All the OG #GenXYZ fans know that Team XYZ has been cooking up a much-anticipated cousin to the .xyz domain. Who wants to take an “educated” guess?

You guessed right! The professional-yet-cool extension with an authoritative and commanding presence; the new platform where people and organizations of all types can come together for a common purpose

The .College domain extension will officially be launching into its “Sunrise” phase on March 17, 2015!


What does that mean? If you’re a brand or trademark holder registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), you can start registering your marks with .College starting on March 17.

Not a TMCH participant? Not to fret. Starting on April 20, .College will enter a special 5-month registration period that’s exclusive for .edu and registrants.

In this “Landrush” phase, educational institutions are welcome to register any names they’d like in the .College space (so if you’re in a research lab, university department, or even in athletics and events for an institution eyeing a .College domain name, get your list of desired .College names going now).

Just think. How awesome would it be to have YourName.College with your resume posted up? Or YourCompany.College for a new recruiting page to attract the best and the brightest to your company? .College isn’t just for your external audience, but also a platform to internally develop your growing workforce with professional tools, classes, and forums.

You can even highlight the current and past seasons’ team success on Football.College, or showcase your ongoing lab or research park’s most innovative recent findings on Technology.College or Sustainability.College.

.College domains will become available to the General Public beginning in September 2015. Keep up with the latest .College news by signing up to Team XYZ’s newsletter here.


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