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Sissi Goetze is one of Germany’s most sought after men’s wear designers.’s clothes have been featured in Vogue, GQ, Elle, TenMag, ZOO Magazine, Men’s Health, and more. She’s been interviewed by i-D Germany, has her own perfume, GOETZE, created with famous perfumier Mark Buxton, and has been featured by We Shall Run, and Not Just A Label. So when Goetze wanted to stand out online as much as her groundbreaking collections, she made a .xyz website.

Goetze’s designs draw influence from disparate, iconic male archetypes. The resulting synthesis produces simple, elegant menswear or unisex essentials with architectural aspects and contradictory elements. Goetze’s clothing has taken the fashion world by storm, and has earned Sissi accolades and features in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, and Berlin Fashion Week. and the corresponding branding effort make an excellent case-study for the effectiveness of a domain to unify marketing across platforms seamlessly and affordably. It shows that creators around the world are turning to .xyz not only as a unique way to display their work, but to increase views as well.

Sissi Goetze’s work can be found internationally, but only has everything. If you’re interested in following Sissi Goetze, sign up for her newsletter or connect with her on Facebook (@goetzexyz) and Instagram ( For more amazing .xyz users, follow XYZ on Instagram.

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