Blog,,, oh my! All with $69 starting bids and no reserve prices – what bargains, don’tcha think?

With our trusty partner, NameJet, we will be auctioning off 500+ premium .xyz domains that are becoming available for the very first time! (Our personal favorite just might be The bidding starts at just $69 and each domain name auction will last for 72 hours.

So how can you get involved with this .xyz domain auction action?

Head on over to now and sign up for a free NameJet account so you can bid. Then you can shop around for any domains that catch your eye. Place your bid on the domain name you want, make sure you don’t get outbid, and the .xyz is yours!

The list has some snazzy names that just might be the perfect domain for your next personal project, business idea, a keyword-domain for your startup, or your place to express your hobbies.

Go on…take a gander. You won’t be disappointed.

Get-in on the bidding action and


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