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We always love seeing another creative professional using domain to display their personal achievements and talented skills. In the past we’ve brought you the digital animations of, the visual novel ghost adventure of, and the 3D art pieces of But for this week’s #WebsiteWednesday we’re excited to feature an intriguing new creative designer currently residing in London,

Sam Jacobs, or better known as, has achieved a lot in the design space across the globe. In Shanghai, China he helped to co-found a creative agency called Jellymon, where he resided as the creative director for 9 years. After much success they were even able to open up a second office in Beijing. During this time he also co-founded China’s first street art gallery Da>Space. But this past year he took on an exciting new challenge: Creative Director at the world-renowned news station The Guardian.

“I wanted to create a portfolio site that stood out, on which I could show off an edited selection of my projects. I would like to develop the site further in the future, but I don’t have specific goals beyond having a nice place to put my work.

[I chose to build on a .xyz domain] because .com seems boring and predictable. It also sounds old fashioned. A .xyz domain sounds fun, cool and is really memorable. It just matches my style more and what I wanted to get across with my site.”
– Sam Jacobs of

During this impressive career climb, he has been able to work with multitudes of big name companies, such as Adidas, Nike, Converse, and Red Bull. He was even able to land the first ever design collaboration with a Chinese State-Owned company, The Shanghai Watch Company. But his hard work doesn’t stop at just design, he also has done research projects for BMW, Hennessy and Apple.

We love the uniqueness of our #GenXYZ community and are proud to give everyone an easy way to express themselves online. The best part about art is that every piece is new and different, and what better way to stand out than with an .xyz domain? So why wait, check out right now to see if is available, and show the world your passion!

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