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Capturing and keeping the attention of students is a constant challenge for educators. Whether it’s due to the difficulty of the material, the structure of the lesson, or the temptation for students to be distracted by their phones, teachers can face multiple roadblocks in their classes. Our #WebsiteWednesday this week has risen to meet these challenges by developing an educational platform designed to make learning fast, effective, and fun: Homepage is an ed-tech platform that employs a blend of social learning and gamification with the aim of making learning sticky, fast, and fun for students who use it. One of the company’s founders, Lenore Zietsman, came up with the idea after a long day of teaching adult literacy classes armed with nothing but a thick manual and powerpoint slides. After seeing students leaving the class discouraged, and feeling frustrated herself, Lenore thought to try creating a game that would make learning fun and allow students to share with each other while they learn.

After thorough research and testing, Lenore and her team developed’s framework for reducing the dullness and boredom students face when studying. has found that combining gaming, social interaction, and digital teaching tools creates a more immersive and enjoyable learning experience. Once teachers download the software, they can access it via mobile or desktop and input custom questions made to reinforce their lesson to students. The students and teachers then choose one of the pre-designed game modes to play, with instructions for playing each available on’s site. The platform also offers certificates recognizing users’ achievements and stats to help identify skill level and allow lessons to be revised as needed.

Convenience is also a key trait found in’s list of features. The platform is designed to be accessible offline, claims it can be played on one computer or mobile device and controlled by another via a smart remote, and is made to allow organizations to use custom branding and design to have their lessons match their brand’s identity.

If you’re interested in trying out for yourself, their site has helpful instructions on how to set up the platform, how to set up the hardware, and how to get started playing using the platform’s playing cycle. You can also purchase add-ons for playing the game, like controllers and hardware to play offline. If you have any questions, be sure to stop by their helpful FAQ page or use the site’s chat support feature. You may also want to check out their blog filled with inspiring posts to motivate you to keep learning. Thanks to this comprehensive website design, helps you find what you need so you can jump headfirst into using their platform right from their web page. distributes their platform with the help of partners, who receive’s hardware and license along with a commission to run the platform. Partners can use’s platform during training and consulting with potential customers, which in turn drives sales and revenue for Those who are interested in becoming a partner can start the process by reaching out to Faceboard’s team.

If you want to try for yourself, you can browse their list of available plans to find the one that fits your needs.

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