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In the classic film Back to the Future, they travel through time to the year 2015 where they witness tons of futuristic gadgets, including flying cars. While we aren’t quite at flying cars yet, the world is making many advances in the world of self-driving technology. In the past, we’ve brought you our own, creators of the self-driving delivery robot. But now we’re excited to bring you another .xyz member in the autonomous industry: is 16-person startup based in Bangalore. They were excited about the new opportunity of commercial companies using self-driving vehicles but discovered that major companies like Uber and Tesla are developing vehicles and technology that are far too expensive for most trucking companies to use. So the team set out to develop their own affordable tech that can allow any type of truck to be turned into a self-driving vehicle. The company plans to have 2500 of their kits in vehicles by August 2018. is already receiving a ton of attention from news outlets such as TechCrunch and The Economic Times, and came in 9th place for TECH30’s 2017 “Top 30 promising technology startups from India”.

To see in action you can check out their test footage video here. We love seeing another #GenXYZ member not only developing the future of technology, but also using their skills to benefit less financially-able companies. We’re always looking for more innovators like, so if you fit the bill go ahead and lock down your .xyz domain now! And keep on the lookout for more great #GenXYZ members every Wednesday.

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