If you were at SXSW in Austin this month, chances are you saw the #XYZsquad running around the city parkouring, breakdancing, and taking pictures with thousands of attendees. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone at SXSW who didn’t come across the #XYZsquad.


You probably also saw our infamous 3D glasses in the crowds, with people checking out the XYZ 3D Lab on their phones. In fact, the #XYZsquad was such a hit that they were covered by Fox 7 Austin, Spectrum Reach’s Kernel, the official SXSW and Bravo Network Snapchat stories, and we even ran into Tyler Ward, who was covering SXSW for Comcast Xfinity! Our marketing initiatives ensured that everyone was learning about Generation XYZ. Many attendees remembered the #XYZsquad from previous years, especially from when they led the SXSW Parade.


That’s not all, though! The #XYZsquad was also the highlight of our Scavenger Hunt, where attendees could post pictures with them for a chance to win some great prizes, including Samsung VR headsets, a Millennium Falcon drone, or the brand new Nintendo Switch! ICYMI, the winners were announced last week, so be sure to check out our Twitter for a full list of winners.


We also had the pleasure of running into several members of #GenXYZ, including Ottia was at SXSW’s Tech Startup Spotlight showing off the prototype for their incredible all-in-one modular maker machine, which can 3D print, cut wood, and even frost a cake – all at an affordable price point! Keep an eye out for more on Ottia, including an exclusive video interview, coming soon.

With another SXSW in the books and the team back home, we have already begun planning the next event – HostingCon in Los Angeles. 2017 was our biggest SXSW yet, but that doesn’t mean that next year won’t be even better! Make sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on where XYZ is headed to next.

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