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If you’ve ever attended a conference or exhibiting event, you know the crucial role that your company’s swag plays in bringing over potential customers. And, to really succeed in bringing people to your booth, you need to have something both eye-catching and out of the norm. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday gives you that and more with their customizable 3D printing service: is a 3D printing company that is unique because it’s not a standalone printing service, but rather allows you to design what you want to be printed using their intuitive platform, and then connects you to a global network of 3D printing service bureaus that will make exactly what you asked for. This service helps both the companies receiving the customized products, as they get a truly unique promotional item, and the 3D print manufacturers, as they get a highly specific list of client needs to ensure their customers end up satisfied.’s system also provides customers buying 3D printed products countless options to create and customize, meaning the only limit is their imagination. Their commitment to simplifying the 3D printing process for both customers and 3D printing companies has helped them secure over $62,000 in funding so far.

“At Dimension4, we help e-retailers in successfully adopting 3D printing as a suitable manufacturing technique for the mass customization of consumer products. That way, consumers can not only personalize products with photos or colours, but have control over shape, material and inscriptions as well. With our software, we automate and optimize the ordering of the 3D printed products, ensuring manageability and affordability for a large customer base.

We chose to use a .xyz domain because 3D printing is a three dimensional technology. For us, xyz, refers to the three axes in 3D space: x, y and z.”
– Nikolas Taillieu, Founder of

When you have a cutting-edge idea like, you need your domain to match your vision. Dimension4 was able to brand on a domain that not only aligns perfectly with their company mission, but also helps them connect with clients around the world. If you want to see more of, check them out on Twitter and Vimeo. To see more great .xyz end users, follow @XYZ on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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