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Game shows have been a favorite family pastime ever since they were first introduced. Whether you watch game shows to test your skills or strictly for entertainment, they remain a popular staple of television programming. It can be difficult keeping track of information like largest cash prizes, best performers, or special celebrity episodes when your favorite game show has triumphed for many seasons, especially for hopeful applicants who want to win big. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an organized and comprehensive website dedicated to Britain’s successful quiz show, The Chase: is a fan-generated, online information hub dedicated to the long-running British TV game show, The Chase. The anonymous dedicated fan who developed this website shares their motivation for doing so on the Background page of

“I noticed how interesting the show was from a statistical point of view. There are many questions the show raises. Who is the best chaser? What target do the team need to set to win the final chase? What is the biggest amount won? And so on. So I started collecting data from the show. On finding there wasn’t really a website that presented all of this information, I started my own, and One Question Shootout was born.”

You can access full data about all 14 seasons of the game show categorized by episode, season, contestants, general statistics, and more, making an invaluable resource for anyone seeking facts and figures about The Chase. has become so valuable, that even large national media outlets regularly cite it.

Popular UK news source Metro published an article in September titled, “Which Chaser on The Chase has the highest IQ?”. Earlier in the summer, LADbible published an article titled “Someone’s Crunched The Numbers And Worked Out Who The Best Chaser Is.” Each article references’s detailed system which demonstrates that Anne Hegerty is the top Chaser of series 12, winning 82.9% of the time. In November 2020, well-known British tabloid The Mirror published an article “Best and worst Chasers exposed as ‘The Menace’ reshuffles the pack on The Chase“ relying on’s collated data from series 1 through 12. In 2017, Buzzfeed UK posted “29 Facts You Need To Know About The Chase,” which also referenced’s data regarding Chaser Anne Hegerty and her 79% win rate at the time.

The Chase is a game show that premiered in 2009 and is hosted by English personality Bradley Walsh, a well-known actor, comedian, singer, and former professional athlete. The 14th season (or series in the UK) aired its season finale in September 2021. Over the last decade, The Chase has regularly achieved between 3 and 5 million viewers per episode, making it one of ITV’s most successful daytime shows ever. Each season of The Chase has upwards of 175 episodes and close to 800 players. That equals a lot of prize money and many key statistics. The centrally collected information makes a reliable resource for content regarding those statistics, such as the biggest cash prizes, the best performing contestants, and the best Chaser per season. There are numerous ways to sort and view the information. For example, there’s a page on how to beat the Chaser, which breaks down information to give you the best odds of winning an episode. If you’re hopeful of becoming a contestant on the show, it could be some useful homework. Understanding the finer details of how The Chase works can be just as helpful to your success as having a high IQ. For example, if you know how many questions are best for the final round (23, according to the website), you can develop an effective game strategy.

The Chase has an extensive fan base, and we are inspired by this fan’s passion to expand on such a beloved show and create a community around it with their .xyz domain. We are excited to watch it continue to grow. You can learn more by following the website on Twitter or visiting

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