At XYZ, we continue to be committed to the Chinese market and are making significant strides towards becoming one of the few officially recognized domain extensions in China! From major tech giants, startups, all the way to individual internet users, .xyz domains are being adopted and will only continue to spread across the world.

Since our launch over a year ago, .xyz has maintained its position as the most popular new global domain, with 32% of all .xyz registrations coming from China. It’s amazing to see the support from the Chinese market through domains like, which was recently auctioned off in Macau for ¥521,000 RMB (appx $81,000 USD).

As we get closer and closer to becoming China-official, we want to make sure that you’re registering your names, business ideas, keywords, hobbies, or future projects in .xyz at your favorite Chinese domain retailer. This way, you and your websites are ready to go live in China when the time comes – and we can’t wait to see them featured alongside our current favorites on


P.S. If you’re already an owner of .xyz domains, please be sure to renew and use them. We wouldn’t want you to release the great domains names you’ve already secured. Thank you for your support.

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