For this July 4th, Team XYZ wants to show you some of our favorite use-cases across the United States. Take a virtual tour around the country with photo and video impressions of people, places, and discover what America looks like through the lenses of Generations X, Y, and Z.

MemoirsOf.xyzGoDaddy customer (United States)

Mark Brown Jr. uses his website,, as a portfolio site that is not only an illustration, but also an extension of his work. It’s part memoir, part resume, part travelogue.


His pictures speak with power to deliver unflinching and often alluring visions of America. Pictures of his native Ohio, many of which were shot on 35mm film, reveal the hidden beauty of his home.


“I picked .xyz because it describes where we are in the world, in real life and on the web. There are people using the internet from ages 4-60+ and that covers generations x, y and z. My website serves as my memoirs as a photographer. I’m generation Y, a product of generation X living and procreating in generation Z. It’s the memoirs of a millennial, why wouldn’t it be online?” – Mark Brown, creator of – (United States)

Raheel Kahn was able to snatch his and create, a site dedicated to displaying his beautiful portraits of real people, many in front of iconic northeastern cityscapes. Through subtle clues Raheel’s photos remind the viewer of their history and future.


One of our favorite things about, is that the deeper you explore the website, the more unconventional and daring the images become. .xyz is the choice for the tryers and doers and we’re proud to have a unique, original voice like his using our domain extension.


Nimio.xyzHover customer (United States) is a creative production group specializing in authentic storytelling that delivers impactful messages that actually reach your heart. We recommend checking out their artfully shot 40 North Oysters short film. It features a thriving, sustainable business in a New Jersey so beautiful, you might think you’re looking at a painting.


One of the most engaging things about’s work, is that they manage to constantly take the familiar and make it new. Their site feeds off contrast. It urges the eye to recognize and re-examine. Like many of the innovators of #GenXYZ, innovation and re-evaluation of the status quo are of utmost importance for growth.


CosmoFree.xyzSquarespace customer (United States)

Cosmo Free is 16 years old, making him the youngest member featured on our 2017 Independence Day #WebsiteWednesday. In his photos and films, he explores the identity of the land around him. documents Northern California as an inquisitive artist exploring the immensity of the land he calls home.

If you view Cosmo’s work, you can see the growth and progression of a talented photographer and filmmaker. Part of generation Z, his website shows the depth of the innovators and talented makers who choose .xyz.

Discover .XYZ, discover America, discover the world.

If you celebrated this July 4th, we hope you’re spending it with friends and family, in places that resonate with your heart. No matter where you are from, we hope you can appreciate your environment and have time to explore and share your adventures with the world.

And for those of you outside the United States, please let us know of any .xyz users who offer similarly amazing websites to discover your countries. We might be able to do a feature of some .xyz users soon!

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