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One of the most commonly broken New Year’s Resolutions out there is to “learn something new.” These days – with fast paced lives and busy schedules – it’s tough to find time for that unfinished book or stay up to date on the news. This challenge is what has led to the rapid growth of the audio entertainment industry, and it brings us to this week’s #WebsiteWednesday:


Recently featured on Product Hunt (a curation of the latest websites, apps, and technology products today), is a platform where users can submit articles, turn them into beautifully narrated audio recordings, and then listen to them at their leisure. That means you don’t need to wait until your workday is over to read about what’s happening in the world today; you can enjoy your favorite blogs and articles while you work!

When it comes to creating a narration, the opportunities are endless. We’ve seen the audio world open up to a myriad of new genres, with podcasts for personal stories, murder mysteries, historical events, stand up comedy…the list goes on and on. With, you no longer have to wait for your favorite content to appear on the latest podcast feeds – the audio world is your proverbial oyster.


Creator Alan Garrec has hit the nail on the head when it comes to using technology to make life easier and more efficient, and he did it using his short, memorable .xyz domain name. Curious why they chose this particular name? Here’s what they had to say about their domain:


As any startup knows finding a decent .com is either very time consuming or very costly. We literally just tried punching in various names and found was available for $1, so it stuck”


We know how challenging the startup grind can be. We also know the importance of a domain name when it comes to a young company’s success. Well done for finding a creative solution to a problem that plagues too many young entrepreneurs! And thanks to them, tackling some of that reading list won’t just be another New Year’s Resolution that you never quite get to. Get a head start this year and start submitting your favorite articles now!

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