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Many businesses rely on SaaS (Software as a Service) applications for running their companies and keeping track of their customer’s data. IT professionals suggest that a common challenge regarding these solutions and processes is the inability to integrate different applications, especially SaaS applications. For example, specialized technology solutions provider Apprio experienced difficulty integrating their software with the popular invoicing system QuickBooks. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a cloud-based integration software solution aimed to help organization’s dev teams quickly and easily build low-maintenance data integrations: provides a cloud-based tool designed to help developers create simple connections to connect different software tools that businesses use to run their operations. These tools typically include applications designed to fulfill a specific need, such as Salesforce (a commonly used enterprise platform for managing business & customer relationships) or HootSuite (a social media management platform).’s software works for businesses that use applications like these to manage their operations with other businesses, clients, or employees within their company. Co-founder Hassan Syyid told us, “As a tech startup, especially in the dev tools space, we pride ourselves on being early adopters of new tools and trends – whether it’s using a newer paradigm (GraphQL over REST) or a newer domain extension (.xyz), it’s a part of who we are and we hope to help bring these to the community as a whole.“

The Maryland-based software startup coded their platform using the Python programming language, with the intent of helping dev teams quickly build data integration pipelines for a wide range of external sources. Businesses can acquire data from an external source, such as Google Analytics or Salesforce, and import that information (and make sense of the data).’s widget can be embedded into web apps, and is designed to offer a seamless experience. Hassan Syyid recently discussed the future of data integration at Data Talks US 2021, and stated that a great product ‘leads to everything else – great customer satisfaction, natural growth, a great brand, and even a great team.’

As explained on their FAQ page, each “type” of data that businesses need their users to import is called a flow.’s software is preloaded with two popular starter flows: invoicing and sales. Creating and customizing new flows is intended to be straightforward. In many cases, developers only need to select and configure the source, enter their credentials, and choose a target. For instructional assistance, their blog is populated with articles designed to quickly teach users how simple it is to use their platform. Recent posts include How to build a HubSpot integration in under 2 minutes, which explains how to quickly build integrations for the customer relationship management software, and How to build an Asana integration in under 3 minutes, which teaches users how to build integrations for the web-based task management software.

Look to the case studies page for examples of organizations that have had success working with Specialized technology solutions provider Apprio was looking for a way to integrate their software with QuickBooks. One of their business needs was the ability to transform customer data from multiple sources into a standard format. claims to specialize in transforming, unifying, and correlating datasets, and was able to help Apprio give their customers improved visibility in a real-time database. Revenue data company RevLock uses’s software to quickly build custom, scalable solutions as they’re needed. Chief Technology Officer Irfan Zulfiqar values, stating his team “couldn’t juggle product iteration with the constant need to maintain and upgrade our data pipeline.” is a great fit in the .xyz community of forward-thinking innovators. We are excited they chose to build their online home on .xyz and look forward to learning about more organizations who have benefited from their services. You can learn more by following the software solution on Twitter @hotgluexyz or by visiting

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