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The .xyz community is home to media platforms dedicated to fostering community engagement, creativity, and the sharing of authentic stories. Independent zine is aimed at cultivating community through creativity. Photographer, entrepreneur, and social activist Misan Harriman’s media platform explores the contributions of web3 to culture, commerce, and society. Digital lifestyle platform is aimed at producing forward-thinking content to reach the BIPOC community. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a platform aimed at sharing creator-focused stories:

Lens, dedicated to sharing authentic creator stories is the online home of Lens, a platform dedicated to sharing authentic creator stories that aim to inspire, inform, and entertain. The team behind Lens has spoken to numerous creators, including successful ones, emerging talents, and aspiring individuals. These conversations served as a catalyst for the creation of Lens, as the team recognized the potential value of these stories in helping fellow creatives and internet explorers facing similar challenges.

Exploring the topics of culture, creativity, and commerce on

Lens aims to publish articles that delve into the lives of creators and their creative processes. On the homepage, you can begin exploring stories by topic, including Culture, Creativity, or Commerce

  • Select the Culture category to read stories about “the cultural trends driving creators.” Check out Sometimes a Meme Isn’t Just a Meme, an exploration of internet culture and how it impacts society. You can also read Bullying the Bullies on Social Media, which reviews an incident where two young women faced online shaming after a viral video. The story raises questions about accountability and vigilante justice on social media while emphasizing the need for individuals and platforms to address harmful behaviors.
  • The Creativity category is where you can read stories about “the art of the craft.” You can read posts like How to Become a Consistent Writer—Who Actually Publishes, which dives into the importance of detaching yourself from your writing in order to be a successful writer. It emphasizes that writers should view their work objectively, overcome the fear of judgment, and embrace the mindset of a scientist conducting experiments rather than being emotionally attached to their writing.
  • The Commerce category features stories about “the business of creativity.” Check out MrBeast and Chill? What Lies Beyond Peak Streaming, which explores the changing landscape of streaming and the emergence of a third path for creators to bridge the gap between user-generated platforms and premium subscription streamers. It highlights examples like MrBeast’s independent production, suggesting that creators can harness their communities and compete directly with traditional streaming services. The article also discusses the potential for platforms like TikTok to become viable alternatives to established streaming giants. uses a branded email address, which can help build trust with new contributors

Lens encourages participation from the community, and welcomes contributors who align with their vision. You can reach out using the branded email address [email protected]. When you have an email address directly associated with your domain name, visitors can use that email address to find your website and have confidence that they’re reaching out to the appropriate contact. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter, joining the Discord, and by visiting

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