We are happy to announce the long awaited release of premium domains for both .xyz and .College! Did you ever try to register or NewYorkCity.College, but couldn’t? These premium domains will finally be released for public registration later this year.

What is a premium domain?

Premium domains typically have popular search and industry-specific keywords, like or business.College. Due to its value and scarcity, they’re considered “premium” domains and are available to register at a price relative to its value.

Letters and numbers are also popular premium domains. Since there are only 10 numerical characters and 26 letters of the alphabet, some of the most sought after domains are single-letter and single-number domains. Do you remember when was auctioned off? That closed at a whopping $81,000!

When can I register my premium domain name?

We will be releasing them to the public on the dates below – don’t forget to mark your calendars!

  • .College: January 7, 2016
  • .xyz: January 7, 2016

Visit your domain registrar of choice to ask how you can register .xyz and .College premium domains. Which domains are you most excited about? Dare to share by tweeting @xyz or @College!

Team XYZ Note: this post has been updated on December 1 for accuracy


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