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In the growing landscape of video gaming, innovative games and platforms are launching across .xyz and XYZ Registry domains like .LOL, .Game, and .Quest. Exploration game enhances its immersive experience by integrating blockchain technology with its new PIXEL crypto token. Decentralized gaming platform Sandbox.Game helps players build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences. Award-winning VR game Humanity.Game puts you in control of a Shiba Inu tasked with saving the world. Today, we spotlight a web3 gaming publisher aimed at providing mobile-first, community-driven, and blockchain-enabled experiences: is the online home of Jungle, a web3 gaming publisher based in Brazil that focuses on developing and publishing hybrid games, which are mobile-first, community-driven, and blockchain-enabled. The company aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by breaking the conventional norms of game development. In March 2023, the startup raised $6 million in seed funding to support the development of its first title, a mobile shooter game that will feature an open market economy where players can sell items as NFTs.1

In their strategy to innovate within the web3 gaming sector, Jungle emphasizes rapid development and community involvement. By choosing to adapt existing intellectual properties for their blockchain-enabled games, they streamline the production process, allowing for quicker releases compared to traditional game development cycles that often span years. This approach not only expedites game availability but also leverages the established appeal of existing game characters and lore, enhancing player engagement. Moreover, Jungle’s commitment to a mobile-first strategy underlines their belief in mobile platforms’ ability to reach a broader audience and facilitate widespread adoption of web3 technologies.

The benefit of aligning social media handles with .xyz

Using social media handles that feature “xyz” to match their domain name, such as @jungle_xyz for X/Twitter and @junglexyz for LinkedIn, provides several strategic benefits for businesses like Jungle. First, it ensures brand consistency across different platforms, making it easier for users to recognize and remember the brand. This uniformity strengthens brand identity and enhances digital presence. Additionally, incorporating “xyz” in the handle directly ties the social media profiles to Jungle’s website, reinforcing the connection between Jungle’s online activities and its memorable website. This can be effective for marketing purposes, as it helps to unify and amplify the company’s messaging across the web. Moreover, this consistency can build credibility and trust among customers who seek to engage with the brand across multiple platforms, ensuring they reach the right place. As of May 21, 2024, Jungle’s anticipated next-generation mobile RPG shooter game is still under development. To stay updated and join the waiting list, you can sign up at You can learn more about the company by following them on X/Twitter and LinkedIn, and by visiting


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