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Many business owners in the #GenXYZ community know first hand what a struggle it can be to not only of find online real estate, but office real estate as well. Our #WebsiteWednesday this week solved that issue with a new business model, one that has garnered them praise for creating the “future of how retail works”: is a pop-up store in Toronto born out of the program thisopenspace, a startup that carries a roster of buildings and retail spaces that can be used for short term services, events, and now retail outlets. The pop-up is unique because it is the first example of thisopenspace’s innovative new idea of offering “retail as a service”, meaning that customers benefit from being able to get the items they want right when they want them in store, and the retailer can focus on satisfying their customers’ needs by simply offering great products instead of fretting about rent, taxes, and the myriad other issues standard brick and mortar stores face.

This retail revolution has already caught the eye of press outlets nationwide, including Canada’s Global News, Daily Hive, The Toronto Star, and Toronto Life to name a few. And, thisopenspace’s seed round funding included investment from Scott Lake, CEO of Shopify. is a retail store of the future. Any online-first brand can open a retail store of their own within days by simply sending their products to thisopenspace. We provide merchandising, marketing, staffing, and more. Brands get affordable access to physical retail by renting just a table, shelf, or rack in a 3,000 sqft retail storefront. We launched the website to highlight the brands and in-store events happening at Sleepover.

We chose .xyz because it’s unexpected and that reflects the brand values of thisopenspace and Sleepover. We got it from GoDaddy because it’s the easiest place to buy a domain. We have all our company domains on GoDaddy and never think of any other site to purchase a domain.”

– Yashar Nejati, Creator of

When faced with a challenge, we’ve seen time and time again that the members of #GenXYZ are ready to not only find a way to succeed, but to change their industry along the way. is shaping a new future for retail, and in choosing a .xyz domain they got the website that perfectly matches their intrepid attitude.

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