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Your company values are the core of your business. They signal to customers what your company stands for, guide your decision making, and determine the goals you set. Because values are so essential to your business’ identity, sharing them on your website can help you stand out to the right audience. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday features a startup that serves as great inspiration for how to use your company values to stand out in your industry: is a healthcare platform designed to help make the care process easier for both patients and health professionals. They share this mission as an elevator pitch via the main text on their homepage: “Katarina simplifies the life of everyone.” The company then backs up this claim by breaking down the features of their platform. For professionals, this includes patient scheduling, appointment follow-ups, and personalized treatments. On the patient side, they list services like medical history and medication tracking, exam results, and appointment booking. All this, says, helps their platform provide patient-centric, humanized healthcare.

The company’s values drive their focus on people at the center of healthcare. Shared on the company’s About us page, say their core values are diversity, sustainability, and engagement.

“The diversity of our employees is seen as one of our most celebrated gifts,” explains. “Our diversity is not only evident at the heart of our business, but also through the scope of areas and the broad spectrum of services that we offer our clients around the globe.” practices sustainability by following the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. UN Sustainable Development Goal 3, “to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages,” is particularly important to them. wants this UN goal to guide the work of their entire team. Their team’s commitment to following this mantra shows‘s value of engagement in practice. COO, Sheraz Ahmed, echoes this commitment in a video featured on the company’s About page, as well. He details‘s dedication to providing the health infrastructure necessary to meet the UN goals with a focus on fighting global health threats.

Sharing these values and how the company upholds them helps show why their service is unique. They list each value, give insight to how it ties to their human-centric mission, and detail the ways it benefits their company in practice. shows an example of living out these values through their response to a health emergency in Afghanistan. Due to a lack of healthcare infrastructure, the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the country especially hard. answered the call to provide humanitarian aid, sending one of their medical experts, Dr. Klaus Schustereder, and a team to help offer support. They documented the entire trip on their website and offered the option to stay up to date on relief efforts by signing up for alerts. Dr. Schustereder shared videos detailing the health challenges the country faces and how implementing’s medical monitoring system helps address them. Thanks to this work, says all 2 million citizens in the region now have access to improved care.

Company values are more than guidelines that determine the direction your business will travel. They display the strengths and convictions that drive your work. As shows, sharing these values can help your company stand out, attract support, and grow. Follow’s future development projects on their website, on Facebook and Linkedin @Katarinaxyz, or on Instagram

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