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2016 has seen a host of futuristic technology making it’s way into our lives, from delivery robots to self driving cars. One of the most talked about emerging technologies already entertaining millions around the world is virtual reality. Our #WebsiteWendesday this week will give you a look at one VR company leading virtual innovation and catching the attention of some of the biggest names in tech:


Rascali is a digital content studio that creates interactive virtual reality experiences used for marketing, employee training, and entertainment. Launched as the non-gaming division of VR developer Studio Roqovan, Rascali’s team of developers bring experience from projects with Marvel, Call of Duty, Dreamworks, and the NFL to build VR landscapes that connect users with the mission of their business through a custom-designed virtual world.

One of our favorite Rascali projects is Woofbert VR. Created through partnerships with leading museums around the world, Woofbert VR allows users to tour virtual renditions of famous art galleries and, as CNN demonstrated, even go inside paintings to get a front-row seat to some of the greatest moments in history. Facebook featured Woofbert VR at their Oculus Connect 3 conference and called it “one of the pioneering experiences that is defining the future of virtual reality.” Rascali also announced in May that it had partnered with YouKu Tudou, one of China’s largest media companies, to release two narrative VR experiences on YouTube, Facebook’s OculusVR, Samsung’s MilkVR, and many other platforms.

When forming a company that is as new, fresh, distinct and original as Rascali, we wanted a website that would be simple to remember, yet still provide a distinctive representation.  What could be better than simply the company name to keep it simple, and add the great domain “.xyz”?  We felt that this domain was perfect…What we are creating has a reach into every industry, and every culture.  As a development and production studio, we view ourselves as an A to Z company, and the .xyz domain fits perfectly with this vision.” – Philip Moses, Head of

Like .xyz, Rascali is at the forefront of innovation in their field by creating platforms that help businesses engage with #GenXYZ. Just as .xyz is shaping the future of the internet, Rascali is shaping the future of the VR industry.

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