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Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) are two of the hottest buzzwords in tech. Countless new services are entering these spaces every day, making them a hub for innovation and progressive ideas. But, even some hardcore techies might tell you they’re not 100% sure how blockchains work, let alone what a DeFi aggregator service does. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday uses their website’s straightforward User Interface (UI) to clear the confusion and show the benefits of their service: is a DeFi aggregation layer. Their service works by connecting or “layering onto” other DeFi services. In practice, says their service aggregates key cryptocurrency management actions like lending, borrowing, and asset swapping. One main feature that sets’s tool apart from competitors is that it’s “chain-agnostic.” In other words, it is able to work with many different cryptocurrency exchanges. Their short homepage description explains this information to visitors in detail under the heading “What is Frontier?” They use the first two paragraphs to give an in-depth description of their service, but conclude with a much simpler mission statement so all website visitors can understand what they do.

“In short, Frontierʼs core mission is to bring the essential pieces of DeFi to users across whichever platforms they prefer.” – homepage

But that’s just the start of where they take their complex service and break it down into digestible information.

Illustrate problems and show solutions

For those not familiar with DeFi services,’s single page website layout features multiple sections that aim to answer all their questions. To illustrate the benefits of their tool, outlines problems facing DeFi and crypto vs. how their service provides a solution.

Each problem is detailed so readers can understand the pain point, even if they do not fully grasp the tech behind what’s causing it. Then, they explain how each solution uniquely provides a fix, backed up with evidence and examples.

As an example, say their tool solves the fragmented nature of crypto management by aggregating management services. This pitches the service to potential users by selling them on a one-stop solution for asset management. They showed the pain point first, then clearly explained how their service directly solves the problem. Using a problem and solution setup on your website helps you explain what’s great about your product or service while also giving potential customers reasons to buy.

Keep copy readable and use images to reinforce your point

When talking about any topic, you want your website copy to be short, simple, and readable.
This can prevent your visitors from getting lost in the weeds trying to learn what you do. It’s also a basic best practice for increasing your website’s SEO, as search engines use readability of content as a factor for ranking pages.’s website uses short, simple sentences that are on an accessible reading level. This helps them boil down their complex services and industry terms into understandable language.
It also helps keep those who might not know much about crypto and DeFi reading by explaining their tool in an engaging way.

They use images to show what the product looks like when in use, as well. This takes their service from an abstract concept to a visible platform that visitors can picture themselves using. It’s also an opportunity for to highlight their clean UI, which is a one of the key selling points of their service.

Share company history to detail your solution’s growth shows what sets them apart as a company and a tool by sharing their history through major milestones. This follows their journey from foundational brainstorming up through the building phase and to their current activity launching their own coins.

Each milestone is explained with the same short, readable copy and builds on the milestone before it to show the company’s journey toward disrupting their industry and solving big problems for DeFi. This also helps site visitors connect with on a more human level by seeing them as a growing business and not just a DeFi aggregator tool.

Bringing it all together

No matter what your company does, you can use your website’s UI to communicate it to users in a way they will understand. Keep your copy short and easy to read while using images to illustrate. Outline the problems your service or product solves to convey value without losing readers in the minute details. Give visitors an insight into your company journey to show the humans behind the work and create more relatability.

If you’re curious to learn more about’s service, you can do so via their website or by following them on Twitter and Telegram at their very memorably branded @frontierdotxyz handle.

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