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Global lockdowns and quarantines have accelerated digital adoption in 2020. Limiting in-person interaction disrupts everyday life, leading consumers to try out digital solutions for everyday tasks. This creates an opportunity for strategic new businesses to make technology-driven solutions for the people who need them. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday is taking your exercise routine digital by connecting health and wellness professionals to those wanting to keep moving from home at an affordable cost. is a new platform that was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic. The developers behind the website worked on building software for large companies before the novel coronavirus canceled their projects. The team responded to the setback as an opportunity to put their resources into something people needed during the “new normal.”

With gyms and fitness studios closed, the team found that those around them wanted to remain active and really missed their health and wellness classes. Meanwhile, they recognized that fitness and wellness instructors needed help transitioning their offline services to online in order to keep their businesses alive. Managing various disconnected services for scheduling, payments, attendee management, and livestreaming was proving to be hard to juggle.

The website was built to give fitness and wellness instructors an all-in-one platform where they could continue to teach their classes online. The online platform includes the necessary features that instructors find at a physical fitness studio. Instructors can use it to schedule, host, and charge for their classes as they normally would. Instead of visiting a physical location, attendees can stream classes from the safety of their homes. On the platform, clients are able to browse the many fitness options, pay and reserve their virtual spot, and then livestream the class. Classes include everything from yoga to high intensity interval training, and even guided meditation. continues to meet the needs of instructors and their customers with Moxie Music, labeled as the world’s first streaming music solution for online fitness classes. Using their smart technology, Moxie Music is meant to seamlessly play fully licensed tunes that instructors can use to pump up their classes with. Before the class, the instructor chooses from curated music stations that get refreshed every month. After starting the stream, Moxie Music’s technology keeps everyone in sync and hearing the same music, automatically adjusts the volume when the instructor speaks, and can even mute class attendees.

If you’re interested in taking a class, go to to browse the varied studios available. Instructor Bahareh Ameri offers low-impact dance-inspired classes, martial arts instructor Rahul Bhowmich can train you on karate and kickboxing, while Halima Henderson’s yoga classes range from beginner to intermediate. If you’re more interested in booking a class for a specific time, go straight to their classes page and choose the date and time that best suits your schedule. If you like the classes, it pays to invite your friends to join in. Their Referral Rewards program allows students to earn credit towards classes for new members they referred to

Visit to stay active or shake off the quarantine cobwebs. Follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for new class updates and special offers.

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