We’re ecstatic to announce the newest member of our XYZ family, .Rent! With .xyz as the domain extension for every website, everywhere, and .College as the shared-purpose and knowledge driven extension, we’re now adding a business-focused domain member to our growing extension crew.


.Rent is an open namespace for businesses to list and manage their rental properties, products, and services online. With .Rent at the end of your domain, you’ll attract customers looking to rent your services and it will serve as a built-in call-to-action.

Coming to you in September 2015

.Rent is set to launch exclusively for Trademark holders in early September of this year. Following this special registration period, .Rent will go into a quick 7-day Early Access Period, where the general public can register .Rent domains at premium pricing. Everyone will have the opportunity to register .Rent domains at standard pricing starting in mid-October.

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