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The #GenXYZ community is filled with inspiring individuals, businesses, and organizations that aim to make the world a more efficient, more connected, and overall better place. It comes as no surprise, though, that in many parts of the world people live in dire circumstances and deal with great stress and adversity every day. Our #WebsiteWednesday this week,, has used this unfortunate reality as inspiration to make their home continent of Africa a more joyous place. is a business registered as a “benefit corporation” that leverages books, television shows, films, events, and more to support better education, develop healthier psychology, and generate impactful social movements in Africa.’s business model is to first provide their own media and teaching products to schools in Africa, then partner with companies and provide their products or services in classrooms, and finally invest the profits from those partnerships into charities and educational institutions across Africa.

While many charitable organizations rely on a classic donation model to provide better opportunities for underprivileged communities, believes a classic business model generates more overall good thanks to the higher profits obtained.’s commitment to putting 100% of profits toward their charitable causes is the key that brings a greater benefit, and more joy, to the communities they are aiming to help. was founded by Chude Jideonwo, a Nigerian lawyer and Yale University graduate who was selected as one of 18 members of the African Leadership Institute’s 2018 TuTu Leadership program, and was also named to Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2013 as one of Africa’s Best Young Entrepreneurs.

Finding the inspiration to exact positive change in the world can come from anywhere. As shows, that place can even be your backyard. Have you stopped to look at your surroundings and found something that you think could be made better? Then follow’s example and get your idea online with your own .xyz domain to reach a massive audience and start bringing about that change.

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