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Forward-thinking visionaries are using .xyz domains to showcase AI-powered innovations. Data platform leverages AI to make data analysis intuitive. AI-enhanced platform aims to simplify app creation. Digital platform harnesses AI and blockchain technology for asset management. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to a tech company exploring decentralized and uncensored AI for digital creators:

Introducing Pioneering decentralized AI for digital creators is the online home of Oh, a UK-based technology company focused on developing decentralized, uncensored AI infrastructure and products specifically tailored for digital creators. The company’s mission is to build a future where AI-driven technologies empower hyper-immersive experiences and foster the creation and ownership of personalized, interoperable AI characters. These initiatives aim to open up new monetization opportunities within Oh’s ecosystem and extend their influence beyond traditional boundaries. Oh’s platform leverages blockchain technology in an effort to foster a decentralized and transparent operation that emphasizes user control and privacy.

Exploring the Oh ecosystem: AI models and blockchain integration

Oh’s ecosystem comprises a multifaceted array of products and services, including generative AI (genAI) models and user-friendly applications that are designed to integrate seamlessly with blockchain technology. At the core of this ecosystem is a sustainable token economy, powered by the $OH Token, which is designed to facilitate transactions and serve as a foundation for inclusive governance and utility within the platform.

Key features of Oh: Oh Chat and multimodal API

Central to the Oh platform is Oh Chat, a dynamic environment where users can engage with AI-driven characters, known as “superModels.” These characters are discoverable through a personalized recommendation engine that adapts to user preferences, fostering immersive interactions. This platform facilitates the creation of “digital twins” of real people, offering users novel and engaging experiences. Additionally, Oh API represents a pioneering effort in providing the first uncensored multi-modal API, which enables creators and businesses to craft hyper-immersive experiences that redefine user engagement across digital platforms.

Leadership and vision: COO Felix Henderson’s roles at Oh and Look After Group

Felix Henderson, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Oh, also holds the role of co-founder at Look After Group, a forward-thinking digital agency. 1Their work spans various sectors, assisting clients from startups to multinational corporations with services in PR, digital marketing, advertising, and more. This dual leadership role underscores Felix’s broad experience and dedication to advancing impactful, ethical business practices in both the tech and creative industries.

The benefits of a premium domain name like

The choice of a premium domain name like can significantly bolster the company’s presence and accessibility in the digital space. This concise and memorable domain helps ensure ease of navigation and recall, which is especially beneficial for mobile users frequently engaging with online platforms. The name succinctly reflects the company’s innovative approach to creating uncensored, decentralized AI infrastructure, emphasizing its core mission to empower digital creators. As Oh continues to develop and enhance its offerings, the domain stands to become emblematic of cutting-edge AI and blockchain integration, reinforcing the platform’s dedication to pioneering accessible and transformative digital experiences. You can learn more by following the platform on X/Twitter @oh_dot_xyz and LinkedIn @ohdotxyz, and by visiting


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