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The fashion industry is absolutely brimming with creativity and diversity. A range of new trends and styles emerge with every season, many of them inspired by decades past and made new again by a whole new generation’s interpretation. But why not revive a trend that dates back centuries? This week’s #WebsiteWednesday,, has found a way to refresh a style of clothing first made popular during Japan’s Heian period (794-1192) – the kimono. is the home to cutting-edge kimono fashion brand, Kisaburo. Owner and fourth-generation kimono designer, Kisaburo Iwamoto, is reinventing the 90-year-old family business after inheriting it in 2015. Iwamoto’s mission is to push the boundaries of kimono design, just as his great-grandfather and namesake, Kisaburo-san, did when he originally founded the business.

Western techniques and gender fluidity modernize Kisaburo kimonos for a 21st century customer. The pieces are designed to mix and match with each other and Western clothing, making the kimonos fit the versatile nature of modern day style. We particularly like the way the pinstripe hakama pants are styled with a camel turtleneck and navy trenchcoat in Kisaburo’s Paris shoot. All pieces are also unisex, so men have the opportunity to wear the vibrant patterns and colors that are usually reserved only for women, especially evident with the styling of the blush pink kimono jacket as part of the first collection.

You can also find Kisaburo kimonos on the silver screen. A full basket dyed Kisaburo kimono is featured as a costume in Akihisa Fujinaga’s upcoming film Fake Japan. Told through a psychedelic lense, the story follows a young western man who travels to Japan and meets a mysterious young woman.

Iwamoto chose to be the business’s domain name in order to have a web address as bold as his designs. “Kisaburo” is a popular Japanese first name (a famous aikido teacher and Tokyo restaurant also bear the name) so “” can’t be registered for a standard price. With .xyz, Iwamoto was still able to get an affordable and succinct domain name, properly paying tribute to his great-grandfather’s legacy.

Head to to view the latest collection, Inase, and follow Kisaburo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for news about future collaborations and popup shops.

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