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The increased popularity of remote operations has encouraged many organizations to rethink their ways of doing business. As more and more companies provide their employees with the freedom to work from home, they may face challenges in the remote recruitment process of new candidates. The .xyz community is home to many tech startups that have recognized emerging obstacles and used innovation and forward-thinking to develop digital solutions to overcome them. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday we’ll introduce you to a member of the .xyz community whose next-generation domain is a fitting choice to promote their next-generation recruitment tool: provides a digital talent measurement solution that aims to automate recruitment workflow, assess candidates’ skills, and map a complete employee development lifecycle. CEO Chintan Shah recently celebrated his 11th anniversary with parent company Promact Infotch, where his journey originally began as a Junior Software Developer. In August of 2019, while working as a Product Manager for the India-based software development company, Chintan co-founded a new branch of the company called Questy Solutions. Questy Solutions would later develop Chintan is now the CEO of Questy Solutions, as well as the Chief Marketing Officer of Promact. offers a feature specific to remote hiring called the “Interviewee Only Test.” Organizations can use this feature to develop their interview questions and then share a link which contains the interview and a recording feature with each of their candidates. Recorded responses can then be shared with all necessary members of the hiring organization for proper review. claims this process has benefits to the hiring organization as well as to the candidates. For the organization, the “Interviewee Only Test” can reduce scheduling conflicts and enhance collaborative hiring.  For the candidates, the feature’s process can create a less intimidating interview experience. This may be especially helpful for recent college graduates new to the interview experience. states that setting candidates at ease helps them “to overcome their initial jitters and gives them the opportunity to shine.” The opportunity to assess candidates who are more comfortable and confident can also be a benefit to the hiring organization.

When you launch a forward-thinking digital solution, your website should match that forward-thinking nature. As stated on their Linkedin page, bills their service as “a next-generation talent measurement tool that enables recruiters and organizations to make evidence-based hiring decisions.” It’s fitting that they made an online home at .xyz alongside many fellow next-generation innovators and creators around the globe. To learn more about their digital solution, you can follow them on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter @questy_xyz, or visit

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