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April showers have fallen, May flowers have bloomed, and summer is upon us #GenXYZ. Not only does June mark our 2-Year Anniversary (which means you’ll be seeing some amazing deals on .xyz domains), it also marks the beginning of summer. It’s time for great weather, no school, and most importantly that exciting summer romance. So in honor of those summer nights Olivia Newton John and John Travolta dedicated an entire song to, we brought you a #WebsiteWednesday that would kickstart your dating game this season:
dabble1With all the dating apps that require clicks, coffee, cocktails, and quirky connections—sometimes we’d like to trust our intuition and let it take us on a path to see what unfolds. brings us back to an informal happenstance that involves wit and wisdom, humor and expression, and everything in between. It allows users to express themselves immediately by showcasing the kind of people they are through the gifts they give.

Dabble uses location, age, and other discovery settings to guide you to that special someone. Users can adjust their settings to search for dabblers from the ages of 18-99 within a 3000 mile radius so you can feel confident their app will find a match that is perfect for you. If users are seeking a dabbler over the age of 100 they might need to reach out to the Today Show to try to connect.

We know what you’re thinking: “ANOTHER dating app!” Dabble isn’t just your swipe friendly, chat message dating tool on a phone. Preferences like favorite gift, go to line, and notifications are easily adjusted through the simple interface. If you’d like to stay anonymous as you dabble, you can choose to swipe left or right until a mutual match happens. However, Dabble gives users the option to skip the waiting process of swiping and waiting by making a lasting first impression with a gift. Just like buying a stranger a drink at a bar, Dabble’s in app gift giving feature provides the opportunity to “make a splash by giving virtual gifts to people you really dig!”
dabblemobileWith their Gold Drops virtual currency, you can purchase and send gifts to any dabblers that spark your interest, ranging from a virtual coffee (5 Gold Drops) all the way up to a virtual sports car (250,000 Gold Drops). These Gold Drops are added to your wallet daily, but if you need a few more to wow that special someone you can always purchase additional Gold Drops using real currency.

Well done to the founders of Dabble for using their .xyz in a way that represents the creativity and innovation of their idea. Plus, redirects to – the extension that truly markets to the next generation of internet users.

So what are you waiting for? Memorial Day is almost upon us. Send a dabble with a bike, a burger, and a bottle of Champagne—invite your dabbler to take a ride to watch a parade, eat a tasty Memorial Day morsel, and remember all those who have gone before us with a toast.

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