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The Fourth of July marks a very important day in American history. It’s a time of celebration and reflection on when our country adopted the Declaration of Independence in 1776. 13 colonies legally separated from Great Britain marking the formation of a new sovereign nation, which called itself the United States of America. We want to share in our beloved American holiday by highlighting a US business that embodies the ideology of #GenXYZ and praise our country that allows companies like this to be created, thrive, and innovate:


With over 20+ years of practice in Minneapolis, MN, SIMPA (Specialists in Internal Medicine, PA) is an independent practice devoted to its patients in a traditional style of primary care. SIMPA’s patients enjoy the unique benefits of a strong patient-physician relationship. SIMPA has innovated how they work and care for their patients by providing “a high level of service, seamless access to their doctor, and unrivaled continuity of care.” As an independent practice, they’re insulated from constraints of insurance companies, HMOs, and government programs, free to establish effective, long-lasting bonds with their patients. This is revolutionary in a day and age where the medical field is associated with exorbitant fees and a loss of traditional bedside manner.

SIMPA saw a need in their field and provided a solution, making it possible to give the best care and service to their patients. This is the same type of innovative thinking that inspired the 13 colonies to separate from Great Britain and that inspires #GenXYZ every day. We’re all striving to build a better world. What ideas do you have? What problems can you solve?

From everyone at XYZ, keep innovating and Happy Independence Day!

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