Every year on November 11 (or 11/11) China celebrates Singles Day, a holiday dedicated to celebrating the things that make a person unique. Expressing your individuality is at the heart of making your own .xyz site, and no matter what you choose to use your .xyz domain for, it is as unique and capable as you are. This Singles Day, we’re showing off three websites from China that represent some of the many ways people express themselves using a .xyz. customer (China)

When you’re picking a domain to register, it’s always smart to get your did just that, but since it’s a Chinese name, it’s actually a shows off their iconoclastic photography on their .xyz site while documenting a changing China and the world beyond.

Want to make sure you’ve secured your name? Head to now to grab your,, or any combination you choose!

ArtMap.xyzWebNic customer (China)

Since .xyz is a truly generic domain, it represents everyone, everywhere, regardless of the language they speak. Because of this, many individuals and businesses brand on a .xyz domain to connect with a worldwide audience, like is a premier arts and culture magazine dedicated to reporting on events, openings, and trends throughout Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. With a focus on the cutting-edge and a passion for the avant-garde, brings an eclectic world of art, music, literature, and more to their readers.

DryUp.xyzGoDaddy customer (China)

More than 300,000 Chinese students study at universities in the United States. But pressure on Chinese students to succeed is often very tough, so brings a little levity to their situation. produces clothing for students studying in the US with an irreverent spin. Clothing with the letters “GPA” take the place of college athletic department logos, and their slogan, “A or F, who cares?”, sums up their feelings regarding studying in the US pretty well.

To all of our friends and partners in China, we wish you a happy Singles Day! But remember, Singles Day is a great opportunity to show the world what makes you different and special, no matter where you live. If you want to see more great #WebsiteWednesdays, be sure to keep reading our blog. And make sure you follow @xyz on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more great .xyz use cases.

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