Does that header up there look a little different to you, #GenXYZ? That’s because we just revamped our website with fresh new features – and look – to introduce a whole new side of us that you’ve never seen before!

Just as that bright green “Register” button hints, you can now register your favorite .xyz domains right here at

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 7.28.32 PM

And it doesn’t stop here! We have a lot more in the pipeline for you, so is a one-stop-shop for everything .xyz. On top of the latest and greatest news on .xyz, you’ll be able to set-up your hosting and indulge in awesome website builder tools to go with your shiny new domains.

Can’t wait ‘til these new features go live? Make sure you’re getting our newsletter to be the first-to-know about .xyz updates!

Now that you know what’s up, it’s time to test things out. Search for the domain name you’ve always wanted:

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