Ahoy there, #GenXYZ! (There seems to be some residual Talk Like a Pirate Day left in us.)

2014 continues to be a landmark year for the internet, with yet another HUGE milestone that we are proud to say we are part of.

Earlier this week, the internet hit the one billion website mark. One BILLION.

What was .xyz’s role in this, you ask? We first heard about this breaking news through a major outlet, which also gave .xyz an awesome shoutout. And a spot on The Washington Post! What did it say about us, #GenXYZ? The internet now has a billion websites, and “of those, domains ending in .xyz saw the greatest growth.

So, it’s WashPost official: .xyz is seeing the greatest growth in the expansive internet universe. If you’re like us, it’s difficult to wrap your head around that big one billion number. Think about it this way. One second is easy to image – now how about one billion seconds? One billion seconds ago, it was 1983 – and that takes us aaall the way back to a time where there was no such thing as the internet.

As the number of websites keeps rising (you can check-out the live ticker at, so does the number of innovative new .xyz websites. Speaking of innovative new websites, we can’t forget about #WebsiteWednesday!

This week, we are very excited to introduce:
by Reall

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 5.09.32 PM

Originally, Reall is a UK-based organization that’s taking a truly unique approach to improve the housing conditions in slums across the world. By being the extra supportive backbone behind groups in these communities, Reall helps them out with everything from starting-up, technical support, all the way to achieving financial stability to keep them going on their own.

As an organization that takes such an innovative approach to helping these communities in Asia and Africa, they looked no further than choosing a .xyz domain to catapult their fresh rebrand. They wanted a new brand – and a matching domain name – to reflect their unique brand and stand out from the crowd. And that they did.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 6.52.25 PM

Reall’s vision is a world where everyone has access to basic services and housing. That’s definitely a world we’d like to see as well. Show your support by learning more at and see how you can play a part in this amazing organization.

The fall has certainly kicked-off with a bang, and we have so many more exciting news to share with you, #GenXYZ! Don’t forget to follow us @xyz on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for all the nitty-gritty (and more) on us.

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