Every four years, the world’s greatest contestants come together in a thrilling display of athletic ability, sportsmanship, and unity. Whether you’re in sunny Rio or enjoying a caipirinha from the comfort of your own home, the Olympic games are sure to attract spectators from all around the globe. Here at XYZ, we enjoy the friendly competition and plan on having every TV in the office stream all of the different events.

The Olympics brings together people of all different countries, backgrounds, and upbringings. Whether you throw the javelin or you swim 5,000 meters daily, top athletes from all over the world dedicate their lives to be the best. This spirit of competition is the driving force behind innovation. Like the Olympics, #GenXYZ is a community of innovators that spans across oceans and continents. This is possible because .xyz truly is an international domain extension. We have been adopted in 230 different countries as the go-to domain that transcends language barriers.

In every region of the world, #GenXYZ has been hard at work getting their message out there – so we’ll pass the torch to some .xyz sites from every continent that we think are worth cheering for this summer.

North America

cyclefeedCycleFeed.xyzHover customer (Canada)

The Canadian site Cycle Feed is your one stop resource for all things cycling. They feature blogs and podcasts that keep you updated on everything going on in the world of cycling.


OpenJC.xyzDreamHost customer (United States)

Previously, is a Jersey City non-profit group whose goal is to create, implement, and manage civic programs for disadvantaged communities in the area.

South America


AxisGroup.xyzGoDaddy customer (Argentina)

Axis Group is a design studio rooted out of Argentina. They recently finished a large marketing campaign with LG for their G3 mobile phone.


Rodrigo.xyzHostinger customer (Brazil)

Rodrigo hails from Brazil, the host of this year’s Olympics. He is using his .xyz to showcase his skills in web development and other coding languages.



Mixxer.xyzUniregistry customer (Netherlands)

Mixxer is a graphic design studio based out of Holland with a modern and sleek aesthetic.


Epitome.xyzOpenprovider customer (Cyprus)

Epitome is a sailing guide that will let you experience Greece – the birthplace of the Olympics – the way it was meant to be seen.

voce – Strato customer (Germany)

Voce is a moving street art installation made up of LEDs and powered by solar energy. Visit the site to see where in Berlin it will be set up next.

Africa – Network Solutions customer (South Africa)

Faceboard is a versatile e-learning platform which can be utilized as a training tool for a wide variety of industries and businesses.

jonathan (Nigeria)

Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Jonathan Itakpe is using his personal .xyz to showcase his work in data-mining and software development.

devloops (Egypt)

Devloops is an Egyptian small business which specializes in creating simple and intuitive apps for consumer use.



Percipio.xyzGoDaddy customer (China)

Percipio is a Shanghai-based manufacturer of virtual reality cameras that allow for advanced depth and thermal imaging.

Middle East


Sling.xyzGoDaddy customer (Israel)

Created in Israel, Sling is an innovative new way for merchants to collect payments on the go. Instead of a credit card, merchants scan a Sling wristband for a quick and easy transaction.


Empati.xyzIsimtescil customer (Turkey)

Empati is a Turkish non-profit who seek to create simple and sustainable shelters for the country’s growing stray animal population.

hussam (United Arab Emirates)

Hussam Mohsineh is an entrepreneur based out of the United Arab Emirates who has actively fostered the startup community in the region.



JulesDelaveau.xyzInstra customer (New Zealand)

Jules DeLeveau is a New Zealander who is using his .xyz to showcase his impressive graphic design portfolio.

The Games are set to kick off this Friday, and we are eager to see what spectacles Rio’s opening ceremony has in store for us. But we are even more excited to watch our international community of #GenXYZ continue to grow and break records globally. Should we be cheering on your .xyz website? Share it with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for a chance to be featured in a #WebsiteWednesday!

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

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