Flippo.xyzeNom customer (Israel)

You see it on the news all the time, major companies are shutting down their physical stores across the country. There’s no denying that online shopping is the future of retail, but with the ease of opening your online store comes more problems. How do you get a customer to purchase from you with so many shops available? is here to change that. Boasting a 2 minute install and the ability to integrate with 9 popular shopping platforms, see why is the right move for your online store. is computer software company located in Tel Aviv, Israel. It all started when CEO, Shir Ekerling, realized that his client had a ton of buzz about their products on social media, but no way to bring it to his shop. That’s where the idea of was born! He got straight to work on creating an advanced user generated content (UGC) tool that allowed people to communicate like a social media platform and ask questions and discuss the products right there in the online store. The small but powerful team has created a product that all shops can use, and helps to increase sales, time spent on the shop site, user involvement, and even SEO performance. is available as a monthly or yearly subscription and the best part is that you can start using it for free!

Do you think your shop could use a boost? Then go ahead and start your subscription today! We love seeing entrepreneurs finding new and important ways to advance the online world. is just one more addition to the awesome #GenXYZ community of .xyz adopters and we can’t wait to see where they go from here! Do you think you have the next big idea? Then go ahead and secure your own .xyz today! There’s always room in the world for improvements, and you just might be the next big idea.

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