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It’s vital for modern-day professionals to have their own piece of internet real estate. Owning can give you complete control of the content, design, and security settings around how you share your skills and personal brand with the world. This is especially true for members of the design community, who need to accurately express their expertise and taste level to potential employers and clients. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday
features a personal website that we can all aspire to: is the online portfolio of Berlin-based digital creative Rodney Young. Rodney mainly works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, but also specializes in video production, front-end web design, and 2D animation.

Rodney didn’t always call Germany home. He was born on Maui, Hawaii, and moved to San Francisco, CA to pursue his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the Academy of Art. After finishing his degree, he worked in the Bay Area as an independent designer until he accepted the role of Creative Designer for Munich-based game development agency Remote Control Productions in 2017. He eventually moved to Berlin, where he now works on freelance projects.

Rodney is trained in both traditional freehand illustration and raster/vector illustration. His experience covers a wide range of styles, from simplistic cartoon designs to that of an incredibly detailed graphic novel. His expertise covers corporate projects as well, such as the striking logo he made for Remote Control Productions’ bi-annual summit meeting, and the dynamic ad campaign he did for game development company Zeuz. Additionally, Rodney also showcases his poster design work in his portfolio, which takes a more artistic and serious tone inspired by things like nature or 80’s music. Go to his Projects page to see more or view his PDF portfolio.

Having his own .xyz enabled Rodney to compile the work he’s done across continents and styles into one well-designed website with an expertly branded domain name. The homepage of showcases – what else – but a superb illustration that instantly showcases what he can do. We especially like that information about him and his experience is displayed with icons and bold, pink text as you scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you can easily navigate to his portfolio from there.

If you’re interested in discussing a possible project with Rodney or are seeking advice as a freelance designer, connect with him on LinkedIn /rodneyyoungxyz and send him a message. You can also stay up-to-date with his latest projects by following him on Instagram @rodneyyoungxyz, and follow his latest inspirations by connecting with him on Pinterest @rodneyyoungxyz.

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