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It’s that time of year when many are seeking to improve their health and drop the pesky pounds gained during the holiday season. There are many popular diets that can help dieters reach their goals, but getting the hang of them can be tricky. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday is aiming to make one of today’s most popular diets a little easier with is a Utah-based company that makes meal replacement shakes designed for those on the ketogenic diet. Commonly referred to as “keto,” the ketogenic diet involves restricting your diet to high fat, moderate protein, and very low carbohydrates in order to switch your body into a fat-burning mode. The diet can be highly effective but daunting for beginners. The drink mix is meant to include all of the protein, electrolytes, carbohydrates, and vitamins that are required for maintaining the diet successfully. founder Chris Bair has been a fan of the keto diet since he successfully lost nearly 60 pounds by doing it in 2014. It was at that time that he tried a few different meal replacement shakes, but ultimately preferred to make his own based on a recipe he found that combined protein powder, vitamins, and electrolytes with heavy cream and water. After sharing his recipe online, he started selling the mix to fellow keto-lovers who prefer a ready-made solution. As grew in popularity, Chris’s wife, family, friends, and neighbors have started to help by shipping orders and fulfilling customer service duties.

You can shop from 15 different flavors of the drink mix on, with delicious-sounding flavors like chocolate peanut butter, raspberry cheesecake, and salted caramel. To make a single meal, customers can follow the measurement of Keto Chow mix, water, and heavy whipping cream or avocado oil on their preparation guide. For those who prefer a warmer meal, also has a line of Savory Soup mix. The flavors include creamy tomato and savory chicken, and are meant to be blended with warm water and your fat source of choice.

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Head to to learn more about the ketogenic diet and their meal replacement shakes. You can also follow them with their popular Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts with @ketochow.

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