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Turn up your cassette player, grab a couple of floppy disks, and pour yourself some lean because this week’s #WebsiteWednesday is is fashion designer Eric Wu’s love letter to vaporwave and the people who make it. Wu started designing with a highly successful KickStarter campaign for festival-ready athletic shorts: Wu & Y: Art on Active Wear Shorts. The shorts were popular with the running community and the festival crowd, and so Wu launched WU & Y as a brand, which then proved to be a massive hit within the vaporwave community. Now, sells high-quality, Los Angeles made clothing with designs sourced from Wu and artists around the world. It even scored Wu a platform on the Huffington Post, where he talks about the power of clothing and entrepreneurship.

If you’re unfamiliar with vaporwave, that’s ok. It’s a micro-genre of electronic music that combines the vibrancy of Japan in the 80s with the feeling of booting up Windows 95, set to a washed out disco beat that’s been warped with editing software. Trust us, it’s good to listen to. Well, if you’re into it at least.

The oldest post millennials are turning 20 this year. is about as generation Z as it gets.

Wu smartly incorporated .xyz into his social media handles on Instagram as with more than 20,000 followers, and on Facebook as /ThePublicSpacexyz. Not only does it cover the three generations that vaporwave touches, but it also looks heckin cool.

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