the option of verifying AI-generated assets: is the online home of Capture, a platform designed to help creators turn their digital content into web3 assets. The platform employs blockchain technology and a decentralized web3 camera app for this process. Digital provenance is at the core of Capture’s mission, enhancing the reliability of digital systems by tracking the history of digital assets. This function is especially vital for generative art as it helps in preserving the value, recognizing the creators, and maintaining transparency by documenting each asset’s origin, ownership, and authenticity.  The platform features in-app NFT minting, making assets traceable and verifiable. This can lead to enhanced transparency and authenticity, fostering trust within the digital media landscape. Capture is powered by Numbers Protocol, a startup from Taiwan, which operates an open and decentralized network aimed at verifying the origins of a broad spectrum of creative works, whether produced by individuals or AI.

The platform offers solutions aimed at assisting companies and brands in expanding their user base, with a focus on fostering authenticity and reliability within the media industry. The platform unfolds a suite of products, including: 

  • Capture Dashboard – for decentralized storage
  • Capture SDK – for blockchain integration into applications
  • Capture Eye – for verifying and securing images on the blockchain
  • Capture Cam – for registering media as digital assets

Additionally, Capture offers tailored solutions across industries like Art, Fashion, and Media, and for various job roles including Design, IT, and Marketing, aiming to expand user bases and enhance asset management. Capture aims to reach a wider market with its eco-friendly, low-emission blockchain technology, aiding the shift towards a transparent, AI-driven digital asset ecosystem.

Capture Camera: A tool to authenticate, register, and convert media into traceable digital assets

Notably, the Capture Cam app serves as a mobile portal for creating authentic digital media and NFTs. It’s designed to authenticate, register, and convert photos and videos into traceable digital assets and NFTs with a simple click. The app features an intuitive interface for capturing and registering media. Each piece of content is assigned a unique, blockchain-secured certificate, helping to ensure a reliable proof of provenance. Beyond content creation, the app places a strong emphasis on protection against digital fraud, ensuring that each digital asset on the blockchain is secure from unauthorized use and distribution, thereby safeguarding intellectual property rights​.

Capture provides unique digital certificates for AI-generated content

As highlighted on, the platform provides solutions geared towards verifying the authenticity and tracing the origin of content generated by artificial intelligence. It enables the authentication of AI content by establishing unique digital certificates for each item, helping to differentiate between AI-generated and human-created content. The platform also offers copyright protection to prevent unauthorized use of AI-generated products and services. Additionally, it aims to create a traceable and transparent environment for AI operations by offering an open-source solution to track and validate data, thereby addressing some security and compliance needs within AI-driven contexts. and the power of branded social media has established its presence on social media platforms such as X/Twitter (@captureapp_xyz) and Instagram (, ensuring a consistent brand identity. Both profiles promote Capture’s URL right in the handle. This strategic move creates a cohesive and memorable brand identity and underlines its forward-thinking approach. The choice of a .xyz domain signals a modern, tech-savvy identity, aligning with the innovative ethos of web3, blockchain, and digital provenance.Through this unified branding strategy across various platforms, Capture reinforces its dedication to modern technology and innovation, while making its brand easily recognizable. You can learn more about Capture by joining the Discord, following along on X (Twitter) @captureapp_xyz and Instagram, and visiting

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