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This week, our purple people are mixing it up at SXSW 2017, the event producing the highest amount of revenue for the city of Austin, TX. Our #WebsiteWednesday today fits right into the theme of the event. By offering affordable 360° video and virtual reality home tours, they will disrupt the real estate industry. Meet

Katch_Homepage is a creative marketing agency from Scotland that creates immersive virtual reality home tours. Real estate agents and estate agent brands can use these to show their properties online. Katch’s unique VR tours allow a potential renter to take a virtual step into a property, with the freedom to move from room to room and to look at every feature as if they were in the room. Katch always makes sure their video is as simple as possible by using natural lighting and limited post-processing. A fun example of their VR experience can be found on’s website.


“Katch was created to give real estate agencies all the tools that top agencies use in order to sell their properties to a more demanding audience. We wanted a short and snappy name that clients and users could remember, but all the obvious .com or domain names had already been taken. .xyz offered us the choice to turn the clock back a few years to a time when domain names weren’t so hard to choose and purchase.” – Steve Villiers, Founder of Katch

Steve is a serial entrepreneur from Edinburgh who founded multiple businesses in the marketing agency and property photography area. With, he identified a common problem with an affordable yet classy solution. Katch’s VR tours have changed the way members of #GenXYZ in Scotland will find their next home.

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