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If you’ve been searching for a more fulfilling way to spend your free time, there are few things that top giving back to the community you live in. Whether it’s by volunteering to renovate a local park or picking up trash to keep your town looking beautiful, when you give your time to your community it will be paid back to you by those you’ve helped. That spirit of giving was the inspiration behind the creation of this week’s #WebsiteWednesday,

Founded in 2013, is a project that engages students in civic action which benefits their towns in rural Nebraska. The program began as part of the senior government class at Lyons-Decatur Northeast school, and over the years has seen participants propose and complete dozens of civic improvement projects. Some of’s more notable accomplishments include repaving the walkways and driveway of the community’s Center for the Developmentally Disabled, building a disc golf course at the community park, and creating a group to write and send encouragement letters to children and teens in the town’s Children’s Hospital.

The program is led each year by a team of students from Lyons-Decatur school who propose the projects, work with local businesses and organizers to put them in action, and complete a review once their project has been completed in which they summarize the impact the project will have and share their hopes for its future. If you want to learn more about the teams, they also keep a blog where they share their backgrounds, interesting facts about themselves, and updates on how the community projects are doing as time passes.

We can learn a lot from the attitudes of the teams. Just as they’ve banded together and set out to improve their surroundings and the lives of others, we can look at our surroundings and find areas that we can improve if we just make the effort. Have something in mind that you’d like to change about your community, industry, or even yourself? Start the journey by sharing your plans and progress on your own .xyz site!

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