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As new cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects are emerging on a regular basis, the amount of data available on public blockchains is growing quickly. This leads to a greater need for an accessible way of analyzing that data. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a community platform of crypto enthusiasts, analysts, and investors who use the open data available through public blockchains to help each other understand and explain the happenings in the Ethereum ecosystem: is an Ethereum data platform that offers access to the growing volume of blockchain data. It provides the platform users, known as Dune Wizards, with the tools required to query, extract, and analyze large volumes of data from the blockchain. aggregates blockchain data into databases that you can query based on the specific information you need. Dune Wizards can analyze large chunks of blockchain data and assemble their projects onto a dashboard available to all fellow users. Sample projects include “which NFTs are ranked highest?” and “which DEX made the most profit last month?” Ethereum Name Service (ENS) recently tweeted a Dune Analytics project illustrating monthly registrations in a recent post regarding their upcoming virtual workshop to discuss the current state and future of ENS.

The platform is the product of Norway-based crypto data firm Dune Analytics, which was founded by business partners Fredrik Haga and Mats Olsen in 2018. Fredrik and Mats participated in Binance Lab’s accelerator program, and earned an investment into Dune Analytics from the platform.’s customers include some well-known members of the decentralized finance world, such as DeFi wallet and leading cryptocurrency focused news brand The Block. On August 12, announced the completion of a Series A funding round in which it raised $8 million. Earlier that month, they upgraded their domain name to the shorter and more memorable They also announced “Our new domain is While our name Dune Analytics stays the same was a little bit too long.” Increasing your website’s visibility online starts with your domain name. Short domain names are easy to remember and quicker to type. Selecting a short, memorable domain name like can help increase your chances of getting your website to reach your target audience. 

You can choose between two types of accounts on Community accounts and Dune Pro accounts. Community accounts are free, and allow you to use all the tools and special features available on the platform to review data, create your dashboards, and share your charts with the community. A paid Dune Pro account lets you keep all your research and dashboards private. You can export the results of your research instantly. You can run as many as six searches simultaneously, and the watermark will be removed from all your charts.

All users can browse through the growing list of dashboards created by other members of the community. NFTX, which is a platform for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), uses and became a Dune Wizard in August. 

Many users are taking to Twitter to share their dashboards or express their pleasure with the communal aspects of the Dune platform. Self-described crypto enthusiast TheNFTer recently tweeted about using a project called “NFT prices vs ETH prices.” He discusses how this project demonstrates that during periods of ETH negative volatility, NFT seems to perform better. When ETH goes up, NFT prices seem to take a dip. An NFT collector tweeted praise for a fellow Dune user’s project titled “Koala Intelligence Agency – Ownership and Sales,” regarding sales of the new and popular NFT collection known as Koala Intelligence Agency. Dune Analytics regularly shares about what is being created in the community. They recently shared about user Colin Platt, CEO of multichain NFT infrastructure Unifty, and his new “Loot Degen Dashboard” which is available for all to use. This dashboard is of particular interest to those familiar with Loot NFT, the new Ethereum-based NFT role-playing project that launched in early September. recommends gaining an understanding of SQL to be able to query data and become a successful Dune Wizard. provides links to helpful resources like videos, courses, and articles on their tutorials page. When you are ready, you can leverage SQL queries to create your custom charts, graphs, and dashboards to visualize large volumes of public blockchain data.

We are so excited to have join the growing list of blockchain-focused innovators in the .xyz community, many of whom can now benefit from this valuable community-driven platform. You can learn more about becoming a Dune Wizard and harnessing the power of blockchain data by following Dune Analytics on Twitter or visiting them at

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