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Happy Independence Day to all of the American members of #GenXYZ! Today the U.S. is celebrating the day that a group of inventors, pragmatists, and dreamers united and declared independence from Britain, and who went on to found what has become one of the most powerful nations in history. So, what better way to celebrate than to look at an .xyz adopter who also decided to declare independence from traditional social media and founded a new company that is aiming to disrupt the way we use our favorite social apps: is an app that centralizes your offline and online identities under one ID, meaning you can access all your social media apps, phone numbers, emails, and more all in one convenient place. But that’s not all, as also has a messaging feature with media playback, and an “invisible data” service they call XYZ. The XYZ feature hides your data and content without deleting it, meaning you can access it when you want, but you can keep it under wraps when you don’t.

You can have unique usernames and profiles for all your social media apps, email, etc. on as well, so you can have a profile to connect with friends, another to connect with family, and another to connect with co-workers all in one easily accessible place, without the hassle of switching apps and changing logins.

Another unique feature of is the ‘AIR’ feature, which allows you to take multi-media from your device and drop it into your surroundings via Augmented Reality. You can select a video and put it on the street in front of you, and you’ll be able to see it play as if it were really there.

Freedom and independence are great motivators that many of the brightest minds throughout history have used to bring about radical change to society. is hoping to found something great that will transform how millions of people live their lives both online and offline, and their intrepid spirit is another example of #GenXYZ’s impact in shaping our future.

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